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Our underwriting experts will match you with the right insurance company and ensure you get the best possible price on your policy. Got offered a lower price elsewhere? Let us try to beat it.

How does it work?

Our underwriting experts will match you with the right insurance company and ensure you get the best possible price on your policy. Got offered a lower price elsewhere? Let us try to beat it.

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The best rates. All in one place.

About our Best Price Guarantee

Don't waste time getting quotes from individual insurers - we've put everything in one place. Got offered a lower price elsewhere? Let us try to beat it - we'll handle negotiations with the insurer for you.
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Unbiased advice from non-commissioned experts.

So how do you make money?

Insurers pay Policygenius (as a company) a commission when you buy a policy through us - that commission is already included in your quote and doesn't change what you'll end up paying, whether you buy through the insurer directly, another broker, or us (it's the law!). We're different because our experts are salaried and therefore not incentivized to push you to buy one policy over another.
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We handle your paperwork. At no additional cost.

How it works

We're guessing that dealing with the application paperwork and negotiating with insurers aren't on your bucket list, nor do you want to take several hours out of your life to do it. We handle all of that so that applying for life insurance has minimal disruption on your life - and at no additional cost to you. (See "So how do you make money?")
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Life insurance simplified

How it works

Compare life insurance quotes
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    Find the right amount of coverage with our life insurance calculator. No more, no less.

  • Compare

    See the most affordable quotes from more than a dozen term life insurance companies side by side.

  • Apply

    Apply online and have access to our expert team every step of the way.

Compare accurate life insurance quotes in one place, adjust term and coverage amounts, and view prices monthly or annually. Life insurance doesn’t get easier than this.


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We’ve placed billions of dollars in coverage.

From coast to coast, we’ve helped over 4.5 million people shop for insurance, and protected our customers with over $20 billion in coverage.

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We’ve helped millions of people

And they actually enjoyed it.

"Makes the process of getting life insurance painless and easy to understand."

- Thomas G.

"Awesome service! Great communication, easy to navigate website, even better pricing. Very happy."

- Brett D.

"Set expectations properly. Simple and proficient process. Professional people. Great follow-up."

- Peter T.

"Great experience with great team. Thank you for your help to get my life insurance quick and easy."

- Maja S.


Let’s get you some life insurance.

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Calculating coverage on mobile


The right amount of coverage. No more, no less.

Our coverage calculator takes you step-by-step to figure out exactly how much term life insurance you need.

How much do I need?
Comparing life insurance quotes side-by-side


All the quotes. None of the confusion.

Some term life insurance policies require a medical exam. Others don’t. Only Policygenius compares them side-by-side to save you money (and confusion).

Reviewing application progress and dashboard


Easy application, expert advice.

Our simple dashboard lets you instantly check the progress of your application. We’ll even shop your policy around if your final rates come back different.

Let’s get you some life insurance.

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Real human help

Let our people protect your people.

Our licensed advisors deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to. No AI bots, no robocalls, no salespeople. Just real human help from start to finish.

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The Policygenius Promise

We promise to help you get the best protection for your situation.

How we keep our promise


Widest choice of A-rated life insurers means we always find you the best price


Experience finding coverage for people with complex medical histories


We'll shop your offer around if the price changes during the process

So, what's in it for us?

Our service is free. So how do we make money?

Like traditional brokers, we get commissions for life insurance policies we sell. The commissions are part of the price (same as anywhere else), so you don't pay more to use our service. Our reputation is important so we'll always find the policy that's best for you.

Understanding life insurance.

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The right life insurance policy is an essential part of your family’s financial safety net. But buying it can be confusing. How much coverage do you need? Should you buy term or whole life insurance? What determines your rate—and how do you know if you’re getting a good quote?

What is life insurance?

Life insurance is a financial protection policy for your family that gives them a tax-free cash payment if you die while the policy is in effect.


Term Life Insurance

Term life gives you coverage for a set period of time—usually while you have dependents relying on your income.


Whole Life Insurance

Whole life insurance is a more expensive product that covers you for your entire life. It often has a cash value component that can be accessed while living and is best for high net worth individuals focused on legacy planning.

Types of life insurance.

Here’s a summary of some of the basic features and differences between the different types of life insurance.

Need more info? See our full analysis of term vs. whole life insurance.

Scroll table to see morebackRebrand

Term lifeWhole lifeReturn of premium term lifeUniversal lifeVariable lifeVariable Universal Life
Duration1-30 YearsLife1-30 YearsLifeLifeLife
Guaranteed Death BenefitYesYesYesYesYesYes
Guaranteed Cash ValueNoYesNoProtected from risk, but can be depleted to pay premiumsNoNo
How cash grows (or shrinks)-Earns interest at predetermined rate-Variable rate determined by insurerSubaccounts pool of investor funds offered by insurerSubaccounts pool of investor funds offered by insurer
PremiumsCan increase periodically or be guaranteed to remain levelLevelCan increase periodically or be guaranteed to remain levelVaries, up to the customer (subject to federal tax laws)LevelVaries, up to the customer (subject to federal tax laws)
NotesNo risk of losing coverage, but no cash value when term endsNo risk compared to other permanent types, but there are probably better investment optionsRefunds your premiums at the end of the term if you outlive the policy-Risk of holding expensive insurance policy with little ot no cash valueRisk of holding expensive insurance policy with little to no cash value

Where do I start?

