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Our underwriting experts will match you with the right insurance company and ensure you get the best possible price on your policy. Got offered a lower price elsewhere? Let us try to beat it.

How does it work?

Our underwriting experts will match you with the right insurance company and ensure you get the best possible price on your policy. Got offered a lower price elsewhere? Let us try to beat it.

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We're your one-stop shop for life insurance

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About our Best Price Guarantee

Don't waste time comparing life insurance quotes from individual insurers - we've put everything in one place. Got offered a lower price elsewhere? Let us try to beat it - we'll handle negotiations with the insurer for you.
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Get unbiased advice from licensed experts.

So how do we make money?

Insurers pay Policygenius (as a company) a commission when you buy a policy through us - that commission is already included in your quote and doesn't change what you'll end up paying, whether you buy through the insurer directly, another broker, or us (it's the law!). We're different because our experts are salaried and therefore not incentivized to push you to buy one policy over another.
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Ready to buy? We'll handle the paperwork.

How it works

We're guessing that dealing with the application paperwork and negotiating with insurers aren't on your bucket list, nor do you want to take several hours out of your life to do it. We handle all of that so that applying for life insurance has minimal disruption on your life - and at no additional cost to you. (See "So how do you make money?")
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Why buy life insurance through us?

Compare life insurance quotes
  • Compare quotes online

    The exact same life insurance policy can vary in price by up to 50% between different insurers. By comparing quotes, you can save.

  • Calculate your needs

    Answer a few questions to calculate exactly how much life insurance you need. No more, no less.

  • Apply online

    Apply through Policygenius and our licensed experts will handle all the paperwork - at no extra cost.

Life insurance doesn't have to be complicated! Get accurate quotes, compare policies, and start the application process all in one place with Policygenius.


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We've helped over 5 million Americans get life insurance.

That's over $25 billion in coverage.

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We simplify the process of getting life insurance - and people actually enjoy it.

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Find the protection you need at a price you can afford.

Answer a few quick questions and we'll help you figure out how much life insurance you actually need - no more, no less.

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All the best life insurance quotes. None of the confusion.

Only Policygenius allows you to compare the details of life insurance policies from top companies side by side.

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One application. Zero spam calls.

Our simple dashboard lets you instantly check the progress of your application.

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Ask us anything.

Our in-house team of licensed life insurance experts are available to offer advice when you need it.

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The Policygenius Promise

We'll advocate to get you the best price for the coverage you need to protect your family.

How we keep our promise


We have years of experience finding affordable life insurance coverage - even for people with complex medical histories.


Unhappy with your final rates? We'll shop your application around to other insurers.


We offer the widest choice of A-rated life insurance companies in the industry. You have the best chance of finding your best rate through us.

Why We Do It

You said I won't pay an extra fee for applying through you. So how does Policygenius make money?

Like traditional brokers, Policygenius gets a commission from the life insurance company when we sell a policy. But our agents are paid on salary, so there's never any pressure to buy. Our goal is to help people get the coverage they need - no more, no less.

Understanding life insurance.


The reviews are in.

Life insurance company reviews

Here’s a secret: For most people, the cheapest life insurance policy is the best one.

But some insurers differ in how they treat people of different ages or with different health conditions. Don’t worry — we’ve done the heavy lifting and reviewed the top life insurance companies in America: