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Bestow Life Insurance Review

Bestow offers a basic term life insurance policy, with low rates, instant approvals, and no medical exam requirement. But if you’re older, or want higher coverage amounts, you'll want to consider another insurance carrier.

Tim Torres


Tim Torres

Tim Torres

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Published August 4, 2021|7 min read

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    No medical exam required

    Instant approval

    Online claims filing

    30-day money-back guarantee


    Small coverage amounts

    Not available for seniors

    No riders available

    Not available in New York


Founded in 2016, Bestow goes all-in on all-digital life insurance. You can apply online in five to 20 minutes, never undergo a medical exam, and even film claims online. Rates are very affordable, too. If you’re young, healthy, and in need of quick, convenient life insurance, Bestow has you covered with its basic term life policy.

But if you’re older, in poorer health, or simply want more robust coverage — and higher coverage amounts — you’ll need to continue your life insurance search.


Average monthly premium cost for a predetermined applicant profile and common health conditions.



Consumer confidence based on scores from major financial rating institutions.


Third-Party Ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Policy Details

Availability of such options as term length and no-med-exam availability.


Ease of Application

Ease of use, convenience, online tools, and availability.




J.D. Power surveys rate based on product offerings, price, statements, interaction, communication, and application. An overall satisfaction score of 4 denotes a company “better than most".

J.D. Power Rating

A trusted customer satisfaction and product quality research agency


An A+ denotes a score between 97 and 100 (out of 100) based on 13 criteria, including unanswered complaints, type of business, and government action.

BBB Rating

A nonprofit organization focusing on marketplace trust and product quality


A.M. Best ratings range from A++ to D. An A+ rating denotes a "superior" company based on their ability to meet ongoing insurance obligations.

A.M. Best

100-year-old U.S. credit rating agency focused on the insurance industry

The Details

The Good

No medical exam required. Bestow’s single available product, a basic term life policy, does not require a medical exam to apply. And if you want to renew your policy, you won’t need a medical exam either. 

Instant approval. Bestow does not require a medical exam, and it offers accelerated underwriting. This allows for instant decisions — Bestow claims approvals can happen in as little as five minutes. That’s very fast compared to most other companies, which usually take two to six weeks on average to approve a policy. 

Online application and claims filing. The whole Bestow experience is completely virtual. You can apply online using their website, and also file claims online using their customer portal. You never need to speak with a live agent unless you want to.  

30-day money-back guarantee. If you’re unsatisfied for whatever reason, you can cancel and get your money back within 30 days of buying your policy. Getting your paid premiums back after cancellation isn’t always a guarantee with most companies, but that isn’t the case with Bestow.

The Bad

Small coverage amounts. Bestow’s minimum coverage amount is $50,000 and the maximum is $1,500,000. Those are rather small sums compared to most competitors. For example, AIG offers a minimum of $100,000. If you want larger death benefits, you’ll want to work with another carrier. 

Not available for seniors. Seniors aged 60 and above will not be able to apply for a term life policy with Bestow. You’ll need to apply for a policy with another carrier if you don’t fit within the 18 to 59 age eligibility bracket.

No riders available. Most life insurance companies include the option to add riders to policies. Bestow has no riders to offer, meaning customers can’t personalize their coverage. 

Not available in New York. Bestow is available in every state except New York. If you live in the Empire State you’ll have to look elsewhere for life insurance.

The Breakdown


Average monthly premium cost for a predetermined applicant profile and common health conditions.


How much you pay for life insurance is determined by several factors, including your age, gender, health, and the type of policy (term vs. whole) you apply for. Your family medical history, pre-existing medical conditions, and whether or not you smoke will also decide the price of your premiums.

If you’re curious and want to read more on how the pricing of life insurance is determined, we got you covered.

Otherwise, here’s a sample profile of Bestow’s main — and only — term life product, which provides instant coverage for 10, 15, 20, 35, or 30 years with no medical exam required.

The rates are based on a healthy male in his 20s:


As you see, Bestow’s pricing is very affordable, especially for younger, healthier people. People above the age of 59 can’t apply for a policy with Bestow. If you’re older, or have any pre-existing conditions, you could look for other policies from other carriers.  

The following conditions will disqualify you from a policy with Bestow: alcohol and drug use,  cancer (except basal and squamous cell skin cancer), diabetes before the age of 40 (except gestational diabetes), heart disease, HIV, kidney disease requiring dialysis, stroke, and organ transplant.

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Consumer confidence based on scores from major financial rating institutions.


Bestow bills itself as the “digital life insurance company.” Started in 2016, they’re a new life insurance company financially backed by two other, bigger life insurance companies: North American Company for Life and Health Insurance and Munich RE. The former has been around since 1886, and they have over $22 billion in assets. The latter was founded in 1959. We’ll be using their financial ratings for the purposes of this review. 

We look at companies like A.M. Best to gauge the financial stability of insurance carriers. Will they be around in a few decades to pay out any death benefits? That’s what these agencies and their ratings tell us. 

  • A.M. Best: A+

  • Moody’s: N/A

  • Standard & Poor’s: A+

A.M. Best, focuses specifically on the insurance industry, so it’s a great indicator of a carrier’s financial health. As mentioned, the companies that back Bestow have an A+ rating from A.M. Best, which means their financial outlook is stable.

The bond credit rating firm Moody’s does not have scores available for these companies. 

