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State Auto homeowners insurance review

State Auto provides comprehensive coverage, including protection for personal belongings and business property, service line coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage. But many of the best features are only available in the higher product tiers.

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Haley Sprankle is a former reviews editor at Policygenius who specializes in homeowners and auto insurance. Previously, she was a writer at Wirecutter and The New York Times.

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State Auto





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    Several available coverage add-ons

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    Multiple discount opportunities


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    Limited dwelling coverage options

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    Only available in a handful of states


Don’t let the automotive name fool you. State Auto sells homeowners insurance, too — and for a decent price. If you live in one of the 28 states where it’s available, State Auto can provide affordable and high-quality coverage, including enhanced protection for your personal belongings and business property, service line coverage, and equipment breakdown coverage. However, many of the best features are only available in the higher product tiers, meaning you may need to pay a significantly higher premium to have access to State Auto’s most valuable coverage features.


Average annual premium cost for a medium-sized home.


Financial confidence

Financial ratings from credit rating agencies.


Third-party ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Policy options

Both the quality and number of coverage options, like unique homeowners insurance product tiers and availability of certain coverage endorsements.


Customer experience

Ease of use, convenience, availability, and claims ratings.


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The details

The good

Several available coverage add-ons. This includes valuable endorsements like service line coverage and equipment breakdown coverage.

Multiple discount opportunities. Save on premiums with discounts for  protective devices like smoke alarms, fortified roofing, and smart home devices.

The Bad

Limited dwelling coverage options. Many companies offer extended replacement cost coverage of up to 50%, meaning your insurer will pay up to an extra 50% of your dwelling coverage amount if it costs more than your coverage limit to rebuild your home after a covered loss. While State Auto does offer this coverage option, it’s limited to  25% of your dwelling amount. That may not be enough to cover homes in disaster-prone areas.

Only available in a handful of states. State Auto’s insurance offerings are only available in in the Midwest, South, and along the East Coast. Shoppers in several states — including California, New York, and New Jersey — will have to look elsewhere for coverage.


Average annual premium cost for a medium-sized home.


You can expect to pay an average of around $1,803 annually for State Auto homeowners insurance, according to Policygenius quoting data. That's a little over 40% higher than the national average annual premium of $1,249 (National Association of Insurance Commissioners).


State Auto gives you several ways to save money on premiums, including:

  • Multi-policy discount. Bundle your home insurance with an auto insurance policy to save on premiums.

  • Advanced quote discount. Receive a discount if you get a home insurance quote more than eight days before your coverage starts.

  • Dwelling age discount. Save money if you live in a newer home.

  • Previous carrier discount. If you had coverage through your previous home insurance company for at least three years, you get a discount.

  • Alarm systems and protective devices discount. Get lower rates by installing burglar alarms, smoke alarms, and other safety devices.

  • Roof construction discount. Save more if you have a new roof or if it’s constructed with materials like concrete, metal, slate, or tile.

  • Fortified home discount. Houses that are built with materials that can withstand severe weather — such as hurricanes, strong wind, and hail — are eligible for this discount.

Financial confidence

Financial ratings from credit rating agencies.


State Automobile Mutual Insurance Company was founded in 1921 in Columbus, Ohio. While it’s been around for over a century,  the only agency rating available is from A.M. Best. 

Here’s the breakdown:

  • A.M. Best: A-

  • Moody’s: N/A

  • Standard & Poor’s: N/A

Credit rating firm A.M. Best focuses on the insurance industry. Their A- rating (effective February 1, 2022) for State Auto means customers can expect to have their claims paid out without worry.

Analysis firm Standard & Poor’s has not scored State Auto. Moody’s does not have a current rating either.

Third-party ratings

Satisfaction from consumer sentiment institutions and complaints to state insurance boards.


Currently, there’s not much of a window into what customers think of State Auto. The company is absent from Consumer Affairs, Consumers Advocate, and Trustpilot — three major third-party review sites we use to gauge customer satisfaction with an insurance carrier.

Here’s what we got so far as customer satisfaction ratings go:

  • Consumers Advocate: N/A

  • Consumer Affairs: N/A

  • Trustpilot: N/A

  • NAIC complaint index: 0.67

Third-party review site Consumers Advocate focuses on a company’s reputation, coverage details, customer service, and stability. It does not have a review available for State Auto. 

Consumer Affairs and Trustpilot allows consumers to directly rate carriers. Neither site has a review for State Auto.

The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC), which tracks complaints submitted to state insurance departments, gives State Auto a rating of 0.67, which is below the baseline average of 1. A rating of 0 means there weren’t enough customer complaints to count. This means barely anyone complained to their state about State Auto.

Policy options

Both the quality and number of coverage options, like unique homeowners insurance product tiers and availability of certain coverage endorsements.


State Auto offers coverage packages separated into three tiers: Standard, Protection Plus, and Premier. State Auto also has condo and renters insurance available.

The Protection Plus and Premier policies are the noteworthy packages here. State Auto touts customizability, but basic features like replacement cost contents coverage are not included in the base policy — you need to add it as an endorsement, or an add-on to your policy that expands your coverage in specific areas. 

State Auto has several other optional endorsements, including utility service line coverage and home appliance breakdown coverage, which are  valuable  add-ons only a handful of companies offer.

