Chubb Home Insurance Review

Chubb is a premier carrier that offers just about every kind of protection you need to protect your home and assets, but all of that coverage comes at a hefty price tag



Chubb is a homeowners insurance heavyweight, offering robust coverages for your home and personal belongings, advanced digital tools, and a refreshingly personalized loss-settlement process if you need to file a claim. Having been around almost a century and a half and widely regarded in the property insurance industry, Chubb offers policies in all 50 states and is backed by Chubb Limited, the world’s largest publicly traded property and casualty insurance company.

However, that coverage comes at a cost. Chubb is a premier carrier, which means their policies are geared toward homeowners with expensive homes and high-end valuables who can afford the high premiums. If your home and personal belongings don’t require exceptionally high coverage limits, then you may be okay with a standard carrier policy. But if you’re at risk for a total loss – especially if you live near a wildfire zone or anywhere prone to natural disasters – you may find Chubb to be worth the added cost. Read on to learn more about Chubb homeowners insurance.


  • They’ll waive your deductible if your loss is greater than $50,000
  • Thorough and customized home appraisal service
  • Cash settlement options if you don’t want to replace damaged property
  • Flexible property appraisals for expensive valuables in the event of a loss
  • Excellent claims process (4 out of 5 claims satisfaction rating with J.D. Power)


  • Higher-than-average rates
  • You can’t apply for policies through Chubb directly, (but you can apply through Policygenius)

Chubb by the numbers

Founded: 1882

Market share: 2.95%

A.M. Best rating: A++ (Superior)

Better Business Bureau rating: N/A

Consumer Reports: N/A

J.D. Power: 3 out of 5 (Above average)

Which states is Chubb available in?

Chubb homeowners insurance is available in every state and the District of Columbia, indicated in the map and chart below:

Chubb availability by state

ArizonaNew Hampshire
ArkansasNew Jersey
CaliforniaNew Mexico
ColoradoNew York
ConnecticutNorth Carolina
DelawareNorth Dakota
IllinoisRhode Island
IndianaSouth Carolina
IowaSouth Dakota
MichiganWashington D.C.
MinnesotaWest Virginia

Policy details

Chubb offers a single policy – the Chubb Masterpiece – and it includes all the primary coverages (dwelling, other structures, personal property, loss-of-use, liability, and medical payments coverage) but with a whole lot of added perks: extended replacement cost coverage for your home and other structures on your property; open peril coverage for your home and everything inside; and a unique “cash-out” loss-settlement option – which will pay you in cash if you don’t want to necessarily want to replace the damaged property.

The Masterpiece also includes a number of extra coverages that would typically require an endorsement with standard carriers, like water backup coverage, business property coverage both on and off your premises, and unlimited debris removal.

Chubb Masterpiece

Primary coverage features


  • Extended replacement cost coverage for your home and other structures on your property
  • Replacement cost contents coverage
  • Option for a cash-out loss-settlement reimbursement instead of a rebuild or replacement reimbursement for your home, other structures, and contents
  • Unlimited loss-of-use coverage in most states
  • $25,000 medical payments coverage

Additional coverage perks


  • On-site appraisal service
  • Unlimited debris removal coverage
  • Unlimited ordinance or law coverage
  • Optional equipment breakdown coverage
  • Family protection coverage
  • $50,000 in loss assessment coverage
  • $25,000 in business property coverage for both on and off your home’s premises
  • $5,000 electronic data restoration coverage
  • $1,000 tree removal coverage (no damage to covered property is required for removal)
  • $10,000 landscaping coverage

High sublimits for valuables


  • $1,500 sublimit for money, including coins and medals
  • $5,000 sublimit for lost, misplaced, or stolen jewelry, furs and guns
  • $10,000 sublimit for watercraft coverage
  • $10,000 sublimit for lost, misplaced, or stolen silverware
  • $10,000 landscaping coverage

How much does Chubb cost?

As we underscored in the last section, with Chubb homeowners insurance, you’re well-protected in every facet of home ownership. The exceptional coverage, combined with the carrier’s highly personalized one-on-one claims process, means you’re paying for a top-of-the-line product.

Below is a sample policy for an 80-year-old, 2,500-square-foot, single-family home with equipment breakdown coverage.

Basic coveragesPolicy limits
Other structures$200,000
Personal property$500,000
Personal liability$1,000,000
Medical payments for guests$25,000
Loss of useUnlimited

Additional coverages

Most of the extra coverages baked into Chubb policies would be offered as policy add-ons, or endorsements, by most other carriers, and certain coverages (like family protection) just aren’t offered period.