Standard & Poor’s, another major credit rating agency, gives North American an A+ rating.  Their ratings scale ranges from D to AAA. An A+ means a company has a very strong ability to meet its financial commitments.

Third-Party Ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Ratings from credit analyzers are one thing, but what about the thoughts and feelings of Bestow’s own customers? 

They’re pretty satisfied with their service, based on a handful of third-party ratings we look at to determine overall sentiment. 

Here’s how customers feel about Bestow:

  • BBB: A+

  • Consumers Advocate: 4.8 / 5 

  • Consumer Affairs: 5 / 5

  • NAIC complaint index: 0.68 

The Better Business Bureau grades companies based on advertising, customer complaints, and other multiple factors. They give Bestow an A+ rating. 

Consumers Advocate is a third-party review site that looks at a company’s reputation, policy information, and overall stability. They give Bestow an “excellent” 4.8 out of five stars in their review.

Consumer Affairs gives verified customers the chance to directly write reviews of companies. Based on a scant 15 reviews and ratings submitted, Bestow is rated 5 out of 5 stars, which is very high for an insurance company on this website. People generally approve of the affordable policies, quick turnaround, and ability to skip the medical exam. 

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) tracks complaints submitted to state insurance departments. A company with a ratio over 1 received more complaints than average. They have not received any complaints about Bestow yet. However, North American Company for Life and Health, which backs Bestow, has a complaint index number of 0.68. That’s fewer complaints compared to competitors.

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Policy Details

Availability of such options as term length and no-med-exam availability.


Bestow offers only one product — a term life policy to people aged 21 to 59, with no medical exam required. Terms are 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Coverage ranges from $50,000 to $1.5 million, which are fairly low amounts compared to competitors.

However, underwriting and approval decisions are instant. Bestow even claims you can start a policy within five to 20 minutes. If you’re young, healthy (and impatient!) then Bestow may be a good fit for you, especially when you consider their affordable rates. But if you’re older, have any chronic conditions, or simply want a higher coverage amount, you should consider other options.


  • Eligible ages: 18 to 59

  • Term lengths: 10, 15, 20, 25, or 30 year terms

  • Coverage minimum: $50,000

  • Coverage maximum: $1,500,000

People over 59 are not eligible for Bestow. But that does not mean your policy will expire the moment you hit 60. If you buy a 10-year term policy at age 53, you will have coverage until age 63 so long as your premiums are paid.

If you want to renew your policy, you will not have to undergo a medical exam.

All customers have a 30-day free look period, so if you don’t like your policy Bestow will give you a full refund if you cancel within the first 30 days.

→ Read more about the “free look” period for life insurance

Available riders

Currently, Bestow does not offer any riders.

Most competitors offer optional riders that applicants can add to their policy. These riders typically enhance coverage. You can get extra coverage for a child or spouse, access your death benefit if you become terminally ill, or waive your premiums if you become disabled. If you’re interested in these options, you’ll have to look at other carriers besides Bestow. 

→ Read more about all the different types of life insurance riders 

Temporary coverage

Temporary coverage is not available from Bestow since they have no waiting period. Your coverage begins immediately once you complete the purchase of the policy.  

Rate reconsideration

Most life insurance companies allow you to reconsider your premiums after a year or so. If you become healthier over time, you could get the opportunity to pay less. With Bestow, you cannot reconsider your rates. Your monthly premium will remain the same throughout the entire term you select. 

Ease of Application

Ease of use, convenience, online tools, and availability.


Bestow makes applying for affordable life insurance as quick and hassle-free as possible. 

Application process

Since you don't need to undergo medical underwriting, applying for Bestow’s term life policy is fairly fast. They use “big data” to make a decision, which basically means they use an algorithm to analyze your answers related to health, family, lifestyle, hobbies, and medical histories. The whole process happens online. If you want to talk to a real live person, you can call Bestow’s customer service. 

To start the application you input your basic information (age, height, weight, where you live, whether or not you smoke) in an online quote tool. 

Turnaround time

Decisions are made within five to 20 minutes. Coverage begins immediately upon first payment.

Policy delivery

Bestow delivers the policy electronically.

More Info



State availability

Bestow is available in all states except New York. Sorry Yankees fans!

Change method

Pretty much everything, including policy changes and adding and modifying beneficiaries, can be done through Bestow’s built-in online customer portal.

But, to cancel a policy, you need to call customer service.

Payment methods

Bestow only accepts payment by credit card. Payments are automatically drafted until the term’s end or the policy is cancelled.

Digital tools

Bestow has an online quote tool and a chat tool that you can use to talk to an automated bot or a real person.

Claims documentation

Beneficiaries can call customer service or file claims online. Bestow needs the following information:

  • Name, phone, and email of beneficiary
  • Name, date of birth, and current address of the policyholder

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Bestow offer online quotes?

Yes, you can get free quotes on Bestow’s website. Just enter your age, height, weight, and ZIP code, as well as desired coverage amount and term length, and you’ll get an estimated monthly rate.

Do I need to take a medical exam with Bestow?

No, you’ll never need to take a medical exam with Bestow since all of their underwriting is accelerated. But, to apply, you will need to answer questions about your medical and prescription histories, family medical history, hobbies, lifestyle, and other personal information.

Does Bestow offer permanent life insurance?

No, Bestow has only one product: a term life policy. For whole life, universal life, indexed universal life, or other insurance types, you’ll have to look at other companies.