Cincinnati Insurance home insurance review: High-value coverage

Cincinnati Insurance home insurance is a top-of-the-line option for homeowners who want to protect high-value homes with coverage and service they can trust.

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Cincinnati Insurance

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The bottom line

Cincinnati Insurance offers luxury homeowners insurance designed for high-value homes worth $1 million or more. Not only are there lots of policy add-ons to protect your home and belongings, but Cincinnati also has extra enhancements to protect the unique needs of high-net worth homeowners. 

With rare coverages like child abduction and ransom protection, coverage for family members living in assisted living facilities, and emergency event cancellation protection, Cincinnati caters to customers who need to insure more than just material possessions.

Backing up Cincinnati Insurance’s robust coverage options is its long history in the industry. Founded over 70 years ago, the insurer earns an A+ rating with AM Best, while also scoring well for customer service —  it received 99% fewer complaints in 2021 compared to other insurance companies of its size.


  • Earns 5-star ratings for customer service, financial stability, and coverage options

  • Valuable policy add-ons, including excess flood insurance, earthquake coverage, wildfire protection services, emergency event cancellation coverage, child abduction protection, and more

  • Offers single-deductible claims if you bundle your home and auto policies, as well as a deductible waiver for expensive claims


  • Only insures homes valued at $1 million or more

  • Not available in Alaska, Mississippi, Oklahoma, or South Dakota

  • No online quote tool

Basic coverages offered

Cincinnati Insurance home insurance policies include these six standard coverages to protect your home, belongings, and personal liability:

  • Dwelling coverage: Pays to repair or rebuild the structure of your home after a covered loss.

  • Other structures coverage: Pays to repair or rebuild other structures on your property not connected to your home, including detached garages, storage sheds, and fencing.

  • Personal property coverage: Pays to repair or replace your personal belongings after a covered loss, including furniture, clothing, tech gadgets, and other stuff you own.

  • Loss of use coverage: Pays for hotel stays, restaurant bills, pet boarding fees, and other temporary living expenses after a covered loss if you need to live elsewhere while your home is being rebuilt.

  • Personal liability coverage: Pays for legal and medical expenses if someone is injured or their belongings are damaged while at your home and you’re found legally responsible.

  • Medical payments coverage: Pays for small-dollar medical bills if someone is injured while at your home — regardless of who is at fault.

Additional coverages offered

You can add these additional coverages to your Cincinnati Insurance homeowners insurance policy for even more protection:

  • Guaranteed replacement cost for your home: Pays the full cost to replace or rebuild your home after a covered loss — regardless of your policy limits.

  • Extended replacement cost for your home: Extends your dwelling coverage limit up to 25% in case rebuild costs exceed your policy limit after a covered loss.

  • Replacement cost for personal property: Pays to replace your personal belongings with new items, regardless of depreciation or wear and tear.

  • Scheduled personal property: Offers higher coverage limits for specific scheduled items like silverware, jewelry, fine art, collectibles, and other priceless possessions.

  • Water damage: Coverage if water backs up through your sewer or drains, or if your sump pump stops working.

  • Flood endorsement: As an alternative to the National Flood Insurance Program, Cincinnati Insurance offers a flood insurance endorsement that protects your home, detached structures on your property, belongings, and basement from flood damage. 

  • Excess flood endorsement: Offers higher flood insurance coverage limits, as well as separate limits for your home and belongings.

  • Earthquake coverage: Protects your home and personal property from earthquake damage.

  • Wildfire protection: Complimentary wildfire protection and mitigation services available to homeowners at high risk of wildfire damage.(Not available in all states.)

  • Family shield: Covers you and your family against expenses resulting from hijacking, carjacking, child abduction, kidnapping for ransom, home invasion, or stalking.

  • Assisted living care: Covers belongings and personal liability for family members in an assisted living facility.

  • Green upgrade: Pays the extra cost to rebuild your home with environmentally friendly materials after a covered loss.

  • Service lines: Pays to repair or replace underground pipes or wires on your property that are damaged due to a leak, break, tear, rupture, or collapse. 

  • Emergency event cancellation: Covers the cancellation or postponement of planned events at your home.

  • Increased credit card protection: Increases coverage limits to $5,000 if your credit card is stolen.

  • Increased coverage for unscheduled items: Increases coverage limits to $2,500 for jewelry, watches, furs, and precious stones that you haven’t scheduled that are lost or stolen.

  • Personal cyber protection: Pays for professional assistance and expertise in case of a cyber attack.

  • Identity theft: Offers everything from assistance with your credit reports to attorney fees resulting from identity fraud to help replacing personal identification documents destroyed in a natural disaster 

  • Freezer contents: Offers up to $500 in spoiled food coverage if your refrigerator or freezer stops working due to a power outage or breakdown — with no deductible required.

  • Golf carts: Covers damage to your recreational golf cart, as long as it’s not licensed for road use.

  • Personal umbrella insurance: Offers additional personal liability protection for expensive medical or legal bills you’re found legally responsible for. 

