Cost of car insurance for 18-year-olds

The average cost of car insurance for 18-year-olds is $411 per month, but some young drivers may pay less depending on the company and where they live.

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Andrew Hurst

Andrew Hurst

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Our analysis found that the average cost of car insurance for 18-year-old drivers is $411 per month (or $4,931 per year). Coverage for 18-year-olds is much more expensive than average — though it’s cheaper than rates for younger drivers. Compared to drivers ages 30-45, 18-year-olds pay $3,279 more per year for car insurance.

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Young drivers can find affordable car insurance coverage by comparing rates. Depending on your state and the company you choose, you may find coverage for hundreds of dollars less than what 18-year-olds pay on average.

How much is car insurance for an 18-year-old?

On average, the cost of car insurance for an 18-year-old is $411 per month. This comes to $4,931 per year, which is $3,279 more expensive than the average cost of coverage for drivers ages 30, 35, and 45 — though it’s much more affordable than insurance for a 16-year-old.

While the average cost of full-coverage car insurance for 18-year-olds is expensive, most drivers will be able to find cheaper quotes by comparing rates from more than one company. The cost of coverage for an 18-year-old from COUNTRY Financial is 49% cheaper than average for drivers this age at $209 per month.

Graph showing the average cost of car insurance for 18-year-olds

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While it’s the cheapest company for 18-year-old drivers, COUNTRY is only available in 19 states. Erie, the second-cheapest insurer, offers coverage in 13 states. Many companies with the lowest car insurance rates for 18-year-olds aren’t national carriers, but we found cheap coverage is also available with USAA, State Farm, and GEICO.

RankCompanyMonthly costAnnual cost
1COUNTRY Financial$209$2,512
4State Farm$252$3,022
6Auto-Owners Insurance$265$3,185
7American Family$266$3,190
9Farm Bureau$269$3,222
12Shelter Insurance$366$4,394
15The Hartford$416$4,996
19Auto Club Group$540$6,479
20National General$541$6,492
23Sentry Insurance$663$7,950
24Mercury Insurance$866$10,386

Cost of full-coverage car insurance for 18-year-olds with their own policy.

Average insurance cost for 18-year-olds vs. other young drivers

The cost of insurance for 18-year-olds is higher than average, but it’s still cheaper than coverage for younger drivers. Compared to 16-year-olds, insurance costs 18-year-olds $1,848 less per year. From 16 to 18 years old, car insurance costs drop by 37%.

But compared to drivers with slightly more experience behind the wheel, the cost of insurance for an 18-year-old is still significantly more expensive. Our analysis reveals that the average quote for a 21-year-old is $2,223 cheaper per year than for an 18-year-old — a difference of 45%.

AgeMonthly costDifference from 18-year-olds

Monthly costs of car insurance for full-coverage car insurance.

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Average car insurance cost for 18-year-old male and female drivers

In most states, insurance companies use the gender that’s on your license to determine rates. The average car insurance cost for 18-year-old male drivers is more expensive than it is for female drivers with the exact same profile. On average, the cost for male drivers is $439 per month — $56 more than for their female counterparts.

GenderMonthly costAnnual cost
Male driver$439$5,268
Female driver$383$4,594

Costs for full-coverage car insurance.

The difference between the cost of car insurance for 18-year-old male and female drivers at the cheapest companies is the least at Farm Bureau-affiliated insurance groups. With Farm Bureau, male drivers pay just $4 more each month for coverage.

CompanyDifferenceMale driversFemale drivers
Farm Bureau$4$250$246
COUNTRY Financial$15$217$202
American Family$23$313$290
State Farm$51$277$227
Auto-Owners Insurance$51$276$225

Annual cost of full-coverage for 18-year-olds. Companies listed are the ten cheapest for 18-year-old drivers.

How much is car insurance for an 18 year old compared to other ages?

The cost of car insurance for 18-year-olds is cheaper than for 16-year-olds, but 18-year-olds pay an average of 198% more than 30, 35, and 45-year-olds.

Bar graph showing how the cost of insurance for an 18-year-old compares to older drivers.

Car insurance rates for 18-year-olds are much higher than for older drivers because they’re more likely to get tickets, cause accidents, and file claims. But as long as 18-year-olds keep their driving records clean, their rates will go down with age, and level out around 25 when they age out of the highest-risk age group.

AgeMonthly costYearly cost

Full-coverage car insurance, ordered by age.

Cheapest car insurance for 18-year-old drivers: COUNTRY



Best for 18-year-olds

In addition to low rates, COUNTRY has discounts that are catered to 18-year-old drivers.

The cheapest car insurance company for 18-year-old drivers is COUNTRY. On average, COUNTRY costs 18-year-olds $2,419 less per year than the average rate for their age range. In other words, insurance for an 18-year-old with COUNTRY is nearly half of the national average.

COUNTRY is also the best insurance for 18-year-old drivers for its discounts. Besides multi-policy and legacy discounts, COUNTRY offers a few other cost-saving opportunities that are designed for young drivers, including:

  • Good student discount: As long as you maintain at least a B grade point average, you’ll save on car insurance. You can also get another discount if you graduate from college, too.

  • Driver training discount: Like other companies, COUNTRY offers discounts to 18-year-olds who complete a defensive driving.

COUNTRY also receives very few complaints, according to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners. J.D. Power also recognized COUNTRY as one of the best companies for service in the Midwest in its 2021 Satisfaction Study.

