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Compare car insurance quotes for May 2022

Shopping for affordable car insurance doesn’t have to be hard — the easiest way to find your best rates is to compare quotes from top companies before picking a policy.

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Anna Swartz

Anna Swartz

Managing Editor & Auto Insurance Expert

Anna Swartz is a managing editor and auto insurance expert at Policygenius, where she oversees our car insurance coverage. Previously, she was a senior staff writer at, as well as an associate writer at The Dodo.

 & Andrew Hurst

Andrew Hurst

Senior Editor & Licensed Auto Insurance Expert

Andrew Hurst is a senior editor and a licensed auto insurance expert at Policygenius. His work has also been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, USA Today, NPR, Mic, Insurance Business Magazine, ValuePenguin, and Property Casualty 360.

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Shopping for affordable car insurance doesn’t have to be hard — the easiest way to find your best rates is to compare quotes from top companies before picking a policy.

Compare rates and shop affordable car insurance today

We don’t sell your information to third parties.

Auto insurance rates are based on lots of factors, like your age, ZIP code, driving history — even whether or not you own your home can affect what you pay for car insurance.

But not all companies charge the same amount for coverage, which is why the same driver will get different quotes from different car insurance companies — sometimes to the tune of hundreds of dollars a year. 

Comparing car insurance quotes through an insurance marketplace like Policygenius will help you find the company that offers you the best coverage for the best price, so you can feel confident about the policy you choose.

Here’s what determines your car insurance rates:

  • Your address: Accident rates, population density, and repair costs in your neighborhood will all go into calculating your premiums.

  • Your coverage: More types of coverage and higher limits means more protection, but it also means higher premiums.

  • Your age: Younger, less experienced drivers (under 25) are more likely to get in accidents and file claims, so they often pay the most for car insurance.

  • Your car: The make and model of car you drive will affect your insurance rates. Luxury cars with expensive parts cost more to insure than a budget daily driver, and cars with certain safety features can get you a lower rate.

  • Your credit score: Drivers with poor credit scores may have more trouble finding affordable coverage than drivers with higher credit scores.

  • Your driving history: Recent accidents and driving violations will raise a red flag on your profile, while having a squeaky clean record can earn you extra savings.

  • Your insurance history: Recent claims on your record or gaps where you were uninsured will mean higher rates.

Genius tip

Car insurance quotes are free — you don’t start paying until you sign your policy. That means you can get as many quotes as you want to make sure you’re getting the best deal.

Compare car insurance rates by state

Car insurance costs vary by state, city, and even ZIP codes. That’s why comparing rates can help you find the cheapest company in your area.

We found that, when it comes to car insurance, the difference between the most and least expensive states is $1,905 per year.

But even if car insurance is normally expensive in your area, you could still save thousands of dollars a year by comparing rates. Some companies in your area may charge much less for coverage than others. 

For example, the difference between the most expensive and cheapest insurance company in Florida — which is already known for high auto insurance costs — is a massive $2,444 per year.

ColoradoAmerican National$811
DelawareState Farm$1,152
District of ColumbiaGEICO$1,025
GeorgiaAuto-Owners Insurance$858
IdahoAmerican National$498
IowaState Farm$719
MinnesotaWestern Agriculture$964
NebraskaAuto-Owners Insurance$1,036
New HampshireUSAA$676
New JerseyGEICO$1,078
New MexicoUSAA$907
New YorkMain Street America$1,033
North CarolinaGEICO$736
North DakotaUSAA$786
OregonState Farm$843
Rhode IslandState Farm$983
South CarolinaAmerican National$683
South DakotaKemper$1,128
TennesseeState Farm$755
TexasTexas Farm Bureau$1,036
VermontState Farm$666
West VirginiaUSAA$869
WyomingAmerican National$763

Some carriers may be represented by affiliates or subsidiaries.

