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Encompass homeowners insurance review

Encompass, a subsidiary of Allstate, provides an extensive amount of unique policy options and discount opportunities for homeowners willing to pay higher premiums than the industry average.

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Tim Torres

Tim Torres

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    Wide variety of customizable policy options

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    Several unique, standout features

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    Accepts all dog breeds


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    Pricey premiums

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    Not available in all states

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    No instant quote tool


Encompass is an independent subsidiary of Allstate, the second-largest home insurance provider in America. Whereas its parent company offers affordable policies for first-time buyers, Encompass provides more personalized, customizable options at a higher cost. For that extra money, you can get an extensive amount of coverage features spread across three tiers, like unlimited additional living expenses coverage, property protection that grants 200% of the replacement value of your home, and only a single deductible for all claims. If you can swing the annual premium by taking advantage of their several discount options, we recommend Encompass for your homeowners protection.


Average annual premium cost for a medium-sized home.


Financial confide...

Financial ratings from credit rating agencies.


Third-party ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Policy options

Both the quality and number of coverage options, like unique homeowners insurance product tiers and availability of certain coverage endorsements.


Customer experience

Ease of use, convenience, availability, and claims ratings.


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The details

The good

Wide variety of customizable policy options. Encompass offers three tiers of custom-made policy packages. Each tier comes with the usual coverage you’d expect, while the Deluxe and Elite products pack an extra bang for the extra buck.

Several unique features. There are several standout features included with the Deluxe and Elite packages, including a single deductible for both home and auto claims, a protection limit that combines all coverage limits under one number, and unlimited living expenses if your home is damaged and you need to live somewhere else while it’s being repaired or rebuilt.

Accepts all dog breeds. Many insurance companies exclude certain dog breeds from coverage, such as pit bulls, rottweilers, huskies, and any other dog breeds insurance companies deem "dangerous" — not Encompass though. If you have any of the aforementioned dog breeds, or any other type of pooch that insurers perceive as dangerous, consider home insurance with Encompass.

The bad

Pricey premiums. For all these excellent features, Encompass charges a high annual premium — higher than the industry average. However, you can save by bundling home and auto policies together and taking advantage of several other nifty discounts.

Not available in all states. Unfortunately, Encompass is not available nationwide, and some individual policy options may not be attainable in certain states.

No instant quote tool. There aren’t many online tools available for learning about the cost of Encompass home insurance, so you’ll have to pick up the phone and dial a customer service agent to get a quote.


Average annual premium cost for a medium-sized home.


You can expect to pay around $2,420 annually for around $300,000 of coverage with Encompass, according to Policygenius data. That's about 193% higher than the national industry average of $1,249, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. Translated, that means Encompass is aiming its services towards mid- to high-income customers who can afford to pay higher rates for more extensive coverage.


With Encompass, you can save money by updating your plumbing, living in a home 20 years old or newer, or by simply having smoke alarms installed in your home.

There’s also a multi-policy bundle called EncompassOne, which lets you save on both home and auto. It can also cover jewelry and other possessions. Its most notable aspect? You can pay a single deductible, so if both your car and roof sustain damage during the same storm, only the highest deductible will be applied. This bundle discount is not available in Florida, Massachusetts, North Carolina, or Texas.

Here’s a peek at all of the discounts Encompass offers:

  • Alarm systems and safety devices discount. Lowers your rates if your home has an automatic sprinkler system, burglar alarm system, smoke alarms, or other safety devices installed

  • Claim-free discount. Lowers your premiums if you have not made a claim on your home for the last five years

  • Dwelling age discount. Save money if your home is 20 years old or newer

  • Renovation discount. Save on rates if you've updated your home’s cooling, heating, plumbing, roof, or made other renovations in the last 10 years

  • Homebuyer discount. Get a discount if you bought a home that is less than 49 years old in the last five years

  • Multi-policy discount. Also known as the EncompassOne policy, this bundles your home insurance with an auto insurance policy to save on premiums

Financial confidence

Financial ratings from credit rating agencies.


Encompass, which was officially founded as a subsidiary of Allstate back in 1999, garners a superior rating from the top credit rating agency A.M. Best. Currently, that's the only score available and it’s the one we’ve based our ratings on.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • A.M. Best: A+

  • Moody’s: N/A

  • Standard & Poor’s: N/A

Credit rating firm A.M. Best, which specifically focuses on the insurance industry, gives Encompass an A+ (effective January 27, 2022). That “superior” rating, the best one on the firm’s ratings scale, means Encompass is capable of meeting customer needs.

Financial analysis firms Moody’s and Standard & Poor’s, have not scored Encompass.

Third-party ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Similarly to the lack of credit ratings, there aren’t many avenues to see what customers think of Encompass. Currently, the carrier only has a couple ratings available from customer sentiment sites. They were not included on Consumers Advocate, Consumer Affairs, or Trustpilot.

