Insurance coverage: the risk of living on the West Coast


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Published October 14, 2015 | 1 min read

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There are always risks in life.Sometimes, they’re good risks. Moving across the country (and six hours away from your family and friends) for a new job. Getting down on one knee and asking the love of your life to marry you. Having a kid (or two or three).Sometimes, they’re not so great. Getting a perm before prom night, for example.There are lots of ways to manage the risks in life. Insurance is one of them. There’s a good chance you know you need health insurance and auto insurance, but what about life insurance or long-term disability insurance?We took a look into data from our Personal Insurance Checkup to see how many people on the West Coast are missing crucial insurance coverage. What we found was encouraging – for the most part, people know that they need to cover their assets, so to speak.

With every insurance type, we also found an interesting fact to underscore why that insurance is needed. Whether it’s the number of teenage drivers on the road or the number of teeth in your head, every statistic is there to help you understand everyday risk.We also looked into other regions across the country, so if you want to see how your region compares, check them out:→ the Midwest→ the South→ the East Coast


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