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Benjamin Franklin's eyes looking at the viewer in the reflection of the rearview mirror.

Auto insurance

40% of U.S. drivers say they’re stressed about affording car insurance

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A person wearing a medical gowna nd socks while holding an IV bag holder looks out at a three-paneled window. To the left is a pastoral landscape with farms, the middle is a city, the right is an oceanside town with the sunset visible over the water.

Life insurance

The best & worst cities to die

Illustration of five homes on a small residential street with lush lawns, trees, and foliage. Two homes are fully built, meaning they have adequate home insurance coverage. But three are only partially built, indicating the risk of being underinsured.

Homeowners insurance

Majority of US homeowners may not have enough insurance to rebuild after a disaster

Graphic featuring maroon wall with multiple picture frames. At center is a worried couple having a stressful conversation.

Life insurance

29% of the sandwich generation is ‘very stressed’ about financially supporting their kids and aging parents

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overhead view of several city blocks with a mix of large and small buildings, with a forested park on the lower right corner

Homeowners insurance

Best small cities to invest in real estate in 2023

a drawing of a foot being wrapped in a cast made of money

Health insurance

41% of Americans with health insurance have avoided medical care due to cost fears

illustration of female driver with shoulder length hair looking into rearview mirror, which is surrounded by seven dash cameras pointed at her

Auto insurance

Most Americans still refuse to install data-sharing devices for insurance discounts

illustration of a playing card with a woman in a car driver's seat, on one side she has her hands on the wheel and looks stressed, on the other she is reading a book and looks relaxed

Auto insurance

Self-driving cars make 76% of Americans feel less safe on the road

A person wearing a white shirt and orange pants holds vegetables

Personal finance

How Americans are adjusting to inflation

view of entry and front garden of a brick house with number 62 on it, a gray stoop lined with potted plants leads to a white windowed door, flanked by green tress and bushes

Homeowners insurance

The coolest cities for climate change in 2023

aerial view of a suburban block, 12 houses with orange roofs and green lawns

Homeowners insurance

The hottest cities for climate change in 2023

illustration of a family - woman, man, and girl child - holding moving boxes walking away from a house, there are waves on the sides of them and a storm cloud and rain

Homeowners insurance

64% of young homeowners expect to move due to climate change in the next 30 years

illustration of three house-shaped price-tags, each labeled "was $, now $$$"

Homeowners insurance

Home insurance prices are rising even faster than inflation

aerial view of suburban block with orange-roofed houses with green lawns

Homeowners insurance

Best suburbs to invest in real estate in 2023

woman with long brown hair sits on a bed in a hospital room, she looks out a window and her back is to us, there is an IV pole next to her

Disability insurance

Long COVID statistics

illustration of three people in silhouette, one on the phone, one looking at a bank balance on a computer, one looking at a letter, they are inside at at home, through the window are other houses

Disability insurance

44% of Americans aren't financially prepared for long COVID