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Liberty Mutual Homeowners Review

Liberty Mutual provides basic homeowners coverage at an affordable price, but your claims processing experience could be bumpy.

Tim Torres

Published June 17, 2021|6 min read

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Liberty Mutual




    Affordable rates

    Long list of discounts

    Optional inflation protection coverage

    High financial ratings


    Best coverage features are optional

    Mixed customer satisfaction ratings


Liberty Mutual enjoys high marks from financial credit rating agencies and offers services in every U.S. state. If you want a basic home insurance policy, Liberty Mutual has got you covered with lower-than-average premiums, an option to protect your limits against inflation, and 24/7 claims service. However, when it comes time to process a claim, your mileage may vary according to mixed customer satisfaction scores.





Customer Satisfac...


Policy Options


Customer Experience



3 out of 5

J.D. Power Rating

A trusted customer satisfaction and product quality research agency


BBB Rating

A nonprofit organization focusing on marketplace trust and product quality


A.M. Best Rating

100-year-old U.S. credit rating agency focused on the insurance industry


The Bottom Line

At over a century old, Liberty Mutual is one of the nation’s largest and most popular home insurers in the industry. The property insurance giant enjoys high marks from all financial credit rating agencies and offers home insurance in every U.S. state. If you’re interested in a basic home insurance policy, Liberty Mutual has got you covered with lower-than-average premiums, an option to protect your limits against inflation, and 24/7 claims service. However, when it comes time to process a claim, your mileage may vary according to mixed customer satisfaction scores.

The Details

The Good

Affordable rates. Liberty Mutual’s prices are below the national average for homeowners insurance premiums. If you’re looking for affordable, basic home insurance that doesn’t break the bank, look to Liberty Mutual. 

Long list of discounts. On top of affordable premiums, Liberty Mutual has a large selection of discounts that can push prices down even further. 

Optional inflation protection coverage. With this coverage add-on, Liberty Mutual can automatically adjust your coverage limits at policy renewal to keep up with inflation. 

High financial ratings. A.M. Best, Moody’s, and Standard and Poor’s all give Liberty Mutual high scores for financial stability. Makes sense, given they’re one of the oldest and largest insurers out there. 

The Bad

Best coverage features are optional. Liberty Mutual provides a basic HO-3 home insurance policy, but all additional coverages have to be added at an extra cost. However, that uptick in rates could potentially be offset with Liberty Mutual’s decent selection of discounts. 

Mixed customer satisfaction. Unfortunately, policyholders are not satisfied with Liberty Mutual’s claims handling, according to J.D. Power and customer review sites such as Trustpilot. Of course, your experience as a customer will vary. 

The Breakdown



Your premium with Liberty Mutual depends on a number of factors, including where you live, the age and construction type of your home, and the amount of coverage you purchase. According to an analysis of quotes submitted with Policygenius, you can expect to pay about $1,404 annually for coverage with Liberty Mutual. That’s below the average cost for quoted policies, which means most people should be able to afford a policy with Liberty Mutual.

Average annual rates are based on a single-family home with around $300,000 in coverage.


You can drive your costs down lower by taking advantage of Liberty Mutual’s 11 potential discounts. Liberty Mutual applies discounts for bundling your home and car insurance, making updates to your property, and going without a claim with your previous insurer for five years or more. 

  • Multi-policy discount. Save on your premiums when you bundle home and auto insurance with Liberty Mutual

  • Automatic payment discount. Sign up for automatic payment with your bank account, get a discount

  • Claims-free discount. Save if you have not filed a claim with your previous insurer for five-plus years

  • Early signing discount. Receive a Liberty Mutual quote before your current policy expires and receive a discount

  • Homebuyer discount. If you’re a new house owner, you can get a discount

  • Insured to value discount. Get a discount if you insure up to 100 percent of the cost to replace your home

  • New roof discount. A recently replaced roof can get you a discount 

  • Online purchase discount. Get a discount when you buy your policy online

  • Paperless discount. Go all-digital and save

  • Renovation discount. You can save more if your home was built or renovated recently

  • Safe homeowner discount. If your Liberty Mutual policy remains claims-free for three years, you could save 



Since your home is your most important asset, we want to ensure your chosen insurance company is in solid financial standing, especially when it comes time to pay out a claim.  

Liberty Mutual has no problem in that regard. They’ve been around over 100 years, and they’re the third-largest property and casualty insurer in the United States. Plus, all three major  financial credit firms give them high ratings. With Liberty Mutual, your home will be safely insured.

  • Year founded: 1912

  • Standard & Poor's rating: A

  • Moody's rating: A2

  • A.M. Best rating: A

Standard & Poor's measures a company’s creditworthiness and long-term financial stability. An A rating means Liberty Mutual is in strong financial health.

