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"Policygenius offers some good educational tools for people who want to buy a policy on their own."

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".. the site is offering personalized, immediate insurance quotes, as well as detailed data on how coverage in any given plan works."

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"The site couldn’t be easier to use and if you’re not sure how much insurance you need, there are wizards that will suggest coverage amounts."

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" chasing the kind of customer who would rather fill out a detailed profile on a website than open up to a total stranger."

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LifeHacker - Two Cents August 2019
How to Financially Plan for Having Kids

Fatherly August 2019
Nearly Half of Parents Admit They Weren’t Financially Prepared to Have a Kid

Bankrate July 2019
Factors That Affect Car Insurance Rates

SF Gate July 2019
Everything You Thought You Knew About Earthquake Insurance Is Wrong

CNBC July 2019
Millennials Aren’t Thinking About This Risk to Their Finances

Consumer Affairs July 2019
Buying Minimum Car Insurance Coverage Can Be Costly Later On

Forbes July 2019
This Secret Insurance Perk Could Save Your Next Trip

FOX Business June 2019
Parents Reveal How Much They'd Be Willing to Pay to Stop Their Child's Temper Tantrum

Forbes June 2019
Financial Services Leaders Talk About Blending High Touch With High Tech

The Wall Street Journal June 2019
The Surprising Way Startups Are Disrupting the Life Insurance Business

GOBankingRates June 2019
How This CEO Became One of the Only Female Founders To Raise More Than $50 Million in Funding

MarketWatch May 2019
Grumpy Cat’s Owner Is Facing a Major Financial Loss — There’s no Insurance for Pet Influencers

Romper April 2019
The Best & Worst States To Raise A Family In 2019, According To A Fascinating New Report

The New York Times April 2019
The Unbearable Lightness of Money Diaries

Brides April 2019
The Financial Pros and Cons of Keeping Your Money Separate From Your Partner

Inc March 2019
Starting a Business? Ask These 5 Essential Money Questions First

Realtor March 2019
Bill Gates Has a Home Feature That'll Leave You Floored: Can You Guess What It Is?

Built in NYC February 2019
Insurance done differently: How 8 NYC Startups Are Changing the Game

Newsday February 2019
Comparison Shop for Home, Auto Insurance to Get the Best Deal

Seattle Times February 2019
How to Talk About Money with Your Honey

Experian February 2019
How to Talk Finances and Credit Without Hurting Your Relationship

The Knot February 2019
The One Thing You Should Do Postwedding for a Happier Marriage

Cheapism February 2019
32 Ways to Save on Life Insurance

Forbes February 2019
How To Really Save Money On Car Insurance

GoBankingRates February 2019
How to Save Money on All Your Monthly Expenses and Bills

The Bump February 2019
A New Parent’s Guide to Getting Life Insurance

U.S. News & World Report February 2019
Your Guide to Purchasing Rental Car Insurance

The Motley Fool January 2019
One-Third of Americans Might Be Losing Money This Way

Yahoo Finance January 2019
One-Third of Americans Never Re-Shop for Car or Home Insurance: Survey

Insuretech News January 2019
NY-based Policygenius Now Offers Home and Auto Insurance

Digital Insurance January 2019
Insurtech Policygenius expands to add P&C coverage

Insurance Innovation Reporter January 2019
Policygenius Adds Auto and Home Insurance to Online Marketplace

Tearsheet January 2019
Policygenius Expands Into Home and Auto Insurance

Forbes January 2019
Why Older Millennials Need to Start Taking Life Insurance Seriously

Forbes January 2019
Where to Buy the Best Travel Insurance for Your Next Trip




NBC — Better December 2018
FSA Dollars Are About to Expire. Here Are the Best Ways to Spend Them Now

U.S. News & World Report November 2018
The Real Cost of Smoking

The Story Exchange November 2018
This Founder Didn’t Let Rejection or Sexism Stop Her From Building a $130 Million Insurance Startup

MoneyUnder30 November 2018
Is Dental Insurance Worth It?

Forbes November 2018
What You Need To Know About The Affordable Care Act This Open Enrollment Season

Suze Orman October 2018
Life Insurance Made Easy. (Promise!)