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Compare car insurance rates by city


Abilene, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,010
Albany, NYProgressive$823
Albuquerque, NMUSAA$1,004
Alexandria, VAUSAA$875
Amarillo, TXState Farm$1,195
Anchorage, AKUSAA$949
Arlington, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,121
Athens, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Atlanta, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Augusta, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Austin, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,153
Bakersfield, CAWawanesa$1,054
Baltimore, MDUSAA$1,127
Baton Rouge, LAUSAA$1,660
Beaumont, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,160
Bellevue, WAUSAA$1,100
Billings, MTUSAA$866
Birmingham, ALUSAA$1,032
Blue Springs, MOUSAA$746
Boston, MAGEICO$1,106
Bowling Green, KYGEICO$902
Brownsville, TXGermania Insurance$1,233
Buffalo, NYProgressive$1,032
Charleston, SCAmerican National$724
Charlotte, NCGEICO$775
Chattanooga, TNState Farm$750
Chicago, ILAuto-Owners Insurace$1,103
Chula Vista, CAWawanesa$947
Cleveland, OHUSAA$783
Colorado Springs, COAmerican National$905
Columbia, MOUSAA$775
Columbia, SCAmerican National$731
Columbus, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Columbus, OHUSAA$765
Corpus Christi, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,108
Cumming, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Dallas, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,343
Dayton, OHUSAA$703
Denver, COAmerican National$969
Detroit, MIUSAA$1,831
Dothan, ALGEICO$868
El Paso, TXTexas Farm Bureau$954
Fargo, NDUSAA$773
Farmington, NMUSAA$892
Fayetteville, NCGEICO$744
Flint, MIGEICO$1,078
Fort Myers, FLGEICO$1,372
Fort Wayne, INUSAA$710
Fort Worth, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,123
Fredericksburg, TXTexas Farm Bureau$910
Fresno, CAWawanesa$1,040
Gainesville, FLGEICO$1,100
Grand Rapids, MNWestern Agriculture$960
Greeley, COAmerican National$752
Greensboro, NCGEICO$735
Henderson, NVGEICO$1,174
Honolulu, HIGEICO$751
Houston, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,235
Huntsville, ALGEICO$887
Indianapolis, INUSAA$773
Jackson, TNState Farm$817
Jacksonville, FLGEICO$1,252
Jonesboro, ARUSAA$945
Kansas City, MOUSAA$746
Killeen, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,029
Knoxville, TNState Farm$757
Lafayette, LAUSAA$1,557
Lakeland, FLState Farm$1,444
Lakewood, COAmerican National$868
Lansing, MIMetLife$968
Laredo, TXGermania Insurance$1,238
Las Cruces, NMUSAA$849
Las Vegas, NVGEICO$1,266
Lexington, KYGEICO$787
Lincoln, NEAuto-Owners Insurace$899
Little Rock, ARUSAA$1,009
Loganville, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Longview, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,072
Los Angeles, CAWawanesa$1,535
Louisville, KYGEICO$1,152
Lubbock, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,082
Macon, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Madison, WIGEICO$621
Manhattan, KSUSAA$767
Martinsburg, WVUSAA$780
Melbourne, FLGEICO$1,348
Memphis, TNUSAA$924
Mesa, AZRoot$804
Miami, FLGEICO$1,598
Midland, TXTexas Farm Bureau$947
Milwaukee, WIUSAA$751
Minneapolis, MNUSAA$1,196
Montgomery, ALUSAA$991
Mooresville, NCGEICO$719
Murfreesboro, TNState Farm$734
Murrieta, CAWawanesa$1,038
Naples, FLGEICO$1,139
Nashville, TNState Farm$773
New Orleans, LAUSAA$2,009
New York City, NYMain Street America$1,599
Ocala, FLState Farm$1,294
Odessa, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,113
Oklahoma City, OKUSAA$1,049
Olathe, KSUSAA$769
Omaha, NEAuto-Owners Insurace$1,048
Orlando, FLGEICO$1,378
Palm Coast, FLGEICO$1,292
Palmdale, CAWawanesa$1,277
Park Ridge, NJGEICO$976
Pensacola, FLGEICO$1,326
Peoria, ILFAIA$598
Philadelphia, PAState Farm$1,878
Phoenix, AZRoot$905
Plano, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,123
Portland, ORState Farm$1,183
Pueblo, COAmerican National$904
Raleigh, NCGEICO$770
Redding, CAWawanesa$932
Reno, NVGEICO$976
Richmond, VAUSAA$838
Rochester, NYProgressive$810
Rockford, ILFAIA$730
Rockledge, FLGEICO$1,332
Sacramento, CAWawanesa$1,127
Salem , ORState Farm$970
Salt Lake City, UTGEICO$895
San Angelo, TXTexas Farm Bureau$935
San Antonio, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,118
San Diego, CAWawanesa$1,043
San Francisco, CAWawanesa$1,231
San Jose, CAWawanesa$1,086
Savannah, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Scottsdale, AZRoot$794
Seattle, WAUSAA$1,166
Spokane, WAUSAA$1,036
Springfield, MOUSAA$745
St Louis, MOUSAA$783
Stockton, CAWawanesa$1,077
Syracuse, NYProgressive$894
Tallahassee, FLGEICO$1,328
Tampa, FLGEICO$1,827
Toledo, OHUSAA$803
Topeka, KSUSAA$903
Tucson, AZRoot$766
Tulsa, OKUSAA$1,067
Tyler, TXTexas Farm Bureau$1,044
Valdosta, GAAuto-Owners Insurace$858
Vancouver, WAUSAA$1,060
Victoria, TXTexas Farm Bureau$973
Virginia Beach, VAUSAA$845
Waco, TXTexas Farm Bureau$953
Wichita, KSUSAA$906
Wilmington, NCGEICO$709
Yuma, AZRoot$664