Moody's is similar to Standard & Poor's, except they analyze the value of stocks and bonds with companies and what the expected losses would be if a company were to go into default. An A2 rating means Liberty Mutual is a solid investment and a low credit risk.

A.M. Best is a credit rating agency that focuses exclusively on the insurance industry. An A rating from them means Liberty Mutual is highly likely to fulfill their financial obligation to you when it’s time to file a claim.

Customer Satisfaction


While Liberty Mutual enjoys high scores from the financial experts, their customer satisfaction ratings could be a bit higher.

As it stands, Liberty Mutual has pretty good ratings with customer review site Consumer Affairs and a low amount of complaints according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC). But they only have a so-so showing in J.D. Power’s latest homeowners insurance survey. 

Here’s the full breakdown: 

  • J.D. Power: 3 / 5

  • BBB: A+

  • Consumer Affairs: 4.1 / 5

  • Consumers Advocate: N/A

  • Trustpilot: 1.5 / 5

  • NAIC complaint index: 0

J.D. Power rates insurance companies based on clarity of billing, policy offerings, and other criteria. In their 2021 U.S. Property Claims Study, they rate Liberty Mutual 881 out of 1000, which translates roughly to a 3 out of 5. According to their scale, the insurer ranks in the bottom half of all companies when it comes to claims processing.  

The Better Business Bureau ranks companies based on a variety of factors, including how they handle customer disputes and truthfulness in advertising. Consumers can submit ratings to the BBB, but these scores are not taken into account in their overall rating. They give Liberty Mutual an A+. 

Consumer Affairs lets customers directly rate carriers. The users on that site are fairly satisfied with Liberty Mutual, and give them a 4.1 out of 5. 

Consumers Advocate is a third-party review site that rates companies based on stability, reputation, and policy coverage. They didn’t rate Liberty Mutual yet.

Trustpilot is another customer rating site. They’re much less satisfied with an overall score of 1.5 out of 5. 

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners tracks the number of complaints people submit to state insurance departments. A score of 1 is the baseline average, and a score of zero means there weren't enough complaints to count. The score of zero means they received less complaints than the average company.

Policy Options


Liberty Mutual offers only the standard coverages, including dwelling, personal liability, personal property coverage, and medical payments coverage. Basically, what you get in any basic HO-3 policy. 

For more coverage, you’ll have to pay extra. 

Each claim also has a deductible, too, which you can customize when applying. Deductible amounts typically range from $500 to $2,500.

Standard coverage

With every Liberty Mutual homeowners insurance policy you get:

  • Dwelling coverage

  • Other structures coverage

  • Personal property coverage

  • Additional living expenses coverage

  • Personal liability coverage

  • Guest medical protection coverage

Optional coverage

There are several add-ons you can include on your Liberty Mutual policy, including identity fraud protection, which covers attorney fees, lost income, and other costs in case your identity is stolen; jewelry coverage for any precious stones or gems that go missing; and inflation protection, which automatically adjusts your coverage limits to keep up with inflation. 

Here are the add-ons you can choose from: 

  • Fine jewelry protection. Liberty Mutual will provide you with coverage for lost or stolen jewelry. 

  • Flood and earthquake protection. Coverage for your property in the event of damage done by a flood or hurricane. 

  • Inflation protection. This automatically adjusts your coverage limits to keep pace with inflation.

  • Replacement cost for personal property. In case your TV gets damaged or stolen, Liberty Mutual will cover the cost of a new one to replace it instead of its depreciated value.

  • Water backup coverage. If your sump pump backs up, or your sink overflows and causes water damage to your floors, this coverage will help take care of any related costs. 

Note: The information above represents potential policy options and may not be available for every applicant. Speak to a licensed expert for a personalized look at your coverage options.

Customer Experience


Liberty Mutual makes it pretty easy to receive a quote, apply, and manage your policy online. You can also use a mobile app to view and change policy information, pay your bill, or report a  claim. There’s a 24-hour claims assistance service, too, which you can call or use online. 

Liberty Mutual will also connect you with a contractor for repairs if you have a covered loss, and they’ll help you find alternative housing in the event of a catastrophic loss. 

State availability

Homeowners insurance with Liberty Mutual is available nationwide.

Digital tools

  • Online application

  • Instant quote

  • Online bill pay and policy management

  • Mobile app

The application

Liberty Mutual lets you apply online through their online quote tool. After typing in your address and other personal information, including SSN, birthdate, and marital status, and some questions about your home, Liberty Mutual will come back with an instant quote, which you can then customize. The whole process takes about five to 10 minutes. 

You can also apply via a local agent.

Ease of claims

You can file claims online a few ways — by phone, online, or through the mobile app. Once you’ve filed, you're assigned a claims advocate who manages your claim from beginning to end. 

Additional claims service

  • 24/7 claims service

  • 24/7 repair service

  • Dedicated claims representative

Payment methods

  • Bank account

  • Credit card

  • Debit card

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