  • Condo insurance: Purchased as a supplement to your condo association’s master policy, condo insurance covers your personal belongings, the interior structure of your condo unit, and personal liability. 

  • Renters insurance: Purchased by tenants, renters insurance covers the personal belongings in your rental home or apartment against fire, vandalism, theft, windstorms, and water damage, as well as personal liability and loss of use coverage.

Cincinnati Insurance home insurance policies also come with the following perks:

  • Single-deductible claims: Pay just one deductible if you bundle your home and auto insurance with Cincinnati Insurance and both your home and car are damaged in the same event.

  • Large loss deductible waiver: Cincinnati insurance will waive your deductible for claims of $100,000 or more when your deductible is $50,000 or less.

  • Loss prevention device: Pays for a loss prevention device after a covered claim.

Ratings methodology



Cincinnati Insurance earns an average score on our price rating scale due to the five discounts it offers homeowners to save on costs. This score doesn’t factor in the average cost of a Cincinnati homeowners insurance policy, since it varies so widely depending on the home’s rebuild value, location, features, and more.

Customer experience


Our customer experience scale uses data from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) complaint index. Cincinnati Insurance has a score of .08, which means it receives around 99% fewer complaints than expected for a company of its size. (The expected number would be 1.0.)

Coverage options


Our coverage options rating is based on both the number and quality of additional coverage and policy options offered by the company. Cincinnati Insurance scores above average compared to other regional home insurance companies.

Financial strength


Our financial strength rating is a weighted combination of three industry-leading metrics to measure a company’s financial health: AM Best, Standard & Poor’s, and Moody’s. Cincinnati Insurance earns an A+ rating from AM Best, an A+ rating from Standard & Poor’s, and an A3 rating from Moody’s.

How much does Cincinnati Insurance home insurance cost?

The average cost of home insurance with Cincinnati Insurance will vary depending on a variety of factors, including:

  • Where you live

  • Your home’s age, condition, and claims history

  • Discounts you qualify for

  • Your coverages and policy limits

  • Your credit score

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What discounts does Cincinnati Insurance offer?

You can save on the cost of Cincinnati Insurance home insurance if you qualify for any of these discounts:

  • Bundling: If you bundler your home and auto insurance with Cincinnati Insurance.

  • Newer home: If you own a newer home.

  • Increased deductible: The higher your deductible, the lower your rate.

  • Home alarm: If you have a security system monitored by a central station.

  • Fewer claims: If you go so many years without filing a claim.

Cincinnati Insurance home insurance state availability

Cincinnati Insurance offers home insurance policies in 46 states and Washington, D.C.

The four states it does not offer coverage in are Alaska, Mississippi, Oklahoma, and South Dakota.

What to expect with Cincinnati Insurance home insurance

  • How to get a quote: You can get a Cincinnati Insurance home insurance quote by contacting an independent agent near you. You can find a local agency that offers Cincinnati Insurance by using the agency locator tool on its website.

  • Customer service options: You can get in touch with a Cincinnati Insurance customer service rep by calling 888-242-8811, using the live-chat feature on its website, or sending an email through its website.

  • How to file a claim: You can file a Cincinnati Insurance home insurance claim by logging in to your online account, calling 877-242-2544, or contacting your agent.

  • How to cancel your policy: You can cancel your Cincinnati Insurance home insurance policy by calling your Cincinnati Insurance agent (their contact info should be on your policy declarations page), by mail, or by visiting your local agent in person.

Cincinnati Insurance in the news

  • In August 2022, Cincinnati Insurance and 19 other insurers lost a lawsuit filed against Wolf electric company. The lawsuit claimed Wolf was responsible for the spread of a Tennessee wildfire that caused $45 million in home and business insurance claims. However, the courts ruled that the utility company had no duty to inspect or remove the allegedly diseased trees that fell on power lines and led to the wildfire. (Insurance Business Magazine)

Cincinnati Insurance vs. other home insurance companies

Compare Cincinnati Insurance to other luxury home insurance companies in the industry:


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Frequently asked questions

What type of insurance is Cincinnati Insurance?

Cincinnati Insurance is a luxury insurance carrier that specializes in home, auto, boat, business, and life insurance policies for high-net worth individuals.

What states is Cincinnati Insurance licensed in?

Cincinnati Insurance is available in Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming, and Washington, D.C.

Where is Cincinnati Insurance located?

Cincinnati Insurance’s headquarters are located in Fairfield, Ohio, though it has independent agents located in 47 states across the country.

How big is Cincinnati Insurance?

Cincinnati Insurance has nearly 5,000 employees and works with approximately 2,000 independent agents in 47 states across the country.


Jessica Olivo is a writer living in Connecticut. She specializes in web and blog content in a variety of topics such as parenting, business, and culture, as well as serialized and short fiction.

After working in publishing and book publicity for many years, she transitioned to freelance writing full time.


Jennifer Gimbel is a senior managing editor and home insurance expert at Policygenius, where she oversees our homeowners insurance coverage. Previously, she was the managing editor at and a content strategist at

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