Inc. October 2018
How This Founder Overcame Hundreds of Rejections to Finally Raise $52 Million

Debt Free Guys October 2018
LGBT Healthcare 411 Under the Evolving ACA

Inc. October 2018
Buying Insurance? Here Are 3 Reasons to Check Your Credit Score First

Bustle October 2018
Couples Aren't Communicating About Money, New Survey Finds

Consumer Reports September 2018
Car Rental Insurance Just Got More Complicated

Elite Daily September 2018
Should You Merge Finances When You Move In Together? A New Study Has Major Findings

New York Times September 2018
Robots Can Manage Your Money. But Even They Need Humans

Jill on Money September 2018
Life Insurance is Now Easier to Buy

Goop August 2018
Understanding Life Insurance—and Getting the Best Policy

MarketWatch August 2018
Short-term Health Insurance Plans Are Dirt Cheap for Good Reasons

Denver Post July 2018
With Home Prices in Metro Denver up 65%, Renting Long-Term May Not Be a Bad Option

MSN May 2018
The 10 Most Popular U.S. Summer Travel Destinations May 2018
3 Ohio Cities Among Top 10 Metros Where $100 Will Go the Furthest (USA Today) May 2018
Your $100 Goes a Long Way in CIncinnati

Bloomberg May 2018
Startups Colonize New York Subway, Pricing Out Plastic Surgery Ads

Forbes May 2018
One of the Five Female Fintech Founders to Have Raised Fifty Million in Funds

Entrepreneur April 2018
This Entrepreneur Shares How to Name Your Company -- or Fix a Bad Name

Crains New York April 2018
Prepping for the 2018 Tech M&A Cycle

TechCrunch April 2018
Discovering That Deckhands Make Great Waiters — and Why This Matters

Barrons February 2018
Dow Jumps 200 Points as Markets Learn to Stop Worrying and Love Inflation

Associated Press News February 2018
Big Pay Gains for U.S. Workers Contribute to Wall St. Sell-Off

Adweek February 2018
Brands Are Using Poetry to Cut Through the Noise and Grab Viewers’ Attention

Student Loan Hero January 2018
The Secret to Finding Good, Cheap Health Insurance

Zumper January 2018
A monthly checklist to make 2018 your best year yet




MarketWatch December 2017
Why You're Crazy Not to Have Renters Insurance

Huffington Post December 2017
Americans Still Aren't on Board With Universal Health Insurance

Forbes December 2017
How Will Trump's Executive Order Affect Health Insurance Markets?

MarketWatch November 2017
Everything You Need to Know About Your Benefits and Open Enrollment

Yahoo Finance November 2017
Obamacare is thriving despite GOP attempts to kill it

San Francisco Chronicle November 2017
Reform, don't repeal, the Affordable Care Act

Refinery29 November 2017
11 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself — And Your Employer — During Open Enrollment

NBC News — Better November 2017
How To Maximize Your Obamacare Benefits During Open Enrollment

Houston Chronicle November 2017
Obamacare Enrollment Opens, but Fate Remains Uncertain

Bustle November 2017
When Is Open Enrollment 2017? 5 Things To Know About Signing Up For Insurance Through The ACA Marketplace

USA Today October 2017
Skipping Renters Insurance? Why That’s a Bigger Risk Than You’d Think

NBC News — Better October 2017
Everything You Need to Know About Shopping for Life Insurance Online

Supermoney October 2017
I need life insurance, but how do I know which is right for me?

CNBC October 2017
Obamacare prices: Trump Administration Touts Bad News on Cost, Buries Good News About Affordability

CBS Moneywatch October 2017
6 Must-Dos for the Toughest Open Enrollment Yet

The Dodo July 2017
Is It Safe to Paint Your Pet's Nails?

Cheddar TV May 2017
Policygenius Makes the Process of Buying Insurance Less Painful

Law 360 May 2017
Insurance Startup Policygenius Nabs $30M In Funding

New York Business Journal May 2017
Policygenius Pulls in $30 Million from VCs

Wall Street Journal May 2017
Funding Snapshot: Insurance Startup Policygenius Gets $30 Million

Fortune May 2017
Term Sheet: Wednesday, May 24

LinkedIn Pulse May 2017
This Founder Just Became One of Four Women to Raise More Than $50 Million in Fintech

TechCrunch May 2017
Policygenius Raises $30 Million From Norwest Venture Partners

CNBC April 2017
Why Your Credit Score May Matter More to Auto Insurers Than Your Driving Record

The Motley Fool April 2017
Obamacare: We Hate It, Love It, and Really Don't Have a Clue What It Does

Fintech Ranking March 2017
InsureTech Industry Has Grown by 25% (As One of the Hottest FinTech Verticals)

The Tennessean March 2017
Millennial Guide: How to Pick a Health Insurance Plan

Barron's March 2017
Do Millennials Need Life Insurance?

