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Amica homeowners insurance review

Amica features one of the best homeowners insurance products in the business, offering flexible policies, outstanding customer service, and a near-flawless claims process.

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    Great policy options

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    Outstanding perks, including a dividend program and network of contractors


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    Some additional coverage perks aren’t available in some states


Amica may be the standard-bearer in property insurance, with a wide range of products at affordable rates with top-notch customer service. Amica’s exceptional work hasn’t gone unnoticed either, as they have high customer satisfaction and credit ratings. However, some of their fantastic perks aren’t available everywhere. If their perks and immense coverage options are available to you, we think they’re a great choice for coverage.


Average annual premium cost for a medium-sized home.


Financial confidence

Financial ratings from credit rating agencies.


Third-party ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Policy options

Both the quality and number of coverage options, like unique homeowners insurance product tiers and availability of certain coverage endorsements.


Customer experience

Ease of use, convenience, availability, and claims ratings.


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The details

The good

Great policy options. Not only does Amica offer a comprehensive standard policy, but it’s fully customizable with fantastic add-ons and endorsements to boot. If you don’t care to pick and choose your options, you can also opt for its Platinum policy that expands your coverage to include extra protection like identity theft coverage and extended dwelling.

Outstanding perks, including a dividend program and network of contractors. Amica offers several perks, like its contractor referral service and multiple discount opportunities. It also stands out thanks to its unique dividend program,which refunds some of your policy payments at the end of your term.

The bad

Some perks aren’t available in all states. If you live in California, Florida, Missouri, or North Carolina, you can't take advantage of Amica's dividend program. Other coverage endorsements aren’t available in all states.. For example, Amica policyholders in New York aren’t able to add valuable items coverage, loss assessment coverage, or business property coverage during the online application. That said, it's pretty common in the home insurance industry for companies to be choosy about where they offer specific types of coverage.


Average annual premium cost for a medium-sized home.


You can expect to pay in the ballpark of $1,354 annually for coverage with Amica,  according to a quote for a $340,000 single-family home. That means Amica home insurance rates are only slightly higher than the national average quoted policy, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. However, how much you ultimately pay depends on factors like where you live, your home's construction type, when it was built, and your credit history.

However, the slightly higher upfront cost of premiums has to do with Amica’s dividend program — a perk that's rare in the insurance industry. By signing up for the dividend plan, your annual premium is invested and  around 5%  to 20%is refunded to you at the end of your policy term. Amica’s dividend policy might be worth it if you have the extra cash up front and  want to save more money in the long run.


Amica offers all of the standard discounts you’ll find with most insurers — plus a few extras — including: 

  • Multi-policy discount. Save up to 15%when you bundle your home and auto policies with Amica.

  • Claims-free discount.  Score a discount for going more than three years without filing a claim.

  • Loyalty discount. Receive this discount when you’ve been with Amica for at least two years.

  • E-discount. You’ll get this discount when you opt to receive policy information and billing electronically — plus you’ll save some trees in the process!

  • Auto-pay discount. Save on your premiums by signing up for automatic payments from your bank account or credit card.

  • Alarm system discount. Nab a discount when your home is fitted with burglar alarms, sprinklers, or fire alarms. And you can save even more if they automatically alert the police or fire departments that there’s an emergency.

  • Automatic detection devices discount. Score savings for modernizing your home with water and gas leak sensors.

  • New or remodeled home discount. If your home is new or remodeled, you’ll get another nifty discount.

Financial confidence

Financial ratings from credit rating agencies.


Around for over 100 years, Amica has well-established financial strength with A.M. Best, the leading insurance company credit rating agency. This means you can insure your home with confidence that Amica will be able to cover any claims you file.

  • A.M. Best rating: A+

  • Standard & Poor's rating: N/A

  • Moody's rating: N/A

A.M. Best is the most reliable credit-rating tool policyholders can use to gauge the financial health of a company. Unlike S&P and Moody's, A.M. Best is focused exclusively on the insurance marketplace. A good score with A.M. Best means a company will be able to fulfill their financial obligation to you when it comes time to file a claim. With a score of A+ (effective December 27, 2021), Amica has the second highest rating a company can receive with A.M. Best.

Both Standard & Poor's and Moody’s measure the creditworthiness and long-term financial stability of insurance companies. Neither firm has a rating for Amica as of December 2021.

Third-party ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Amica has stellar ratings with Trustpilot and Consumers Advocate, as well as minimal complaints through the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC).

  • Consumer Affairs: N/A

  • Consumers Advocate: 4.7 / 5

  • Trustpilot: 4.6 / 5

  • NAIC complaint index: 0.51

Consumer Affairs is a platform that lets consumers directly rate companies. While it has pages for Amica’s auto and life insurance, it doesn’t have a page for Amica’s homeowners insurance product as of December 2021. 