Since replacement cost is included with Protection Plus, we recommend most shoppers skip the Standard tier altogether and go for the Protection Plus plan to get the best amount of coverage possible.

Standard coverage package

The Standard package includes all of the basic homeowners protections:

  • Dwelling coverage. Covers the cost of rebuilding or repairing your home in the event of a loss.

  • Other structures coverage. Covers other structures on your property such as garages, workshops, or tool sheds.

  • Personal belongings. Covers damaged or stolen property, including furniture, clothing, fur, jewelry, and other valuable items.

  • Additional living expenses. If you can’t live in your home due to damage or repairs, this pays for hotel stays and restaurant bills.

  • Personal liability. Pays legal and medical bills if someone is hurt or their property is damaged while at your home, and you’re found liable. 

  • Medical expenses. Pays medical bills for anyone injured on your property — regardless of who’s at fault.

  • Watercraft and jewelry coverage. Provides $1,500 in coverage for your boat or jewelry.

  • Watercraft liability coverage.  Pays for legal and medical bills if someone is injured while on your boat and you’re held responsible.

Standard package policyholders can add the following endorsements for an additional premium. These are also automatically included in the Protection Plus and Premier tiers:

  • Replacement cost contents coverage. Provides coverage for your personal property to repair or replace it for its full value.

  • Personal injury coverage. This protects you from liability in cases of libel, wrongful eviction, slander, and other similar potential lawsuits.

  • Open perils coverage. Protects you  against all types of loss except those specifically excluded in your policy. 

  • Identity theft coverage. Includes recovery services, education and prevention assistance, and fraud expense coverage up to $15,000.

Protection Plus coverage package

Customers who opt for this package get everything in the Standard policy, plus expanded replacement cost and personal property coverage, identity theft coverage, personal injury coverage, and watercraft liability coverage, as well as:

  • Golf cart coverage. Protection for rented golf carts to and from the links and on public roads.

  • Freezer contents coverage. State Auto will pay for the loss of any frozen goods, medication, or other contents in case of a loss.

  • Computer replacement off premises coverage. Pays for the loss of any computers used for your off-premises business.

  • Credit card coverage. Up to $3,000 in replacement coverage for credit card loss.

  • Lock replacement. You guessed it: Covers the costs for replacing locks.

  • Fire department service charge coverage. State Auto will foot the bill if your local department charges you for fighting a fire.

  • Debris removal coverage. In the event of a covered incident, this coverage helps remove things like tree limbs and other debris from your home.

Premier coverage package

The Premier package offers everything in the first two tiers, including the optional add-ons and replacement cost contents coverage and unlimited additional living expenses coverage (for up to two years).

  • Extended replacement cost dwelling coverage. Increases your dwelling coverage an additional 25%in the event a loss exceeds your specified coverage limit.

  • Land restoration. State Auto will pay for the replacement of any trees or shrubs damaged in a loss.

  • Vault coverage for jewelry, securities, and silverware. State Auto will pay for the costs of keeping your valuables locked up safe and secret.

  • Volunteer wrongful acts coverage. Liability protection in case you volunteer somewhere and find yourself on the wrong side of a lawsuit.

  • Increased limits for business property coverage. Up to $10,000 of increased coverage for your home office equipment.

Policyholders can add the following endorsements to any package:

  • Home-sharing coverage. If you rent out whole homes or individual rooms using Airbnb or other home-sharing services, you can get coverage for your property in case it’s damaged or vandalized.

  • Home systems breakdown coverage. This optional coverage pays for repairs of your air-conditioning unit, furnace, stove, or other home appliances in the event they break down.

  • Service line breakdown coverage. Covers excavation and repairs if utility lines that run underneath your property are damaged.

Depending on which state you live in, these coverages will vary. For a personalized look at your options, speak to a Policygenius home insurance agent. For more information about what homeowners insurance can cover, refer to our comprehensive homeowners insurance explainer.

Customer experience

Ease of use, convenience, availability, and claims ratings.


State Auto has new features since we last reviewed the company. By adding a  mobile app and live-chat features, customers can file claims from their phone and ask quick questions without jumping on a call. 

Unfortunately, State Auto still lacks an online quote tool, but that’s OK — you can get a quote from a Policygenius home insurance agent instead.

State availability

State Auto is available in 28 states, including: 

  • Alabama 

  • Arizona

  • Arkansas 

  • Colorado

  • Connecticut 

  • Georgia 

  • Illinois 

  • Indiana

  • Iowa

  • Kansas

  • Kentucky 

  • Maryland 

  • Michigan

  • Minnesota 

  • Mississippi 

  • Missouri

  • North Carolina

  • North Dakota

  • Ohio

  • Pennsylvania

  • South Carolina

  • South Dakota 

  • Tennessee 

  • Texas

  • Utah 

  • Virginia 

  • West Virginia 

  • Wisconsin

Digital tools

  • Online bill payment and policy management

  • Online claim submission and management

  • Mobile app

  • FAQ and blog resources

  • Live chat

Ease of claims

You can file a claim online or by calling customer service.

Payment methods

  • Credit or debit card

  • Check

  • Online

  • Phone

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