Average car insurance rates by age and gender

21st Century Insurance has the lowest rates for 16-year-old drivers at $1,774 per year. The cheapest companies for drivers 25 and older are Countryway, MAPFRE, and USAA.

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Car insurance companies often use age and gender as factors when determining your rates, but the way these factors are used varies from one company to another.

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Even if an insurance company has the best rates for a specific age group, that doesn’t mean they will always be the most affordable choice for you. Many companies change their rating process significantly for older drivers, and other personal details like your driving history, address and even credit score will also affect how much you’ll pay, which means comparing policies regularly is the best way to make sure you always pay the lowest rates.

Key takeaways

  • At $1,774 per year, 21st Century Insurance has the lowest rates for both male and female 16-year-old drivers.

  • The cheapest insurance companies for drivers over the age of 25 are Countryway, MAPFRE, and USAA.

  • Which age and gender has the lowest insurance rates depends entirely upon which company you choose because each company has their own system for determining how their rates should be set.

  • Several states don’t allow insurance companies to consider your gender when setting rates, including California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Montana, North Carolina, and Pennsylvania.

Average car insurance rates by age and gender

The chart below shows the average car insurance rates for 25 major insurance companies by age and gender. 

Company16-year-old female16-year-old male25-year-old female25-year-old male35-year-old female35-year-old male45-year-old female45-year-old male55-year-old female55-year-old male65-year-old female65-year-old male70-year-old female70-year-old male
21st Century Insurance$1,774$1,774$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434$1,434
American Family$4,323$4,721$1,510$1,592$1,404$1,452$1,315$1,344$1,260$1,274$1,293$1,292$1,383$1,372
Arbella Insurance$5,741$5,741$1,446$1,446$1,416$1,416$1,416$1,416$1,416$1,416$1,073$1,073$1,164$1,164
Auto-Owners Insurance$3,490$4,459$1,549$1,592$1,202$1,191$1,177$1,166$1,111$1,101$1,134$1,124$1,221$1,211
COUNTRY Financial$3,011$3,280$1,748$1,803$1,386$1,396$1,272$1,280$1,201$1,208$1,209$1,216$1,269$1,277
Mercury Insurance$12,764$14,815$2,856$2,905$2,779$2,534$2,599$2,341$2,239$2,181$2,345$2,398$2,460$2,625
NJ Manufacturers$3,510$3,823$1,682$1,799$1,491$1,485$1,422$1,410$1,310$1,299$1,257$1,249$1,287$1,279
State Farm$3,422$4,222$1,298$1,437$1,170$1,170$1,155$1,155$1,093$1,093$1,064$1,064$1,107$1,107
The Hartford$7,116$7,775$2,327$2,456$1,905$1,988$1,716$1,779$1,594$1,646$1,644$1,700$1,725$1,787

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Cheapest car insurance companies by age and gender

Figuring out which company has the cheapest rates by age and gender isn’t easy. Each company has their own system for determining rates and sometimes it isn’t easy to figure out why they rate things the way they do.

Drivers looking for the cheapest rates should consider the following:

  • At $1,774 per year, 21st Century Insurance has the lowest rates for both male and female 16-year-old drivers.

  • Drivers aged 25 and over will likely find the lowest rates with Root, a pay-as-you-go company, but pay-as-you-go insurance isn’t the right choice for every driver.

  • The cheapest standard insurance companies for drivers over the age of 25 are Countryway, MAPFRE, and USAA.

  • Our analysis found that AIG charges the highest rates for drivers of every age and gender.

This data is based on average rates, which means you could pay more or less for insurance depending on a number of personal factors, like your driving history, your ZIP code, and what kind of car you drive.

What age group has the lowest insurance rates?

Which age group has the lowest insurance rates depends entirely upon which company you choose because each company has their own internal system for determining how their rates should be set. 

For example, you can see in the chart above that 21st Century Insurance charges $1,774 for 16-year-old drivers but that all drivers over the age of 25 are charged the same $1,434. Gender doesn’t impact the rates for any of their customers and age is only a consideration for 16-year-old drivers.

On the other hand, MAPFRE charges different rates for gender until drivers are 35 or older. For example, they charge almost $500 more for 16-year-old males than 16-year-old females, but men and women in the 55-year-old age category will both pay $855 annually. Their rates then start to go back up again after age 65, with men and women of retirement age paying $966 each year for insurance.

Overall, however, car insurance rates tend to drop as drivers age, until they start to go back up again around age 65.

AgeAverage annual premium

What gender has the lowest insurance rates?

This seems to vary by company. Some companies, like GEICO, Root, and Mercury Insurance, charge lower rates for women in the 16-25-year-old age range but then change course, charging lower rates to men from age 35 onward.

Other companies, like Chubb and Amica, charge lower rates to women under the age of 35 and then stop rating by gender for drivers 35 and older. CSAA charges women less for their entire lives, while Arbella and 21st Century Insurance don’t rate by gender at all, even for 16-year-old drivers. AIG stands alone as the only company to have lower rates for 16-year-old males than they do for 16-year-old females.

The wildly different rating systems used by each company are one of the reasons it is so important to compare rates from multiple insurance companies to make sure you are paying the lowest possible rate. Our analysis found that overall, women pay slightly less than men for car insurance coverage, but again, that will vary widely by company.

GenderAverage annual premium

Which states don’t allow insurance companies to rate by gender?

There are several states that don’t allow insurance companies to consider your gender when setting rates, including:

  • California

  • Hawaii

  • Massachusetts

  • Michigan

  • Montana

  • North Carolina

  • Pennsylvania

These states limit the ability of insurance companies to set costs by gender because they want insurance prices to be set fairly, but insurance companies say there are significant statistical differences between the driving records of men and women, which is why they use gender as a factor when setting rates.

Frequently asked questions

Does your car insurance get cheaper when you turn 25?

Your car insurance rates typically go down as you age, and the biggest drop happens as you turn 25. This is not universal, however, and there are many things that can impact your rates. For example, if you go from being a 23-year-old with a clean driving record to being a 24-year-old with a DUI, don’t be surprised if your insurance rates go up instead of down on your 25th birthday.

Why does age and gender affect car insurance?

Insurance companies base their rates on statistical averages. They group people into “classes” of drivers that all have something in common and look at claims that are historically filed by that class. Age and gender are factors that allow the insurance company to sort people into clear statistical groups, which is a big part of the reason they are used by insurance companies to help set rates.

Is car insurance more expensive for drivers over 70?

Insurance costs typically go down as you get older, but that trend tends to reverse as drivers become senior citizens. While not all senior citizens have health issues, there are some health-related concerns that are statistically more common among drivers in their late 60s and early 70s, such as reduced vision and slowed reaction time, that insurance companies consider when determining how to set your rates.


Policygenius has analyzed car insurance rates provided by Quadrant Information Services for every ZIP code in all 50 states, plus Washington, D.C. 

For full coverage policies, the following coverage limits were used:

  • Bodily injury liability: 50/100

  • Property damage liability: $50,000

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: 50/100

  • Comprehensive: $500 deductible

  • Collision: $500 deductible

In some cases, additional coverages were added where required by the state or insurer.

Rates for overall average rate, rates by ZIP code, and cheapest companies determined using averages for single drivers age 30, 35, and 45. Our sample vehicle was a 2017 Toyota Camry LE driven 10,000 miles per year.

Rates for driving violations and “poor” credit were determined using average rates for a single male 30-year-old driver with a credit score under 578.

Some carriers may be represented by affiliates or subsidiaries. Rates provided are a sample of insurance costs. Your actual quotes may differ.