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Best no-medical-exam life insurance of 2022

No-medical-exam life insurance uses past health records instead of a physical exam to assess your health so you can get affordable life insurance faster. Our top picks for no-med insurance offer short waiting periods and competitive rates.

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Life insurance companies typically require a physical exam in order to be approved for some of the most popular coverage options. But what if you don’t have the time or desire to get a medical exam in person? The good news is some insurance companies offer policies that provide the coverage you want without the hassle of a medical exam. Here’s what you need to know before deciding on a no-med policy.

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The best no-medical-exam life insurance companies

If you don't have any major health or lifestyle risks and want a speedy application process, a no-med might policy be a good fit for you. Our top-pick insurers offer some of the best no-medical-exam life insurance rates on the market:

Methodology: How we chose the best no-medical-exam life insurance companies


We don't get paid for our company reviews and use an extensive rubric of criteria covering policy details, price, financial confidence, third-party ratings, and customer experience to assign unbiased ratings out of five stars. Any recommendations we make are based on internal and external expert opinions and data from our Policygenius Price Index, which uses real-time rate data from leading life insurance companies to determine pricing trends. Our ratings and reviews can help point you to an insurer you can rely on for your family’s financial protection, but the best life insurance company for you is dependent on multiple factors. A licensed agent at Policygenius can work with you through the application process so you’re getting coverage from the best insurer for your circumstances at the most competitive price.

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Best overall

Brighthouse Financial


Policygenius rating

How we score: Policygenius’ ratings are determined by our editorial team. Our methodology takes multiple factors into account, including pricing, financial ratings, quality of customer service, and other product-specific features.

Brighthouse Financial  logo

Brighthouse Financial offers competitive rates, comprehensive coverage, and application decisions in as little as 24 hours, making it our overall best choice for no-medical-exam life insurance.


  • Fast-tracked coverage with SimplySelect

  • Very affordable

  • Convertible options available


  • Only a few term lengths available

  • Customer support is lacking

Brighthouse Financial’s prices are comparable to other companies (and sometimes cheaper), and death benefits are available up to $2 million. Brighthouse has all the bells and whistles you need — such as an add-on option that gives you access to the death benefit early in case of an emergency.

Best for affordable rates

Lincoln Financial


Policygenius rating

How we score: Policygenius’ ratings are determined by our editorial team. Our methodology takes multiple factors into account, including pricing, financial ratings, quality of customer service, and other product-specific features.

Lincoln Financial logo

Lincoln Financial offers affordable prices and robust coverage to just about everyone, including those applying for no-medical-exam options.


  • Affordable for older applicants

  • No-medical-exam option available

  • Fast turnaround


  • Expensive permanent policies

  • Few online tools

When it comes to low costs and the option to avoid medical tests, Lincoln Financial has the competition beat. Younger shoppers (mainly applicants below age 60) can receive a decision within days, not weeks, and pay industry-low prices for their coverage of choice.

Best for fast coverage

Foresters Financial


Policygenius rating

How we score: Policygenius’ ratings are determined by our editorial team. Our methodology takes multiple factors into account, including pricing, financial ratings, quality of customer service, and other product-specific features.

Foresters Financial logo

Foresters Financial offers a no-med policy called Foresters Your Term that offers the possibility of approval during your initial phone interview. This policy is available exclusively through Policygenius, so our agents can help you every step of the way.


  • No-medical-exam option available

  • Very fast turnaround

  • Unique riders included at no extra cost


  • Slightly lower death benefits than other no-med options

  • Rates slightly higher than industry average

Foresters can give you a decision within one week — and sometimes within your phone interview. If you're declined for a no-med policy, Foresters may still issue you a policy if you take a medical exam (unlike Brighthouse, which will decline your application).

Best for seniors

Mutual of Omaha


Policygenius rating

How we score: Policygenius’ ratings are determined by our editorial team. Our methodology takes multiple factors into account, including pricing, financial ratings, quality of customer service, and other product-specific features.

Mutual of Omaha logo

When it comes to no-med life insurance for seniors, Mutual of Omaha offers the highest coverage amount for people over the age of 60. You can apply for coverage until the age of 70 without being asked to see a healthcare provider.


