Finding your best life insurance policy

Learn what type of coverage is right for you, and how your lifestyle, finances, and other factors can affect your life insurance rates.

The basics

Many factors can impact the type of life insurance you need, how much it will cost, and how your policy works. Your family situation and your health are the most important ones to consider.

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Life insurance & you

Life insurance can be deeply personal. Who you are and what stage of life you’re in may change your life insurance needs and options.

Life insurance & your family

If you’re shopping for life insurance, you’re probably trying to protect a partner, child, or other loved one. The death benefit can help your family avoid debt or other financial hardship after you’re gone. Learn what to consider if you’re:

Life insurance & your finances

Several financial conditions — like your employment status and your income — could also impact your life insurance rates and policy options.

Life insurance & your health

Since insurance companies estimate your life expectancy to determine how “risky” you are to insure, many medical conditions and health-related lifestyle choices can affect your life insurance rates and the kinds of policies you’re eligible to buy.

Why honesty matters on a life insurance application

Even though an adventurous hobby might increase the cost of your life insurance, it’s important to be completely honest about it in a life insurance application. If your life insurance company finds out that you lied on the application, they can invalidate your coverage when you die and not pay out the death benefit to your beneficiaries.

Working with an independent agent can help you get the most competitive life insurance coverage for your needs. Policygenius agents compare multiple insurance companies on your behalf and recommend policies based on your unique situation. You can also use our free coverage calculator to make sure you're getting the right amount of life insurance.