If I apply for a health insurance plan on Policygenius, am I obligated to buy?

Learn about whether or not you need to purchase health insurance after applying.

What you need to know

If you apply for health insurance on Policygenius, you are not obligated to buy the plan you applied for (or any plan at all). The final application step will involve a phone call with a licensed enrollment agent, who will verify your identity, double-check eligibility and answer any questions you may have. You can change your mind on that call and choose not to complete enrollment. Also, any time after enrollment, you can cancel your plan. If you cancel during the Open Enrollment period, you can switch to a new plan. However, if you cancel after Open Enrollment, you cannot switch to a new plan unless you have a special qualifying event. Be careful of cancelling after Open Enrollment, as you may incur a tax penalty for going without health insurance coverage for three or more consecutive months.

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