The first step to buying life insurance is calculating how much coverage you need. Our life insurance calculator will help you understand your needs based on your life circumstances and your financial situation.

Once you know how much coverage you need, Policygenius will compare quotes from the nation’s top carriers and find the best rates available for you. Even better, we’ll guide you through the entire application process until your policy is complete.

Ready to calculate your coverage?

The average cost of life insurance.

Most Americans overestimate the cost of term life insurance by more than double. But a healthy 30-year-old male pays an average of just $21 a month for a 20-year policy. A $100,000 policy can be under $10 a month and increasing coverage to $1,000,000 costs $37 a month — less than half the cost of a typical internet bill.

Coverage Amount20-Year Term Cost
$100,000$9/mo | $105/yr
$250,000$13/mo | $150/yr
$500,000$21/mo | $240/yr
$750,000$28/mo | $325/yr
$1,000,000$37/mo | $425/yr

Best life insurance companies for term life insurance.

PG certified carriers


Licensed in all 50 states


Excellent customer service


Good J.D. Power, AM Best, and BBB ratings

CompanyBBB RatingA.M. Best RatingJD Power Rating
Northwestern MutualA+A++799
Mass MutualA+A++780
Pacific LifeA+A+N/A
Guardian LifeA+A++760
Principal FinancialA+A++774
Banner LifeA+A+N/A
Mutual of OmahaA+A+N/A
Guardian LifeA+A+766
AXA EquitableA+A+752
Lincoln FinancialA+A+744
John HancockA+A+739
State FarmBA++828
New York LifeB-A++828

Let’s get you some life insurance.

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The top five questions people ask us.


How is Policygenius different from other insurance sites?


We’ve set a high bar to make Policygenius the only insurance site you’ll need. That means we:

  • Offer all the top life insurance companies so you don’t have to shop elsewhere
  • Provide the most accurate online quotes, without requiring any contact info from you
  • Explain what you need to know in plain English so you don't have to research elsewhere
  • Don't sell your info off to life insurance agents as a "lead." Our team is with you from start to finish.
  • Stand by our best price promise. If the insurer approves your application at a different rate than what we quoted, we'll shop your offer around to see if another life insurer can beat it.

All this service at no extra cost to you.


Shouldn't I try more than one comparison site?


You can, but we've worked hard to offer the easiest life insurance shopping experience you'll find online. We offer the widest selection of A-rated life insurance companies so that you can find the right policy for you.

Also, any policy you see on our site won't be any cheaper at another comparison site. That's because each life insurance company files its rates with state regulators, and everyone is required to show those filed rates. And if you see the same policy for a cheaper rate on another site - make sure you're comparing apples to apples. Is it for the same amount and term? Did the other site ask detailed health questions to make sure they can accurately quote you? We do that but not every site does.

We stand by our promise - so we make it easy to save your quotes with us (and email them to yourself) to keep shopping. And when you're ready to buy, we hope you'll come back to us.


How does Policygenius make money?


We get paid a commission by the life insurance company when we help you find a life insurance policy, submit an application, and get approved. Commissions are already priced into the cost of life insurance - so you're not paying extra to work with us (or any agent or broker). Our commissions are similar across the life insurers we work with, so we never play favorites.


Are the life insurance quotes on the Policygenius site accurate?


We like to say we're in the business of no surprises. Our life insurance quotes are the most accurate available online today. Other sites take your basic information and show you the best health class and price. That's not the right way to quote. We collect more health information upfront to show the most accurate quotes possible (as long as you give us accurate information).

If the price on our site is higher than you're seeing elsewhere, for the same policy, that site may not be showing you an accurate quote. Over 80% of policies we sell are within $10 of what we quoted online.

If our site can't instantly quote you (which happens when someone has a more complicated health history), one of our licensed advisors can custom quote you.


Shouldn't I buy directly from a life insurance company?


There's no reason to (and a very big reason not to).

First: you don't save any money by buying directly from the life insurance company. By law, the price you get from a given life insurance company is the same through them, or through an agent or broker.

Second: the rate you get quoted may not be the rate you're approved at. Life insurance companies do a process called 'underwriting' in which they look at your health history and risk profile to determine whether the rate they quoted is actually accurate. If you apply with the life insurance company directly, and you're approved at a different rate, you're stuck. They won't help you figure out if you can get a better offer elsewhere. If you apply through Policygenius, we'll shop that offer around to every life insurance company we work with to see if they can beat it. No extra work for you and no extra cost.


The reviews are in.

At square one?

Getting started with life insurance.


Life Insurance Basics

What it is, how it works and what you need to know.

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Understand the difference and which type of insurance is best for you.

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Shopping Advice

How to compare policies and pick the right one for you.

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We did your homework

We've reviewed the top life insurance companies.

Read the latest articles from Policygenius Magazine.


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