Probably time to figure out your insurance, right?

Let our Insurance Checkup help you.

Personalized and unbiased advice about the insurance you need to get, think about and even drop. (Who does that?)

Don't just buy insurance, understand it.


Use our University to learn the pluses and pitfalls of different policies.

We believe the key to feeling good about your insurance is understanding it.

policygenius 101


The big picture

The whole enchilada – your total protection. Starting with your Insurance Checkup, we’ll look at a broad range of coverage options including over 12 types of insurance.


Easy shopping and buying

We’ve made comparing quotes and applying for insurance as painless as possible. All from insurers that meet our strict standards.


Experts - not sales people

Our unbiased experts will show you the best coverage options and even show you what you don’t need. Who does that?


Plain English explanations

Who wants to read through a 50 page insurance contract? You don't. So we did - and we help you learn as you shop.

Our blog is a great example

This is what people say when you rock their worlds.

  • Etienne De Boursetty PolicyGenius Testimonial

    Etienne de Boursetty, 33


    "I wanted to get insured but I really didn't know where to start. A friend recommended PolicyGenius, their online tools helped me understand what I needed and made it easy to get covered. I can't thank them enough!"

  • Matt Tilleard PolicyGenius Testimonial

    Matt Tilleard, 32

    Private equity manager

    "PolicyGenius helped me easily identify gaps in my insurance coverage and then provided clear and easy choices to address them."

  • Lara Apponyi PolicyGenius Testimonial

    Lara Apponyi, 32


    "The thought of shopping for a new policy was so horrific I put it off for months! After only 30 minutes with Jennifer, I felt 100% confident that I was in the right hands. Her knowledge and understanding is vast; she not only steers you in the right direction but also fills out all the awful forms for you. I would recommend PolicyGenius to anyone and everyone"

See for yourself.

Tell me when insurance shopping isn’t so awful.

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