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Skip the insurance jargon

No more headaches. We skip the jargon when we can and we explain everything in plain English.

Prioritize what matters to you

Tell us what's important and we'll show you plans that meet your needs.

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Screenshot of priorities matching
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Get discounts on your health insurance

Millions of Americans get discounts and subsidies on their medical insurance. We'll check if you can, too.

Cast the widest net

Quotes from all health insurance companies listed on, plus many more

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Screenshot of Health Insurance comparison
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Check your doctors and prescriptions

Search and sort plans by the doctors and prescriptions you want to keep.

Compare plans visually

Love charts and graphs more than words? We've got you covered

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Obamacare made health insurance mandatory.
We make it easy.

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Top FAQs about PolicyGenius

How does PolicyGenius make money?

We’re a licensed insurance broker, so we get paid a commission by insurance companies for each sale. Insurance commissions are already baked into the price of an insurance policy, so you’re not paying any extra for using our service (or any broker’s service for that matter).

We understand that getting a commission on a sale introduces a potential conflict of interest. But we don't push or give preference to any one insurer over another because of the commission. In fact, some health insurance companies don't even pay out commissions. We still show those companies' plans, even though we won't get paid, because we believe in showing consumers all their options in an unbiased manner. For every product, we prioritize what's right for the consumer over maximizing our commissions.

And if you want to know what commission we'd earn on any insurance product you see on this site, just ask us. We’ll be glad to tell you.

Shouldn't I just buy directly from the insurer or

You can certainly do that - and for some health insurance companies, you'll actually have to enroll directly with them or on the government site, because they've decided not to allow any licensed brokers like PolicyGenius to sell their plans. However, we can still show all those plans, and help you compare them apples-to-apples with other plans available to you. We've also designed our online experience to be MUCH easier than what you'll find at or your state exchange, so you won't gain anything by shopping there (except a headache!)

Shouldn't I try more than one comparison site?

You can, but we've designed our site to be the best and easiest shopping experience you'll find anywhere. We've worked hard to offer the widest selection of plans and the most intuitive comparison process for you.

Also, any plan you see on our site won't be any cheaper at another comparison site or government sites. That's because health insurance plan rates are filed with state governments, and everyone is required to show those filed rates.

Are the quotes on your site accurate?

Health insurance plan rates are filed with state governments, and everyone is required to show those filed rates. The quotes on our site are pulled directly from these government filings -- so as long as those are accurate, and you've provided accurate information (about age, zip code, income, household size and tobacco status), the quotes you see on our site are accurate.

Can I get a cheaper plan somewhere else?

Any plan you see here won't be any cheaper at another site, including government sites. That's because health insurance plan rates are filed with state governments, and everyone is required to show those filed rates.

We've also worked hard to include the widest selection of plans you'll find anywhere. We've got plans you'll find on government sites ( and the state exchanges) and plans you won't find on those sites (so-called "off-exchange" plans that have all the benefits of "on-exchange" plans but may be cheaper for you).

Our clients rate us 9.7/10 for satisfaction

Insurance buying made easy. I would gladly recommend them.

Nishith N.

PolicyGenius is not only a great tool when shopping for insurance but also provides wonderful customer service and assistance throughout the entire process.

Shari F.

Great experience and huge savings.

Aaron W.

I feel confident that I got the best policy for me at the best price.

Brian G.

Very easy process and no sales pitch!


Easy and no nonsense! Simple and pain free process that worked around my schedule.

James P.

Painless from start to finish. Happy customer!