Consumers Advocate rates companies based on stability, reputation, and policy coverage. It gives Amica a 4.7 out of 5.

Trustpilot is a platform that allows customers to directly rate carriers on its site. Amica has a high score of 4.6 out of 5. But keep in mind that this score is based on Amica as a whole, not just its homeowners insurance product.

The NAIC tracks the number of complaints submitted to state insurance departments through its national complaint index. A score of 1 is the baseline average, and a score of 0 means there weren't enough complaints to count. Amica’s score of 0.51 means there were barely any complaints.

Policy options

Both the quality and number of coverage options, like unique homeowners insurance product tiers and availability of certain coverage endorsements.


Amica offers two homeowners insurance coverage packages that are fully customizable — standard and Platinum Choice coverage. Here’s how the two coverage tiers break down:  

Standard coverage

Amica's standard policy comes with all of the basic protections you’d expect, including: 

  • Dwelling coverage. Pays to repair or replace your home’s physical structure after a covered loss.

  • Other structures coverage. Pays to repair or replace structures that aren’t  attached to your home, like a detached garage or shed.

  •  Personal property coverage. Pays to replace all of the stuff in your home after a covered loss.

  • Additional living expenses coverage. If you can’t stay in your home after a covered loss, this would cover the cost ofa hotel, dining out, dry cleaning, and other expenses  while you repair your home and belongings.

  • Personal liability coverage. Covers legal and medical bills if a guest is injured or their property is damaged while at your home and you’re found legally responsible.

  • Medical payments. Covers the cost of medical expenses if someone is injured at your home — regardless of who is at fault.

On top of these basic protections, you can add on any of the following coverage endorsements for an additional fee:  

Additional coverage options include:

  • Dwelling replacement cost coverage. This increases your dwelling coverage up to an additional 30%.

  • Personal property replacement coverage. Pays to replace your personal belongings at today’s prices.

  • Valuable items coverage. Additional protection for high-value items like fine art or jewelry.

  • Catastrophic coverage. After paying your deductible, this covers damages to your home and property after a catastrophic event like an earthquake, hurricane, or flood.

  • Identity fraud coverage.  Covers the cost to reverse the fraud, fix your credit score, and get your identity back — but it won’t cover any direct monetary losses.

  • Home business coverage. Protects your belongings if you run a business out of your home — or even if you just work from home.

Platinum Choice coverage

Platinum Choice is Amica’s top-tier home insurance product, which includes everything in the standard package, plus all of the optional coverage add-ons that we mentioned above. This package is ideal for homeowners who  want extra coverage without having to piece it all together yourself. 

To recap, here’s what Amica’s Platinum Choice package offers:

  • Everything that's included in the standard coverage option

  • Dwelling replacement coverage

  • Personal property replacement coverage

  • Valuable items coverage

  • Home business coverageIdentity theft coverage

  • Catastrophic coverage

Note: The information above represents potential policy options and may not be available for every applicant. Speak to a licensed Policygenius expert for a personalized look at your coverage options.

Customer experience

Ease of use, convenience, availability, and claims ratings.


Amica is available in every state except Alaska and Hawaii, has exceptional claims handling, and numerous digital tools to manage your policy, file claims, and pay your bill.

State availability

Amica homeowners insurance is available in 48 states and the District of Columbia. Alaska and Hawaii are the only states where Amica doesn’t currently offer homeowners insurance policies.

Digital tools

  • Amica mobile app

  • Online application

  • Instant online quote

  • Online bill pay and policy management

  • Online and mobile claims

Ease of claims

Amica excels in the claims department, an area that seems to be the Achilles’ heel of so many other home insurance carriers. Amica received a 5 out of 5 for claims satisfaction with J.D. Power — the highest in the industry.

With Amica’s easy claims filing process, you can submit losses through its mobile app, online, or over the phone. You can also monitor your claim’s status through Amica’s claims tracker available on its mobile app, online, or over the phone.

Once your claim is accepted, Amica can put you in touch with a contractor through its  network — which includes a warranty for any work done.

Toss in a claims service you can contact at any time and a catastrophe claims center that guides you through any severe weather events, and you got yourself a top-of-the-line homeowners insurance carrier.

Additional claims service

  • 24/7 claims service

  • Catastrophe claims center

  • File claims online or through its mobile app 

  • Home repair assistance program to help you find a  licensed and prequalified contractor in the event of a claim

Payment methods

  • Check

  • Money order

  • Electronic funds transfer (EFT) from checking or savings account

  • Over the phone or by mail

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express credit or debit card

  • Autopay feature from a checking or savings account or credit card (which also gets you a discount with Amica)

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