  • Consumers Advocate: N/A

  • Consumer Affairs: N/A

  • Trustpilot: N/A

  • NAIC complaint index: 1.21

Consumers Advocate, a third-party review site that focuses on company reputation, coverage options, customer service, and stability, does not yet have a review available for Encompass.

Consumer Affairs is a site where customers can directory rate companies and write reviews. They don’t have a page available for Encompass.

Customer review site Trustpilot does not have a page for Encompass Insurance.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks complaints submitted to state insurance departments. Based on their complaint index, a score of 1 represents the baseline average, and a zero means there weren’t enough customer complaints to count. Encompass homeowners insurance has a rating of 1.21 which isn’t too high, but it’s above average.

Policy options

Both the quality and number of coverage options, like unique homeowners insurance product tiers and availability of certain coverage endorsements.


Encompass insurance coverage options are split across three separate packages: Special, Deluxe, and Elite. No matter the package you choose, every Encompass customer receives the usual HO-3 policy features, including:

  • Dwelling coverage. Covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing the structure of your home.

  • Other structures coverage. Covers other structures on your property such as tool sheds or fences.

  • Personal belongings. Covers anything of yours that’s damaged or stolen.

  • Additional living expenses. If you can’t live in your home due to damage or repairs, this covers your cost of living elsewhere for up to a year.

  • Personal liability. Covers any legal and medical bills if someone gets hurt at your home or their property is damaged and they sue you.

  • Medical expenses. This covers medical bills for anyone injured on your property — regardless of who’s at fault.

And here’s how each separate Encompass policy package breaks down:

Special package

The Encompass Special package includes coverage for:

  • Jewelry and fur. Covers jewelry, fur, and other valuables in case of damage or theft — up to $1,500.

  • Homeowners association fees. After a disaster, Encompass will cover $1,000 of your HOA’s assessment of property.

  • Landscape and land restoration. This covers the replacement of any damaged trees, shrubs, or other lawn elements. It also covers land restoration in case your foundation needs stabilizing after an event.

  • Theft. In case you’re burglarized, Encompass covers reward money (10%, up to $1,000) for information or assistance about the theft

You can also choose these optional add-ons for extra protection:

  • Covered losses for structure and contents. Covers several types of losses for your home and personal property

  • Increased building costs. Covers any increased reconstruction costs due to building code changes

  • Replacement cost coverage. Covers the cost to rebuild if it’s more than the original insured amount

Deluxe package

The Deluxe package has everything in the Special coverage package, including the optional add-ins, plus:

  • 200% property location limit. This means you can receive up to 200% of the replacement value of your home, and you can allocate it to your home, property, or other structures as you like. This coverage is not available in all states .

  • Guaranteed replacement cost. Covers you if the cost to rebuild your home goes over the original insured amount.

  • Mortgage rate protection. Covers for a new higher-rate mortgage up to $20,000, including closing costs and acquisition fees.

  • Walk-away coverage. Encompass will pay the estimated value of your home if it’s damaged in a covered total loss.

  • Water backup protection. Provides drain, sewer, water, and sump pump overflow protection.

  • Additional living expense coverage. Get two years of your living expenses covered if you need to live somewhere else while your home is rebuilt after a covered loss.

  • Additional jewelry and fur coverage. Enjoy up to $5,000 of extra coverage for jewelry and fur.

  • Additional homeowners association fees. Get up to $5,000 of coverage for HOA fees.

Elite package

The Elite package includes everything in the Special and Deluxe policies, as well as:

  • Fine art protection. Covers glass replacement, broken porcelain, and other fragile artwork.

  • Identity theft coverage. Receive $20,000 to cover attorney fees and lost wages as well as on-demand access to a fraud specialist.

  • Lock replacement. Get your keys replaced if they’re lost or stolen, with no deductible.

  • Additional living expense coverage. Covers living expenses while your home is rebuilt, with no time or coverage limits.

  • Additional jewelry and fur coverage. Boosts your coverage to $10,000 of coverage for jewelry and fur.

  • Additional homeowners association fees. Ups your coverage limits to $50,000 for HOA fees.

  • Additional medical expense protection. Receive $10,000 in coverage for medical costs from accidents — whether they happen at your home or not.

Like all insurance companies, these policy options will vary based on your location and other factors. For your own customized look at your coverage options, speak to a Policygenius home insurance agent.

And for more information about what homeowners insurance can cover, refer to our comprehensive homeowners insurance explainer.

Customer experience

Ease of use, convenience, availability, and claims ratings.


As far as digital tools, Encompass leaves much to be desired. The company is also available in a limited number of states.

State availability

Encompass doesn't offer insurance in:

  • Alaska

  • Florida

  • Hawaii

  • Massachusetts

  • Mississippi

  • Montana

  • North Carolina

  • North Dakota

  • South Dakota

  • Wyoming

Digital tools

  • Online and mobile bill pay and policy management

  • Mobile app

  • FAQ and blog resources

Ease of claims

To file a claim, you need to call an Encompass agent.

Payment methods

  • Mail

  • Online

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