Compare rates and shop affordable car insurance today

We don’t sell your information to third parties.

Compare car insurance rates by age and gender

Your age and gender can also have an impact on your car insurance rates. Young and inexperienced drivers often face much higher costs than older drivers. That’s why it’s even more important for young drivers to compare rates before buying car insurance. 

Teenage drivers may be stuck paying significantly more for car insurance if they don’t compare quotes from multiple companies before picking a policy. We found that the same 16-year-old can pay as much as $10,164 per year for car insurance — or less than $3,000, depending on the company.

In some situations, men pay slightly more for car insurance than women — although some states have passed laws banning insurance companies from using gender to determine rates. Still, young male drivers may have the most to gain from comparing rates.

Compare car insurance rates for seniors

Comparing car insurance costs and shopping around is also important for senior drivers. After a certain age, older drivers may start to pay more for car insurance. For retired seniors who are on a fixed income, comparing costs is an easy way to avoid overpaying.

For example, our analysis of rates shows that a 70-year-old driver can pay as much as $2,057 per year for car insurance with some companies. But with others, rates may be as low as $1,037 per year — a difference of more than half.

Compare rates and shop affordable car insurance today

We don’t sell your information to third parties.

Compare car insurance rates by credit score

If your credit score is below average or poor — or if you don’t have any credit — it’s even more important to compare rates to avoid paying more than you have to. Just like drivers with an accident or DUI on their records, drivers with poor credit are also likely to pay much higher car insurance costs.

Based on our analysis of car insurance costs from some of the largest companies, drivers with poor credit may save more than $1,300 per year on car insurance by comparing quotes from different companies before picking a policy. 

CompanyPoor creditFair creditGood creditVery good creditExcellent credit
American Family$2,206$1,543$1,321$1,219$1,101
State Farm$3,338$1,843$1,395$1,224$1,095

Compare car insurance rates by driving record

Car insurance is more expensive for drivers who have at least one prior accident or ticket on their records. While the cost of car insurance is $1,652 for drivers ages 30 to 45 with a clean record, insurance for riskier drivers can cost $1,500 more per year.

All drivers with a recent violation on their record, like an at-fault accident or citation, should compare rates to save money on car insurance, but drivers with serious violations — like a DUI or hit-and-run — stand to save the most.

