Hippo Home Insurance Review

Hippo homeowners insurance excels at meeting the coverage needs of the modern home, but claim turnaround time could be a little better.


Hippo is a recent player in property insurance, bursting onto the scene in 2015 and immediately establishing a name for itself. Featuring an impressive array of digital tools and modernized coverages, Hippo is partly responsible for the innovative, tech-focused shift sweeping across the property insurance industry. Hippo may be new, but unlike most young companies, they’re backed by certainty, as policies are underwritten by insurance giants TOPA and Spinnaker (combined $200 billion in assets) and backed by the world’s largest reinsurers, giving Hippo the capital and resources that ensure you’ll be reimbursed if your house or your stuff is damaged. Read on to learn more about Hippo.


  • Engaging, consumer-oriented user experience online
  • You can get a quote in 60 seconds
  • Extended replacement cost coverage for your home
  • Equipment breakdown, water backup, and home office coverage all included in standard policy
  • Complimentary home sensor kit to detect water leaks


  • Policies are only available in 14 states
  • Claims process is somewhat unclear
  • You can’t file claims online

Hippo by the numbers

Founded: 2015

Market share: N/A

A.M. Best rating: A- (TOPA and Spinnaker ratings)

Better Business Bureau rating: A+ (TOPA and Spinnaker ratings)

Consumer Reports: N/A

J.D. Power: N/A

Which states is Hippo available in?

Hippo is available in 15 states as of this review's publishing date, but you should expect that number to grow precipitously in the near future.

Hippo home insurance state availability

Alaska NevadaX
ArizonaXNew Hampshire
Arkansas New Jersey
CaliforniaXNew Mexico
ColoradoXNew York
Connecticut North Carolina
Delaware North Dakota
Florida OhioX
Georgia Oklahoma
Hawaii Oregon
Idaho PennsylvaniaX
IllinoisXRhode Island
IndianaXSouth Carolina
Iowa South Dakota
Kansas TennesseeX
Kentucky TexasX
Louisiana Utah
Maine Vermont
Massachusetts Washington
Michigan Washington D.C.
Minnesota West Virginia

Policy details

Coverage tiers

The Essentials


  • 25% extended replacement home coverage
  • $100,000 in equipment backup coverage
  • Domestic worker coverage included
  • $8,000 in computer coverage
  • $8,000 in home office coverage
  • $5,000 in water backup coverage
  • $2,000 in jewelry & watches coverage

Our Best Value


  • 25% extended replacement cost coverage
  • Replacement cost personal property coverage
  • $100,000 equipment breakdown coverage
  • $10,000 service line coverage
  • Domestic workers coverage included
  • $8,000 home office coverage
  • $8,000 computers coverage
  • $10,000 water backup coverage
  • $2,000 jewelry & watches coverage
  • Mortgage payment protection included

Expanded protection


  • 50% extended replacement cost home coverage
  • $500,000 liability coverage
  • Replacement cost personal property coverage
  • $100,000 equipment breakdown coverage
  • $10,000 service line coverage
  • Domestic worker coverage included
  • $10,000 home office coverage
  • $10,000 computer coverage
  • $20,000 water backup coverage
  • $5,000 jewelry & watches coverage
  • Mortgage payment protection included

How much does Hippo cost?

Hippo rates are among the best in the industry, especially when you consider all the enhanced coverages available in a standard policy. Below is a sample Hippo Essentials policy for a 97-year-old, 1,500-square foot, single-family home. Remember that, in addition to primary coverages, this policy features coverage for equipment breakdown, service lines, domestic workers, home offices, computers, water backup, and jewelry.

Basic coveragesPolicy limits
Other structures$93,000
Personal property$348,750
Personal liability$500,000
Medical payments for guests$5,000
Loss of use$139,500

Additional coverages

All Hippo policies offer extended replacement cost coverage for your home, meaning your home is already insured for an additional 25% of its rebuild cost. You also have the option to replacement cost coverage for your personal property for a slight additional premium. Here are some other coverages that Hippo offers:

  • Water backup - Protects your stuff in the event your sewage goes in the reverse direction of where its supposed to go
  • Home office - Protects home office equipment like your computer and printer
  • Computers - Protects laptop and desktop computers and any related storage devices
  • Equipment breakdown - Protects large electronic or mechanical appliances – like your washer/dryer, air-conditioning unit, water heaters, TVs, and kitchen appliances, and you only have to pay a $500 deductible for claims
  • Service line - Covers the cost of excavating, repairing, and replacing or reparing any property that was damaged by faulty electic or sewer lines running from your home to the street, whether it was caused by accident or wear and tear

Here’s how Hippo stacks up against the competition in terms of the most common home insurance endorsements:

Homeowners insurance coverage endorsements by carrier


  • Home security discount - Discount for having your home fixed with safety or security devices, like a burglar alarm
  • Smart home sensor discount - Discount for installing a Notion Smart Home kit, which detects water leaks, temperature changes, and sounding alarms
  • Storm shutters discount - Discount if you have storm shutters installed on your windows
  • Sprinkler system discount - Receive a discount if you have a sprinkler system installed in your home
  • Hail-resistant roof discount - You'll see your rates reduced if you have a hail-resistant roof installed on your home

Company details

Application process

The application process at Hippo is actually pretty remarkable, as they promise you a quote in under 60 seconds – and they’re not lying. All you need to do is type in your address, and Hippo almost immediately shoots back information about your home’s specs, including:

  • The year it was built
  • Square footage
  • Roof type
  • The age of your roof
  • Family units
  • Stories
  • Whether or not your home has a swimming pool
  • Construction type of the home

Claims process

One of the few things you can't do online with Hippo is file a claim for losses. In fact, if this company is lacking in one area, it's the general lack of clarity for how the claims process actually works.

If you want to file a claim with Hippo, you need to dial their claims department indicated on their website. From there, you're assigned a claims advocate who manages your claim from beginning to end.

Other types of property insurance offered

Aside from homeowners insurance, Hippo also offers condo insurance, which protects your condo's structure, all your stuff inside, and any additional liability coverage you need to supplement your HOA's master policy.

Digital tools

  • Notion Smart Home Sensor
  • Online application
  • Online bill payment and policy viewer

Contact info

Website: www.myhippo.com
Phone: 1-877-838-8866
Headquarters: Mountain View, CA

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