CNBC March 2017
If You're Lucky, You'll Avoid This Painful St. Patrick's Day Bill

TechCrunch February 2017
L.A. Gets More Capital as Fika Ventures Raises $40 Million Debut Fund

LinkedIn Pulse February 2017
2016 Review of Female Founders Raising Institutional Capital

Young Adult Money January 2017
How to Get Life Insurance Online — My Experience with Policygenius

San Diego Free Press January 2017
Trump Executive Order Vandalizes Obamacare

Fiverr January 2017
Your Health Insurance Questions Answered with Policygenius and Fiverr

People Keep January 2017
Survey Shows Poor Individual Health Insurance Literacy

Houston Chronicle January 2017
Survey: Confusion Reigns Among Health Insurance Shoppers




Fast Company December 2016
12 CEOs Share Their Predictions For 2017

The Huffington Post December 2016
How Value-Based Purchasing Can Lead to Affordable Healthcare

MarketWatch November 2016
Health Savings Accounts Are a Crown Jewel of ‘Trump Care’

CNBC November 2016
Many Americans Don't Know Much About Health Insurance — And it Will Cost Them

Forbes November 2016
Picking The 'Right' Health Insurance Plan During Open Enrollment

Chicago Tribune November 2016
What's Worse? Visiting the Dentist or Picking a Health Insurance Plan?

CBS News October 2016
Is Dental Insurance Worth the Cost?

CNBC Make It October 2016
NASCAR Driver Danica Patrick Explains why Everyone Should Have Life Insurance

Financial Times October 2016
10 Fintech Startups That ARe Causing a Stir in Insurance

Money Under 30 September 2016
How to Be an Adult: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Your S#!t Together

Fintech Ranking September 2016
33 Insurtechs to Know

CNBC August 2016
Why a Millennial Should Have Life Insurance

WiseBread August 2016
4 Things You Need to Know About Disability Insurance

Built in NYC June 2016
A Virtual Tour of 7 of NYC's Coolest Tech Offices

TODAY June 2016
Thinking of Joining the Gig Economy? Consider These Points First

Kiplinger May 2016
Insurance if You Can't Work

TechCrunch April 2016
The New-World Insurance Agent

The Wall Street Journal March 2016
What to Know About Disability Insurance

USA Today March 2016
3 Types of Insurance Everyone Should Consider

CB Insights February 2016
Millennial Personal Finance: 63 Fintech Startups Targeting Millennials

Insurance Innovation Reporter February 2016
Digital Distribution Alternative: Q&A with Policygenius CEO Jennifer Fitzgerald

Digital Insurance February 2016
Inside an InsuranceTech Startup: Policygenius

The New York Times February 2016
Life Insurance Buyer’s Guide: What Type, How Much and Who Will Benefit

Digital Insurance January 2016
Insurance Tech Startups Offer Window Into Industry's Future

DC Inno January 2016
How Revolution Ventures Thinks About Disrupting the Insurance Industry

Symmetry 50 January 2016
The 34 Hottest Startups in NYC

Vator News January 2016
Online Insurance Broker Policygenius Raises $15M

CrowdFundInsider January 2016
Policygenius Aims to Reshape Insurance with Successful $15M Series B Funding Round

LinkedIn January 2016
Inside The Deal: Policygenius Claims Revolution Ventures Largest Investment To Date

Revolution January 2016
Policygenius is Transforming the Trillion-Dollar Insurance Industry for Americans

Washington Business Journal January 2016
Revolution Makes Bet on Insurance Industry That's 'Ripe for Disruption'

New York Business Journal January 2016
Policygenius Picks up a Series B Led by Steve Case

Bloomberg January 2016
Startups Face a Tougher Fundraising Environment

TechCrunch January 2016
Policygenius Raises $15 Million For Its Online Price Comparison Insurance Brokerage




Built In NYC December 2015
10 Women Entrepreneurs Fueling Brooklyn’s Booming Startup Scene

Digital Insurance December 2015
Technology Poised to Reshape Life Insurance in '16: EY

EY December 2015
2016 EY U.S. Life-Annuity Insurance Outlook

LifeHacker November 2015
Policygenius Compares Insurance Rates, Doesn't Violate Your Privacy

Financially Blonde November 2015
Disability Insurance – What You Need to Know

LifeHacker October 2015
Ask an Expert: All About Choosing the Best Health Care Plan During Open Enrollment

Forbes September 2015
The Number One Mistake You're Making About Your Life Insurance Policy

WBS-TV September 2015
New Website Makes Buying Life Insurance Easier

Numbers and Narratives August 2015
The Jennifer Fitzgerald Interview [Podcast]

Bloomberg Businessweek August 2015
Insurance for the Agent-Averse

NBC Washington August 2015
Owning a Pet on a Budget: Here's How to Do It

VOX August 2015
I Used to Think Pet Insurance Was a Ripoff. Here's Why I Changed My Mind

Insurance Innovation Reporter August 2015
Manish Agarwal of AXA Strategic Ventures Discusses Investing in Innovation

CB Insights July 2015
255 Of The Hottest Tech Startups To Raise Early-Stage Funding In 2015

