What is the best health insurance?

What you should look for in a health insurance plan.

What you need to know

The best health insurance is one that covers the hospitals and doctors you prefer, with deductibles and copays you're comfortable with, covers your medications, and has a premium you can afford, without causing you to sacrifice in other areas of your life.

Taking the least expensive plan might work well with your budget, but if the doctors who take that plan aren't the ones you prefer, or the hospitals on your plan's network require a lot of travel to get to, that plan isn't the best for you. Likewise, taking the most expensive plan might let you keep your doctor, but if it's expensive enough that you can't enjoy your life or you have to choose between paying the electric bill or buying groceries, then it's not the best health insurance for you.

You want to find a plan that can give you the best of both worlds whenever possible. PolicyGenius has designed our private marketplace to make a recommendation based on what's important to you. You may compromise in some areas (e.g., HMO instead of a PPO), but if you get good coverage without breaking the bank, then that is the best health insurance plan for you.

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