Swyfft Home Insurance Review

Swyfft features the quickest and most impressive home insurance application process in the business, securing you a quote in seconds.



Swyfft has only been insuring homes for a couple of years now, and in that short time they’ve left an impressive mark on the home insurance industry. Backed by reinsurance company Clear Blue Insurance (“A-” A.M. Best rating), Swyfft is technically an MGA (managing general agent) and not an “insurance company” in the traditional sense. But Swyfft does a lot of things better than many standard insurers who have been writing policies for decades, like their ingenious quoting and risk-assessment process.

With Swyfft, there’s no answering age-old questions about the specs of your home and its insurability. Instead, you simply plug in your address and, in a matter of seconds, out comes a quote. We’ll get into exactly how Swyfft is able to generate all this information about your home later on. But for now we can tell you that advanced data analytics and, um, laser technology play a considerable role in how Swyfft determines your rates.

However, when it comes to claims, Swyfft is somewhat of an unknown. Given the fact that the company is still in its youthful stages, not a whole lot has been written or reported about how they handle or pay out claims, and this may lead to some hesitation about whether you want to insure your most expensive asset with such a wildcard.

Be that as it may, Swyfft policies are still backed by a reinsurer with an “A-” A.M. Best rating, pointing to “excellent” financial stability, and Swyfft is regulated by states’ department of insurance.


  • Quotes you an entire policy in less than five seconds
  • Guaranteed replacement cost dwelling coverage in every state (except NY)
  • Uses LIDAR (light detection and ranging data) to accurately examine risks to your home and property, quoting you fast and accurately with typically lower premiums than traditional methods
  • They don’t rate catastrophic losses, zero-dollar claims, losses at prior addresses, prior owner losses against the insured, and they only look at claims three years back instead of five (which is the industry standard)
  • 100% inspection rate


  • Policies are currently only available in eight states
  • There isn’t much information about their insurance product offerings or partnering insurers
  • Online claims process is somewhat confusing

Swyfft by the numbers

Founded: 2015

Market share: N/A

A.M. Best rating: A- (Clear Blue Insurance rating)

Better Business Bureau rating: A+

Consumer Reports: N/A

J.D. Power: N/A

What states is Swyfft available in?

Swyfft homeowners insurance is available in eight states, indicated in the map and chart below:

Swyfft homeowners insurance state availability

Alaska Nevada
Arizona New Hampshire
Arkansas New Jersey
CaliforniaNew Mexico
Colorado New York
Connecticut North Carolina
Delaware North Dakota
Florida Ohio
Georgia Oklahoma
Hawaii Oregon
Idaho Pennsylvania
IllinoisRhode Island
Indiana South Carolina
Iowa South Dakota
Kansas Tennessee
Kentucky Texas
Louisiana Utah
Maine Vermont
Maryland Virginia
Michigan Washington D.C.
Minnesota West Virginia
Mississippi Wisconsin
Missouri Wyoming

Policy details

As of now, Swyfft offers a single policy with guaranteed replacement cost dwelling coverage in every state in which it operates (except New York, where GRC is optional).

In addition, Swyfft offers all of your standard coverages:

  • other structures
  • personal property
  • loss-of-use
  • personal liability
  • medical expenses coverage.

How much does Swyfft cost?

The cost of homeowners insurance varies considerably depending on what state you’re in, but Swyfft’s rates are among the lowest across the board. Swyfft attributes what they claim is a 20% to 30% lower-than-standard annual premium to how they measure risk, which uses LIDAR (light detection and ranging data) and 3-D modeling to get a precise look at the types of risks faced by your home. That way, you’re never underinsured and you’re not quoted for more coverage than you need.

Below is a sample policy for a 1,500-square-foot, single-family home with guaranteed replacement coverage for the home and replacement cost coverage for personal property.

Basic coveragesPolicy limits
Other structures$40,000
Personal property$200,000
Personal liability$500,000
Medical payments for guests$5,000

Additional coverages

As we highlighted in the last section, all Swyfft policies offer guaranteed replacement cost coverage for your home, meaning your home is insured for its full replacement cost even if inflated construction and labor prices cause your home’s rebuild costs to exceed your dwelling limit.

  • Water backup - Protects your stuff in the event your sewage goes in the reverse direction of where its supposed to go
  • Sinkhole collapse - Covers repairs to your home if it’s damaged by a sinkhole
  • Personal injury - Provides coverage against personal injury related to false arrest, wrongful eviction, invasion of privacy, slander, and defamation
  • Enhanced personal property - Additional coverage for damage to certain types of personal property – like jewelry, silver, furs, firearms, and computer equipment – that are subject to lower sublimits in standard policies
  • Identity fraud expense - Pays for losses you incur from identity fraud, including legal fees
  • Mine subsidence - Coverage for property loss due to the sinking of a mineral extraction and excavation mine

Here’s how Swyfft stacks up against the competition in terms of the most common coverage endorsement offerings:

Homeowners insurance endorsement coverage comparison


  • Loss-free discount - Discount on your rates if you’ve been claim-free for three or more years
  • Fire alarm discount - Discount if your home has a local or central fire alarm
  • Burglar alarm discount - Discount if your home has a local or central burglar alarm
  • Sprinklers discount - Discount if there’s a sprinkler system installed in your home

Company details

Application process

Swyfft’s seconds-long application process is quite remarkable and – like their contemporaries Hippo – may represent a sea change in how companies assess risk and generate quotes for homeowners.

The application process looks like this: you plug in your home address into the address prompt on the landing page. Once you hit the “get quote” button, the real behind-the-scenes magic happens, as Swyfft’s proprietary technology scans and analyzes the area around your home while a third-party service simultaneously fetches your home specs, and within a matter of seconds, up pops your premium.

From this page, you have the option of choosing the standard $1,000 deductible or opting for a lower ($500) or higher ($2,500) deductible. You then are given the choice of adjusting your coverage amounts if you so choose, inputting any applicable discounts, or fixing any incorrectly generated information about your home.

When everything checks out, you click “buy policy” and you indicate whether you’d like to pay for insurance with credit card, eCheck, or through your escrow account. From there, your entire policy is instantly sent to your inbox. The entire process takes around five minutes at most.

Claims process

There isn’t a whole lot of information out there about how Swyfft’s claims process works. The website FAQ section seems to indicate that you can submit claims online, but then when you go to click on the claims link it asks you to log in as an agent, who’s presumably supposed to submit claims on your behalf. We’re not sure if this is temporary, or simply a bug with the website, but as of this publication customers can’t submit claims with Swyfft online.

If you do need to file a claim, Swyfft provides a number for the company claims department, as well as an email address to their customer support team on the website FAQ.

Other types of property insurance offered

Swyfft currently only offers homeowners insurance.

Digital tools

  • Uses LIDAR (light detection and ranging data) and 3-D modeling to survey your home’s risks prior to inspection, ensuring a quick quoting process
  • You can apply for Swyfft policies online

Contact info

Website: www.swyfft.com
Phone: (855) 479-9338
Headquarters: 44 Headquarters Plaza Floor 4, Morristown, NJ 07960-3964

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