  • Water backup - Protects your stuff in the event your sewage goes in the reverse direction of where its supposed to go
  • Ordinance or law - Unlimited rebuild coverage if a local ordinance forces you to rebuild or repair your home up to code
  • Identity fraud - Up to $50,000 in identity restoration if your identity is stolen and used fraudulently
  • Equipment breakdown - $25,000 or $50,000 in coverage for large electronic or mechanical appliances — like your washer/dryer, air-conditioning unit, water heaters, TVs, and kitchen appliances
  • Wildfire defense services - Available in certain locations, Chubb provides you a certified wildfire service, who alert you if your home is in danger of a fire and sends firefighters to your home if it’s threatened by a wildfire
  • Family protection coverage - Covers home invasion expenses, child abduction expenses, carjacking expenses, security measures against stalking threats, accidental death and dismemberment related to invasion, road rage expenses, and hijacking expenses
  • Scheduled property - Higher sublimits for expensive valuables, like jewelry, fur, and fine art
  • Inflation guard - Covers your home and personal property regardless of how much it appreciated in value due to inflation

Here’s how Chubb stacks up against the competition in terms of the most common coverage endorsement offerings:

Homeowners insurance coverage endorsement comparison


  • Multi-policy discount - Save up to 20% when you combine home and auto policies, and an additional 5% if you buy additional jewelry coverage or valuable articles coverage
  • New / renovated home discount - Save up to 25% if your home is less than 10 years old, and up to 17% if your home was renovated in the last 6 years
  • Loss-free discount - Save 5% if you’ve had a policy with Chubb for three or more years and haven’t filed a claim
  • Superior protection discount - Save up to 15% if you have any combination of the following apply to your home: smart home devices, 24/7 security guard, a perimeter gate, a full-time caretaker, or a permanently installed backup generator
  • Additional protection discounts - Save 5% if you have a central burglar alarm, fire alarm, or live in a gated community, and 10% if your home has a sprinkler system or is located within 1,000 feet of a fire hydrant or within five miles of a fire station
  • Payment discount - Save up to 2% if you paid your home insurance premium in a single payment at least twice in the past five years

Company details

Application process

As informational and detailed as the Chubb website is, arriving at the actual quote page proved to be far more difficult than it needed to be. When you type in your ZIP code, Chubb provides you with a list of independent insurance offices that sell Chubb policies, meaning there is no online home insurance application portal offered through Chubb and the application ostensibly involves calling and speaking with your local insurance representative. (You can also apply for Chubb policies through Policygenius.)

As Chubb is such a high-value product that requires some explanation, this is less than surprising. Chubb may find that retaining you as a potential customer is better achieved with an expert physically explaining to you why Chubb policies are worth it, rather than a computer simply pumping out a quote that you can use as a comparison against some other carrier. For that reason, we didn’t deduct them for this minor inconvenience.

Claims process - 4 out of 5 satisfaction rating with J.D. Power

One of the areas where Chubb really excels is the claim filing process, and they really make that clear on their company website. After you work your way to Chubb’s claims page, you’re immediately met with glowing customer testimonials, as well as, in Chubb’s own words, a guarantee that they’ll make every effort to issue claim payments within 48 hours of a resolved claim. They also offer claims informational tools and resources, like a catastrophe center if you were a victim of a natural disaster, a helpful FAQ page, and links to digital tools – like the Chubb Mobile Estimate App – that will help you obtain damage estimates to send directly to your claims representative and expedite your claim.

Chubb offers a number of ways to report your claim:

  • Online through Chubb’s online claims reporting application
  • Over the phone
  • Via a fax machine
  • By contacting your local agent or broker who can submit the claim on your behalf

Other types of property insurance offered

  • Car insurance - Protects your whip
  • Condo insurance - Protects your condo's structure, all your stuff inside, and any additional liability coverage you need to supplement your HOA's master policy
  • Watercraft insurance - Insurance for everything from your dinghy to your Lürssen yacht.
  • Umbrella insurance - Up to $50 million in increased liability coverage limits for your home and car
  • Valuable articles insurance - The peace of mind you’ll need for that super expensive bling when your home insurance limits don’t suffice
  • Earthquake insurance - May replace your home if it’s swallowed by Earth
  • Cyber protection - Protects you from cyber attacks in the event your kid opens that completely not-sketchy email promising him a Macbook Pro
  • Travel insurance - Covers unexpected risks related to travel
  • Wildfire insurance - Provides your home with a private wildfire management service
  • Farm & ranch insurance - Protects your farm land, farm equipment, and most importantly your livelihood if something bad happens
  • Small commercial insurance - A business owners policy (BOP) with broad protections for your small business
  • Identity management insurance - Helps you if you were a victim of identity theft; more comprehensive than the identity fraud coverage in your homeowners policy
  • Classic car insurance - For when your son’s mischievous friend convinces him to skip school and take your Ferrari out on the town, which ultimately causes your son to have an epiphany that kills your car

Digital tools

  • Electronic claims filing and claims document upload
  • Online and mobile policy viewer and bill pay
  • Chubb Mobile App
  • Chubb Mobile Estimate App
  • HomeScan (uses infrared camera technology to detect leaks, electrical issues, and insulation problems before they do any damage)

Contact info

Phone: (212) 827-4400
Headquarters: 15 Mountain View Road, Warren, NJ 07059

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