Cheap car insurance for 18-year-olds in every state

GEICO has the cheapest average car insurance rates for 18-year-olds in 13 states. Behind GEICO, USAA is the cheapest company in 12 states. And COUNTRY is the absolute cheapest company for 18-year-olds in Illinois and Oregon.

Depending on where you live, the cheapest available rates for 18-year-olds range from $74 to $321 per month.

Hawaii has the cheapest car insurance for 18-year-olds of any state. This is because Hawaii doesn’t allow insurance companies to set rates by age. Florida is the most expensive state for 18-year-olds, where they pay an average of $321 per month for the cheapest coverage.

StateCheapest companyMonthly cost
ColoradoAmerican National$148
District of ColumbiaErie$224
GeorgiaAuto-Owners Insurance$205
IdahoAmerican National$102
IllinoisCOUNTRY Financial$164
IowaState Farm$149
KansasAmerican Family$221
MaineAuto-Owners Insurance$130
MinnesotaFarm Bureau$173
MontanaState Farm$206
NebraskaFarmers Mutual of Nebraska$197
New HampshireAuto-Owners Insurance$138
New JerseyGEICO$196
New MexicoUSAA$169
New YorkAmerican Family$198
North CarolinaState Farm$130
North DakotaAmerican Family$196
OklahomaAmerican Farmers and Ranchers$168
OregonCOUNTRY Financial$146
Rhode IslandState Farm$218
South CarolinaAmerican National$139
South DakotaKemper$193
TexasFarm Bureau$146
VermontAuto-Owners Insurance$145
West VirginiaState Farm$184
WyomingAmerican National$201

Cost of full-coverage car insurance for 18-year-olds with their own policy.

Can an 18-year-old get their own car insurance?

It’s legal for an 18-year-old to get their own car insurance. Unlike younger drivers who are legally minors, 18-year-olds can enter into an insurance agreement without a parent or guardian’s permission.

But if you have an 18-year-old driver in your household, it’s a better idea to add them to your existing policy than for them to get their own. Most companies require you to list all the licensed drivers on your policy anyways. Adding a young driver to your policy will raise your rates, but it will probably still be cheaper than if they got their own policy.

But 18-year-olds who no longer live at home and have their own car will need their own policy. One exception is if they are away at school — many companies offer discounts for families who have a college student who is away at school without a car.

What is the cost to add an 18-year-old to your car insurance?

It’s expensive to add an 18-year-old to your car insurance. But it’s still cheaper to add a teenage driver to your insurance than for them to get their own policy.

How to get the cheapest car insurance for 18 year olds

Car insurance for 18-year-olds is expensive, but it’s still possible to find affordable coverage. You can avoid paying too much for insurance for teens by:

  • Not getting a separate policy: It’s expensive to add an 18-year-old to an existing plan, but it costs much more to get them a separate car insurance policy. Plus, if your 18-year-old has their own car, most insurers offer a discount for insuring more than one vehicle on the same policy.

  • Looking for discounts for teen drivers: Companies sometimes offer discounts for young drivers. These include discounts for good students, completing a new driver course, and away-from-home discounts for students.

  • Considering usage-based programs: Usage-based or telematics programs that monitor driving habits could lower insurance costs for 18-year-olds — as long as they’re safe drivers. 

  • Making sure you don’t have too much insurance: While it’s a good idea to carry comprehensive and collision coverage, they may not be necessary for older cars. If your teen drives an old clunker that isn’t worth much, you can drop those coverages

  • Switching to per-mile insurance: Per-mile insurance plans may be cheaper than a standard policy for 18-year-old drivers who don’t use their cars often. Liberty Mutual, Allstate, and Nationwide all have pay-per-mile car insurance plans, but 18-year-olds will have to get their own per-mile plans.

If you’re still having trouble finding affordable car insurance for an 18-year-old, the most dependable way to ensure you’re getting the lowest rates is to shop around and compare quotes from more than one insurance company in your area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an insurance policy for an 18-year-old?

According to our analysis, insurance for an 18-year-old is $411 per month on average, or $4,931 per year. Eighteen-year-old male drivers pay $439 per month, while the average cost of car insurance for female drivers of the same age is $383 per month.

What is the best car insurance for 18-year-olds?

COUNTRY Financial is the best car insurance for 18-year-olds. Coverage from COUNTRY costs 18-year-olds an average of $209 per month — the cheapest of any company we considered. COUNTRY also has discounts that can help young drivers lower their rates.

Is first-time car insurance for 18-year-olds more expensive?

While car insurance 18-year-olds usually costs less than for 16-year-olds, it will be more expensive for first-time drivers regardless of their age. This is because insurance companies set rates according to driving history. Without a driving record, rates will be expensive until you get more experience.

Can you get car insurance at 18 years old?

Yes, you can get car insurance at 18 years old. It’s cheaper to join an existing policy if it’s possible, but 18-year-olds can buy their own car insurance without their parents’ permission since they are no longer minors.


Policygenius found the cost of car insurance for 18-year-olds driving using rates provided by Quadrant Information Services for every ZIP code in all 50 states plus Washington, D.C. for a 2017 Toyota Camry LE driven 10,000 miles per year. These rates were for full coverage with the following coverage limits:

  • Bodily injury liability: 50/100

  • Property damage liability: $50,000

  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist: 50/100

  • Comprehensive: $500 deductible

  • Collision: $500 deductible

Some carriers may be represented by affiliates or subsidiaries. Rates provided are a sample of costs. Your actual quotes may differ.