ViolationsAverage annual cost
At-fault Accident$2,555
Driving with a suspended license$3,117
Hit and Run$3,182
Speeding Ticket$2,277

Compare car insurance rates by coverage amount

Whether you want a full-coverage policy with comprehensive and collision coverage, or only enough insurance to meet your state’s minimum coverage amounts, the best way to avoid paying too much for car insurance is by comparing rates.

Our analysis shows that drivers can save hundreds of dollars per year on car insurance by comparing quotes. If you just want minimum coverage, you could save $410 per year by comparing rates. For a full-coverage policy, you could save $863 to $918 per year depending on the amount of liability insurance you choose.

Setting your liability limits higher (like getting $100,000 per driver and $300,000 per accident in bodily injury liability coverage and $100,000 in property damage liability coverage, written as 100/300/100) means more protection, but it also means you'll pay more.

CompanyState minimumFull coverage (50/100/50)Full coverage (100/300/100)
American Family$676$1,515$1,557
State Farm$475$1,240$1,333

Compare rates and shop affordable car insurance today

We don’t sell your information to third parties.

How to compare car insurance quotes

  1. Figure out how much coverage you need. Understand what each kind of coverage does and how much you need. We recommend drivers have at least $100,000 per person/$300,000 per accident in bodily injury liability and $100,000 in property damage liability coverage in order to be fully protected. 

  2. Set a budget. Check out average rates for drivers in your area to get a sense of how much you’ll pay for coverage. While your rates may be higher or lower than average, it’s still good to know what to expect so you can tell when quotes are too high.

  3. Fill out an application. Answer a few simple questions online, like your age, address, current insurance provider and whether or not you’ve had any recent accidents. Insurance companies use all of that information to set your rates.

  4. Take a look at your quotes. Go through the offerings from different companies to make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Are they all for the same term length — and do they all include the same add-ons? 

  5. Choose a policy and get insured. Found the right option for you? Sign your policy and set it to start the exact day you need it. Once you pay your first premium, you’re good to go.

  6. Cancel your old policy (if you have one). As soon as your new policy is set up, you can cancel your old one. Make sure to set your old coverage to end on the same day your new policy starts, so you don’t have a lapse in coverage.

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Frequently asked questions

Why did my car insurance rates go up?

Your rates may have gone up because you had an accident, filed a claim, or added a new driver to your policy. Sometimes, your rates may rise because of changes in the industry. Remember, if you’re not happy with the cost of your car insurance, it never hurts to shop around for new coverage.

Who has the cheapest car insurance?

Since auto insurance rates are so personalized, the cheapest car insurance company might be different for every driver. That’s why it’s so important to shop around and compare quotes from different companies before you settle on a policy.

What age does car insurance go down?

Younger, inexperienced drivers pay more for car insurance because they’re riskier to insure. But rates for teen drivers drop over time until age 25, as long as they avoid accidents.

Does getting a car insurance quote affect my credit?

When you apply for car insurance, insurance companies will do a “soft inquiry” into your credit, which won’t affect your credit score or show up when future lenders check your credit. Credit score does matter when it comes to car insurance, though, and drivers with poor credit will see higher rates.



Policygenius has analyzed car insurance rates provided by Quadrant Information Services for every ZIP code in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. For full coverage policies, the following coverage limits were used:

  • Bodily injury liability: 50/100
  • Property damage liability: $50,000
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: 50/100
  • Comprehensive: $500 deductible
  • Collision: $500 deductible

In some cases, additional coverages were added where required by state or insurer.

Rates for overall average rate, rates by ZIP code, and cheapest companies determined using averages for single drivers ages 30, 35, and 45. Our sample vehicle was a 2017 Toyota Camry LE driven 10,000 miles/year.

Rates for driving violations and “Poor” credit determined using average rates for a single male 30-year-old driver with a credit score under 578.

Some carriers may be represented by affiliates or subsidiaries. Rates provided are a sample of costs. Your actual quotes may differ.