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  • Just now - Jonathan, 34, in NY got $1M coverage, $34/mo
  • 2 min. ago - Brian, 38, in GA got $350K coverage, $28/mo
  • 5 min. ago - Katherine, 29, in WI got $500K coverage, $26/mo
  • Just now - Mike, 41, in NY got $1.5M coverage, $39/mo
  • 8 min. ago - Brian, 36, in CA got $550K coverage, $24/mo
  • 10 min. ago - Serena, 32, in OH got $500K coverage, $39/mo
  • Just now - Jake, 41, in GA got $750K coverage, $30/mo
  • 15 min. ago - Joel, 30, in ME got $400K coverage, $22/mo
  • 10 min. ago - Beth, 48, in FL got $1M coverage, $40/mo
  • Just now - Gwen, 28, in TX got $1.2M coverage, $39/mo
  • 5 min. ago - Tyler, 37, in CA got $500K coverage, $24/mo
  • 10 min. ago - Jennifer, 31, in NM got $875K coverage, $39/mo

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