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Getting Started With Life Insurance

What Is Life Insurance?

What is life insurance good for? How long does it last? Who needs it? It seems complicated, but we'll break it down.

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How Much Life Insurance Do I Need?

Consider the ages of your spouse and kids and how much of your income they'll need to cover their expenses.

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Term Life vs Whole Life

To decide between term or whole life, you should know how they’re different and what situation they're best for.

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What's Next?

Is Term Life Insurance Worth It?

If your family depends on you financially then term life insurance is probably worth it.

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So you’re having an insurance medial exam!

If you're shopping for a life insurance policy, there's a good chance that you'll need an insurance medical exam.

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What the heck are life insurance classifications?

Have you ever wondered how life insurance companies decide who pays what for their life insurance?

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6 life insurance riders you may need

Riders are like mini-contracts that provide more coverage or change the terms to increase what your policy covers.

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