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Life insurance

Save up to 53%/over 50% (life insurance): Savings are estimated by comparing the highest and lowest prices of policies available in the Policygenius marketplace. For example, for a $500,000, 20-year term life policy for a 20-year old male with a preferred plus health rating in New York, the highest rate is $41.13/mo (Prudential Financial, Inc. of Newark, NJ) and lowest rate is $19.29/mo (Legal & General America of Frederick, MD). Savings may vary by term, policy amount, health class, and state. Savings illustration valid as of 8/11/2020.

You could save $1300 or more per year (life insurance): Potential savings calculated by finding the average difference in premium between the highest and lowest term life quotes shown to customers who received at least two quotes between 4/23/2018 and 8/22/2020 and went in-force. Potential savings are based on a composite of multiple different contracts and insurers, each holding an A.M. Best Rating of at least A-. Not all policies in this calculation are available in all states. Savings may vary by term, policy amount, health class and state.

"Up to 13"/"over a dozen" top insurers (life insurance): Based on the NAIC 2019 ranking of life insurance companies. Product availability varies by state and is based on eligibility. Not all carriers available in all states.

Over $75 billion in coverage (life insurance): The amount of life insurance coverage placed in force by Policygenius from January 1, 2015 through December 7, 2020 is approximately $78.8 billion.

No-med/no medical exam (life insurance): Issuance of a term life insurance policy without a medical exam is subject to product availability and your eligibility, and may depend upon your truthful answers to a health questionnaire.

Less expensive than you might think (life insurance): Based on the results of a survey conducted by LIMRA in January 2020 in which 50% of millennial respondents born between 1981 and 1998 estimated that a $250,000 term-life policy for a healthy 30-year-old would cost over $1000 per year.

Starting at $15/mo (life insurance): Quotes as low as $15/month for a healthy 35-year-old male in New Jersey for a $500K policy for a 10-year term by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of Charlotte, NC. Individual rates will vary as specific circumstances will affect each customer's rate. Rate illustration valid as of 6/17/2020.

Lowest quotes (life insurance): Lowest quotes available to healthy 35-year-olds before applicable discounts for individual 10-year level-term life policies from the top 6 issuing life insurance carriers by NAIC ranking.

$500K policy for $19.16/mo (life insurance): $19.16 per month for a healthy 30-year-old male in Texas for a $500K policy for 20-year term by Protective Life Corporation of Birmingham, AL. Individual rates will vary as specific circumstances will affect each customer's rate. Rate illustration valid as of 7/16/2020.

$500K policy for $16.23/mo (life insurance): $16.23 per month for a healthy 29-year-old female in Texas for a $500K policy for a 20-year term by Brighthouse Life Insurance Company of Charlotte, NC. Individual rates will vary as specific circumstances will affect each customer's rate. Rate illustration valid as of 7/16/2020.

Life insurance costs more each year you wait to buy: We calculated the average annual increase in cost for non-smoking men and women with Preferred health ratings for a $1M, 20-year term life insurance policy in all states with each of the 11 carriers that offer policies through the Policygenius marketplace. Calculation is based on a composite of policies from AIG, Banner, Brighthouse, Lincoln, Mutual of Omaha, Pacific Life, Principal, Protective, Prudential, SBLI, and Transamerica and may vary by carrier, term, coverage amount, health class, and state. Not all policies are available in all states. Rate illustration valid as of 9/22/2020.

Price Promise: Requires submission of proof of competing offer in the form of policy schedule pages from an insurance carrier with an AM Best financial rating of A or higher showing the same insured, state, product type, term, coverage amount, premium/risk class, and issue age, with a policy date within 90 days of Policygenius’ quotes. Price comparison based on base annual premium. Recipients of $100 may not purchase a policy from Policygenius.*

Home & auto insurance

Saved re-shoppers up to $1,055/27% per year (home & auto): Savings calculated by taking the average price savings of in-force Policygenius customers who shared a copy of their prior bundled home and auto coverage with Policygenius and used Policygenius to switch to a comparable policy with a different insurer between 01/02/2020 and 08/21/2020. Potential savings are based on a composite of multiple different contracts and insurers. Not all policies in this calculation are available in all states. Savings may vary by policy amount and location.

Our licenses/lines of authority

People who give you advice and sell you insurance are required to be licensed by each state in which they do business. All solicitations to apply for insurance and applications for insurance are made through Policygenius Inc. (f/k/a Knowitowl Inc.) (Policygenius Insurance Services in California) via Jennifer Fitzgerald, CEO and principal broker, who holds insurance broker licenses as described below. This website is not a solicitation to sell insurance in any jurisdiction in which we are not licensed.

  • Alabama – License # 714560, 724000
  • Alaska – License # 100111352, 100117630
  • Arizona – License # 1099211, 1108309
  • Arkansas – License # 16926433, 100127427
  • California – License # 0I44429, 0I93311
  • Colorado – License # 452366, 454223
  • Connecticut – License # 2471114, 2488472
  • Delaware - License # 1369103, 1377047
  • District of Columbia – License # 3049296, 3050774
  • Florida – License # W194637, L095311
  • Georgia – License # 2982576, 183976
  • Hawaii – License # 420294, 424542
  • Idaho – License # 511050, 524527
  • Illinois – License # 16926433, 10068499
  • Indiana – License # 1002292, 1027997
  • Iowa – License # 16926433, 1002222670
  • Kansas – License # 16926433, 461553649-0
  • Kentucky – License # 863269, DOI-874468
  • Louisiana – License # 634705, 652111
  • Maine – License # PRN239505, AGN248764
  • Maryland – License # 2148576, 2165989
  • Massachusetts – License # 1954208, 1957484
  • Michigan – License # 712536, 106376
  • Minnesota – License # 40409333, 40425100
  • Mississippi – License # 10362213, 15026069
  • Missouri – License # 8327720, 8346457
  • Montana – License # 100127994, 100137585
  • Nebraska – License # 16926433, 100231719
  • Nevada – License # 984365, 1029954
  • New Hampshire – License # 2303343, 2314516
  • New Jersey – License # 1533309, 1549395
  • New Mexico – License # 368871, 100012772
  • New York – License # BR-1286305, LB-1286305, LB-1295513, LA-1295513, BR-1295513
  • North Carolina – License # 0016926433, 461553649
  • North Dakota – License # 16926433, 2000142259
  • Ohio – License # 1044007, 1061649
  • Oklahoma – License # 100208546, 100220408
  • Oregon – License # 16926433, 100261214
  • Pennsylvania – License # 697063, 702705
  • Rhode Island – License # 2298695, 2309464
  • South Carolina – License # 729942, 200670
  • South Dakota – License # 40378890, 10018065
  • Tennessee – License # 2288913, 2300359
  • Texas – License # 1830728, 1913418
  • Utah – License # 508630, 524526
  • Vermont - License # 1005905, 1027822
  • Virginia – License # 908137, 136294
  • Washington – License # 868816, 886067
  • West Virginia – License # 16926433, 100195451
  • Wisconsin – License # 2648061, 100190166
  • Wyoming – License # 277702, 283894

How we make money

We’re an independent insurance broker, so we get paid a commission by insurance companies for each sale. Insurance commissions are already built into the price of an insurance policy, so you’re not paying any extra for working with us to buy a policy. Our compensation on any particular purchase may vary depending on a number of factors, including the type and size of product, the insurer, and the volume of business we have with an insurer, but we don't push for or give preference to any one insurer over another because of the commission. We're here to fight for you, not for ourselves. (Want to know what commission we'd earn on a specific insurance policy you see in our marketplace? Just ask!)

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