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Policygenius transforms the insurance journey for consumers by providing a one-stop platform where consumers can compare options from top insurance carriers, get unbiased expert advice, buy policies, and manage their insurance portfolio, in one seamless, integrated experience. Our proprietary technology platform integrates with the leading life, disability, and home & auto insurance carriers and delivers an exceptional digital experience for both consumers and insurance carriers. Since 2014, our content, digital tools, and experts have served as a resource for millions of people on their insurance journey, and we have sold more than $200 billion in coverage. In 2023, Policygenius was acquired by Zinnia, an insurance technology and digital services company.

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Pat Howard Press page

Pat Howard

Property and Casualty Insurance Expert

Expertise: Homeowners insurance, renters insurance, flood insurance, personal finance

Angele Doakes

Angele Doakes

Property and Casualty Insurance Expert

Expertise: Homeowners insurance, auto insurance, health insurance, life insurance


Myles Ma, CPFC

Senior Reporter, Certified Personal Finance Counselor

Expertise: Health insurance, personal finance, economics

Rachael Brennan

Rachael Brennan

Property and Casualty Insurance Expert

Expertise: Homeowners insurance, auto insurance, life insurance, disability insurance

Pat Hanzel 1x1

Patrick Hanzel, CFP®

CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ & Advanced Planning Team Lead

Expertise: Advanced planning, financial planning

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"The site couldn’t be easier to use and if you’re not sure how much insurance you need, there are wizards that will suggest coverage amounts."

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" chasing the kind of customer who would rather fill out a detailed profile on a website than open up to a total stranger."


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Stevie Award

Stevie Award

Bronze Stevie Award for Front-Line Customer Service Team of the Year, Financial Services category 

EY Entrepreneur of the Year New York


Jennifer Fitzgerald, EY Entrepreneur of the Year, New York

Forbes Adisor

Forbes Advisor

Forbes Advisor’s #1 no-exam life insurance policy of the year

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BISA: BISA Technology Innovation Award for Policygenius Pro (March 2023)

The Financial Technology Report: The Power 300 Financial Technology Companies of 2023 (February 2023)

BuiltInNYC: 100 Best Places to Work in New York 2023 (January 2023)

BuiltInNYC: 100 Best Midsize Places to Work in New York 2023 (January 2023)

#GirlsClub: Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work (December 2022)

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The Financial Technology Report: The Top 25 Financial Technology Leaders of New York for 2022 (July 2022)

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Ragan: Ragan's Employee Communications Awards: Honorable Mention for COVID-19 Communications (March 2022)

Forbes: America's Best Startup Employers 2022 (March 2022)

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service: 2022 Stevie Award Winners (March 2022)

Ragan: Announcing Ragan’s Employee Communications Awards finalists (February 2022)

BuiltInNYC: 100 Best Places to Work in NYC 2022 (January 2022)

BuiltInNYC: 50 Best Paying Companies NYC 2022 (January 2022)

BuiltInNYC: 100 Best Large Companies to Work NYC (January 2022)

Ragan: PR Daily’s Content Marketing Awards Honorable Mention for ‘Whitepaper/Special Report’: Policygenius Health Insurance Literacy Survey (January 2022)

#GirlsClub: Top 25 Companies Where Women Want to Work (December 2021)

RippleMatch: Next Gen Workplaces: The Next Gen 100 (December 2021)

Ragan: Ragan’s PR Daily Awards Honorable Mention for ‘Original Research’: Policygenius Life Insurance Price Index (December 2021)

CB Insights: The Fintech 250: The Top Fintech Startups (December 2021)

Forbes: Fintech 50 2021 (June 2021)

Inc.: Inc. Best Workplaces 2021 (May 2021)

US FinTech Awards: 2021 Winners: Insurtech of the Year (April 2021)

Forbes: America's Best Startup Employers 2021 (March 2021)

The Stevie Awards for Sales & Customer Service: 2021 Stevie Award Winners (January 2021)

Built In NYC: 100 Best Places to Work in NYC (January 2021)

Built In NYC: 50 Best Paying Companies NYC (January 2021)

ACORD: Top Ten Insurtech Leaders 2020 (December 2020)

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Digital Insurance: 30 Insurance Innovators to Watch (May 2019)

Inc.: Inc. Best Places to Work 2019 (May 2019)

Money Under 30: MU30’s 2019 Awards for the Best Financial Products on the Market (January 2019)

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Entrepreneur Magazine: 2018 Entrepreneur 360 List Of America's Best Privately-Owned Companies (December 2018)

PR Daily: PR Daily's 2018 Content Marketing Awards honorable mention — Best Content Series (Finding health care) (November 2018)

CB Insights: The Fintech 250: The Top Fintech Startups Of 2018 (October 2018)

Inc.: 100 Women Making Money, Creating Jobs and Changing the World — Top 100 Female Founders List (October 2018)

Fast Company: Innovation by Design 2018: Health (Finalist) (September 2018)

Fast Company: Jennifer Fitzgerald: One of the Most Creative People in Business 2018 (May 2018)

Inc.: Inc. Best Places to Work 2018 (May 2018)

The Drum: U.S. Creative Work of the Week: Policygenius Sells with Subway Poetry (December 2017)

LonelyBrand: Winner of Best Landing Page Design (January 2014)

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