  • Highest no-med coverage available for seniors

  • Competitive rates for applicants with common health conditions


  • Policies can be more expensive than average

  • Slow application process

  • Applicants still need to answer a medical questionnaire

Mutual of Omaha’s Term Life Express offers a simplified application process for seniors looking to get life insurance without needing a medical exam. Coverage amounts depend on the health and age of the applicant, but are typically between $25,000 and $150,000.

Best for seniors over 75

Mutual of Omaha

No-medical-exam life insurance coverage options for seniors over 75 are limited, but Mutual of Omaha does offer guaranteed issue life insurance. This is a type of permanent life insurance geared toward paying final expenses that doesn't require a medical exam. Mutual of Omaha's guaranteed issue life insurance is one of the most competitive in the market.

Comparing the best no-medical-exam life insurance companies

CompanyBest forYear foundedFinancial confidencePolicygenius rating
Brighthouse FinancialOverall20017AM Best rating: A4.6 out of 5 stars
Lincoln FinancialAffordable rates1905AM Best rating: A+4.7 out of 5 stars
Foresters FinancialFast coverage1874AM Best rating: A4.2 out of 5 stars
Mutual of OmahaSeniors, seniors over 751909AM Best rating: A+3.4 out of 5 stars

What is no-medical-exam life insurance?

No-med is a type of life insurance that doesn’t require a medical exam to be approved. When you apply for life insurance, the process usually includes a phone interview with an agent to collect information about your age, gender, habits, and health. This information is used by the insurance company to determine your eligibility, coverage options, and rates. In many cases, the initial interview is usually followed by a medical exam and a review of your medical records.

No-medical-exam life insurance policies, by contrast, skip the medical exam and instead use past health records and other information about you to determine your premiums. These types of policies also come with shorter waiting periods, which is the gap between the moment you start the application process and the moment your policy becomes effective.

Who qualifies for no-medical-exam life insurance?

Anyone who is in good health can qualify for no-med life insurance quotes. If you’re looking to get life insurance quickly and without a medical visit, a no-medical-exam policy offers convenience, competitive rates, and coverage that is just as robust as a policy that has gone through a full application process. A no-med policy is worth considering, especially if: 

  • You’re in good to moderate health

  • You want to skip the in-person medical exam 

  • You want or need coverage quickly

  • You want a competitively priced policy

How does the no-medical-exam life insurance application work?

During the initial phone interview, the agent working on your application will tell you if your age and health make you eligible to apply for no-medical-exam rates, and what policy options you’ll have depending on your specific coverage needs. You'll answer the insurance company's questions and, if you’re eligible for no-med insurance, you can have an application decision in as little as a few days.

The best way to know if you’re eligible for no-medical-exam life insurance coverage and get the best pricing and most accurate information available across multiple insurance companies is to work with an independent broker. At Policygenius, our brokers are licensed in all 50 states and can walk you through the entire life insurance buying process while offering transparent, unbiased advice tailored to your personal situation.

Types of no-medical-exam life insurance policies

Term life insurance

Term life insurance is one of the most popular types of life insurance available because it’s straightforward, affordable, and lasts only for as long as you need it. The most common type of no-medical-exam coverage option is a term policy with accelerated underwriting — this means the application process has fewer steps and the insurance company takes less time to approve it. Instead of an exam, the insurance company will use your medical history, prescription history, and any past diagnoses to set your premiums.

Whole life insurance

No-medical exam whole life insurance, often referred to as final expense life insurance, is much costlier than term life policies. This type of permanent policy is best for older people, or those in poor health who have an urgent need for life insurance. There are two main types of no-medical exam whole life insurance: simplified life insurance and guaranteed issue life insurance.

Simplified issue life insurance 

Simplified issue life insurance is best for people who may not qualify for a traditional life insurance policy and are considered a moderate health risk.

You’ll have to answer a medical questionnaire and may not qualify if you have a critical illness, but there is no medical exam involved in the application process. You can get a simplified issue insurance policy with coverage up to $40,000 if you’re between the ages of 45 and 85.

Guaranteed issue life insurance

Guaranteed issue life insurance is permanent coverage that's best for people between the ages of 45 and 80 and those who can’t qualify for a standard life insurance policy due to a serious medical condition or terminal illness. Unlike term or whole life insurance, the application for guaranteed issue life insurance doesn’t involve health questions or a medical exam.

