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We’ve placed billions of dollars in coverage.

From coast to coast, we’ve helped over 30 million people shop for insurance, and protected our customers with over $60 billion in coverage.

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We've helped millions of people

And they actually enjoyed it.

"Awesome service! Great communication, easy to navigate website, even better pricing. Very happy"

- Brett D.

"Makes the process of getting life insurance painless and easy to understand."

- Thomas G.

"Set expectations properly. Simple and proficient process. Professional people. Great follow-up."

- Peter T.

"Great experience with great team. Thank you for your help to get my life insurance quick and easy."

- Maja S.


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Let our people protect your people.

Our licensed advisors deal with the insurer so you don’t have to. No AI bots, no robocalls, no salespeople. Just real human help from start to finish.

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How is Policygenius different from other insurance sites?



We’ve set a high bar to make Policygenius the only insurance site you’ll need. That means we:

  • Offer all the top insurance companies so you don’t have to shop elsewhere
  • Explain what you need to know in plain English so you don’t have to research elsewhere

The insurance industry also hasn’t treated consumers well. This is how we’re different:

  • We don’t require your contact info to get quotes. Unlike other sites, you can shop freely and anonymously here
  • Our team of licensed experts focus on great advice, not pushy sales. They’re salaried, not commissioned, so they’re on your side

Don’t just take our word for it. See what others are saying about their experience working with us by visiting Policygenius reviews on Trustpilot.

How does Policygenius make money?



As a company, we get paid a commission by insurance companies for policies we sell. But don’t worry: these commissions are already baked into the price of all insurance policies. This means you never pay extra to use our service.

We understand that commissions introduce a potential conflict of interest. But we avoid that conflict by:

  • Being transparent: showing you all quotes from all companies, so that you can decide what to buy (or not to buy)
  • Focusing on advice: every day we publish free resources to help you make smart decisions about insurance. Also, our licensed experts are salaried, not commissioned, so that they can focus on advice and customer service, not sales.
  • Being values-driven: one of our company values is to live by the Golden Rule with our customers and with each other. For example, we could make a lot more money by selling whole life insurance over term life insurance, but we don’t believe that’s the right thing for most consumers. So we don’t do it.

Is Policygenius licensed?



Yes, we’re licensed in all 50 states and Washington, DC. Click here to view our licenses.

Is Policygenius affiliated with any insurance companies?



No, we’re an independent insurance broker. What that means is that we represent multiple insurance companies and have no bias to recommend one over another. We only work with insurance companies that have at least an A- financial rating - this means you can be confident that you’re buying from a very reputable insurance company. For us it’s important you find the right insurance policy for your needs. When insurance companies compete for your business, you win.

Is it cheaper to buy insurance through Policygenius?



Here’s the deal: you can’t get a cheaper price for a given policy from Insurance Company X from us, from another broker or directly from Insurance Company X. That’s because each insurance company files their prices with the state regulators, and everyone has to use those prices. It’s illegal for us or anyone else to discount that price.

But here’s where you can save money: by comparing insurance policies for Insurance Company X, Insurance Company Y and so on. Each company competes to offer the best product at the best price - and you as a consumer win by looking at the whole market (like you would do on Amazon). At Policygenius, we strive to offer all the top insurance companies, to make sure you get the best policy for you, and save money.

Let’s get you some life insurance.

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Everything you ever (or never) wanted to know about insurance.


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