Insurance Nerds July 2015
The Uber of Insurance

Entrepreneur July 2015
Investors Are Poised to Disrupt the Tech-Averse Insurance Industry

Digital Insurance July 2015
6 Tech Startups With Insurers' Financial Backing

Switch VC June 2015
Why I Invested Again in Policygenius

The Wall Street Journal June 2015
Online Insurance Agent Policygenius Nabs $5.3 Million Series A

my fab finance April 2015
5 Things You Probably Don't Know About Renters Insurance

MoneyTalksNews March 2015
How Will You Live if You Can't Work? Disability Insurance 101

Redbook Magazine January 2015
Your Month-to-Month Guide to Extreme Money Confidence

USA Today January 2015
3 Must-Have Insurance Plans

The Boston Globe January 2015
Insurance via Internet Poses Threat to Agents

The New York Times January 2015
Time to Assess Your Financial Fitness




TechWorld December 2014
Insurance Giants Under Threat From Agile Startups, Says Forrester

Springfield News-Sun October 2014
A New Easy Way to Shop for Insurance Online

The New York Times September 2014
Looking Out for Yourself With Disability Insurance

Forbes September 2014
Meet the Small Business Hoping to Shake Up America's Insurance Industry

FOX Business September 2014
Elevator Pitch: A Simple Way to Pick Insurance?

Forbes September 2014
3 Money Disruptors Making Your Financial Nightmares Less Scary

Huffington Post September 2014
What Interns Need to Know About Health Insurance

The Insurance Record August 2014
Policygenius Finds Texans Uncertain on Insurance August 2014
Williamsburg’s Policygenius to Provide Digital #realtalk About Insurance Needs

Alley Watch July 2014
This Startup Makes Looking for Insurance a Lot Easier

Benefits Pro July 2014
Consumers Clueless About Insurance

VentureBeat July 2014
McKinsey vets launch PolicyGenius to make insurance shopping less terrible

New York Business Journal July 2014
McKinsey alum Jennifer Fitzgerald and PolicyGenius Hope to Replace Insurance Agents with the Web

Fast Company July 2014
A Site That Opens Up The Black Box Of Insurance Shopping

Huffington Post March 2014
How To Hack Your Health Insurance Decision

U.S. News & World Report April 2014
5 Health Insurance Mistakes to Avoid

Entrepreneur April 2014
Weighing a Rollout of Benefits for Employees? 4 Tips for Startups to Consider

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ChangeLog July 2019
How to Build a Generative Engineering Culture

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Everything You Need to Know About Divorce and Insurance

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Why 2019 Will Be a Big Year for Policygenius

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How the 2018 Midterm Results Can Affect Your Health Insurance

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Why Startups Are Ditching Agencies, And You Should, Too

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Time Is Already Running Out to Save Obamacare 2019

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To Fix Health Care, We Need to Expand Medicaid, Not Cut It

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I Talked to People Signing up for Obamacare. Here’s What I Learned

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The 3 Core Factors Everyone Needs to Consider When Buying Life Insurance

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Obamacare Is Thriving Despite GOP Attempts to Kill It

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Reform, Don't Repeal, The Affordable Care Act

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GOP Health Bill Offers Americans a 'False Choice'

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Why Too Many Americans Don't Understand Their Insurance

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Here's What Happens to Obamacare if GOP Can't Pass Health Care Bill

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Do Robo-Advisors Have a Place in Insurance?

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Op-Ed: Here's the ‘Worst Case Scenario' for Obamacare Now

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Why the AHCA Died, and What Consumers Gained

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None of the GOP Obamacare Replacement Plans Match What Trump Said

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The Single Biggest Challenge Faced by Women Founders

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Should You Still Offer Health Insurance as a Benefit?

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What Key Piece of Advice All Women Entrepreneurs Should Know When Seeking Funding

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What Do People Misunderstand About the Healthcare Industry?

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What We Know About Trump’s Plans for Healthcare

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Beyond Obamacare — How Trump and Price Will Disrupt the Health Care System

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What Changes Will Donald Trump Make to Obamacare?

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Important Advice About Healthcare Costs in the Wake of Trump’s Election

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Forget What Trump says. Here's How Obamacare Is Changing Under GOP Rule

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3 Things to Know About Buying Health Insurance

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Long-Term Success Starts With Managing Your Startup's Runway

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3 Leadership Strategies I Learned by Being the Only Woman in the Room

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5 Tips for Selecting the Best Health Insurance Plan

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Tech Startups Are Prodding the Dinosaur That Is the Insurance Industry

The Next Web June 2015
7 Tips for Women Pitching to VCs

Entrepreneur April 2014
Weighing a Rollout of Benefits for Employees? 4 Tips for Startups to Consider

Huffington Post March 2014
How To Hack Your Health Insurance Decision

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