Group life insurance

Group life insurance, also called group term life insurance, is a type of life insurance that covers a group of people. Commonly offered by employers in benefits packages, group life insurance policies are easy to qualify for and affordable. 

Most group life insurance policies are subsidized by the policyholder (usually the employer), meaning you pay little or none of the policy’s premium. Because group life insurance is offered largely through employers, it doesn't require a medical exam, but usually offers less coverage than a term life policy, and most employees lose their group coverage when they leave the company.

No-medical-exam pros & cons 

Term no-medical-exam life insurance has some pros and cons when compared to a traditional policy. 


  • Comparable in pricing (if not cheaper) than a fully underwritten policy

  • Application decision can take as little as a few days

  • Comes with riders and robust death benefit coverage


  • Does not provide a death benefit over $3 million

  • People who are of old age or in poor health may not be eligible

  • If your application is rejected, you will have to take the medical exam

Policy detailsTraditional term lifeNo-med term life
Waiting periodAverageFast
Coverage$25,000 to $10 million$25,000 to $3 million
TermUp to 40 yearsUp to 40 years
AgesUp to 80Up to 70

Based on policies offered through Policygenius in 2022. Individual policy options may vary based on your individual profile or location.

→ See how else no-med coverage compares to traditional life insurance

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How much does no-medical-exam life insurance cost?

No-med life insurance policies generally cost about the same as a traditional policy, if not less. Check out our chart below to see how little you could be paying per month for a no-medical-exam life insurance policy, especially if you apply at a young age.

AgeSex$250,000 policy$500,000 policy$1,000,000 policy

Methodology: Sample monthly rates are for female and male non-smokers in a Preferred health classification, obtaining a 20-year no-medical-exam life insurance policy. Life insurance averages are based on a composite of policies offered by Policygenius from Brighthouse, Lincoln, and Foresters, and may vary by insurer, term, coverage amount, health class, and state. Not all products are available in all states. Issuance of a term life insurance policy without a medical exam is subject to product availability and your eligibility, and may depend upon your truthful answers to a health questionnaire

What happens if my no-med application is declined?

If your application for a no-medical-exam policy isn't accepted, you can still get life insurance at an affordable rate — you'll just need to take the medical exam. During the application process an insurance agent can guide you through your options. At Policygenius, we have a team of experts who specialize in life insurance who can help you find the right policy for your unique needs so you can get covered with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Can you get life insurance without a medical exam?

Yes. You can purchase no-medical-exam life insurance, which evaluates your previous health records instead of requiring a medical exam.

How does no-medical-exam life insurance work?

Your insurer skips the traditional medical exam and instead relies on previous health records to make an application decision. Some no-med policies aimed at covering final expenses, like guaranteed issue life insurance, simply require that you pay your premiums to get coverage.

How much life insurance can you get without a medical exam?

You can get up to $3 million in term life insurance coverage with no exam. Whole policies without the medical exam offer up to $40,000 in coverage.

Should I get no-medical-exam life insurance?

If you are in good health, term no-medical-exam policies offer affordable coverage. Traditional term life insurance is more affordable and flexible than whole life insurance with no medical exam.

Is there a waiting period for no-exam life insurance?

On average there is an 18-day waiting period for no-medical-exam life insurance policies, but there are a few exceptions. Some insurance companies offer a response within two days on average, but you could even hear back in under 24 hours. A traditional life insurance application, by comparison, could take four to five weeks to receive a response.

Can seniors qualify for no-medical-exam life insurance?

Seniors or those with serious health conditions may not be eligible for term life insurance without a medical exam, but they still have one no-medical-exam coverage option: burial insurance. This is a type of permanent life insurance geared toward paying final expenses.

Can you borrow money from a no-medical-exam life insurance policy?

You can borrow money from a whole life insurance policy, but not a term life insurance policy. Term life policies, which are the most common type of no-med coverage option available, don’t accrue a cash value so you won’t be able to borrow money against them.

Is no-medical-exam life insurance worth it?

If you’re looking to get a new life insurance policy without the burden of a medical exam or lengthy wait times, a no-med policy could be your best bet. No-med policies are often faster and cheaper than traditional life insurance policies, but they do come with potential downsides. Some people might not be eligible for coverage based on their health or age.