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Our fully licensed insurance experts aren’t biased toward any specific insurer, so you can trust they’ll recommend the coverage you actually need.

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Our experts have compiled resources that cover the basics and beyond.

Explore our guides

Our experts have compiled resources that cover the basics and beyond.

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Answers to your disability insurance questions

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Wills & trusts

We’ll help you understand wills & trusts

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Everything to know about health insurance

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Policygenius provides free quotes tailored to your needs with support from licensed agents, helping you get insurance coverage fast so you can get on with life.


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Frequently asked questions

How is Policygenius different from other insurance sites?

Policygenius is an insurance marketplace, not an insurance company. (That means we sell policies, we don't underwrite them.) There's no shortage of companies out there offering fast or easy insurance coverage, but we think a marketplace is the best way to compare them all — and Policygenius combines that marketplace experience with online tools, an expansive educational library, and guidance from real, licensed humans to help you get covered with confidence.

How does Policygenius make money?

We’re an independent insurance broker, so we get paid a commission by insurance companies for each sale. Insurance commissions are already built into the price of an insurance policy, so you’re not paying any extra for working with us to buy a policy. Our compensation on any particular purchase may vary depending on a number of factors, including the type and size of product, the insurer, and the volume of business we have with an insurer, but we don't push for or give preference to any one insurer over another because of the commission. We're here to fight for you, not for ourselves. (Want to know what commission we'd earn on a specific insurance policy you see in our marketplace? Just ask!)

Is Policygenius licensed?

Yes! All insurance brokers are required by law to be licensed in each state they do business. You can find our licenses here.

Is Policygenius a corporate affiliate of any insurance company?

No. We’re an independent insurance broker, which means that we're not owned by an insurance company, nor do we own one. Instead, we sell insurance policies from multiple insurers without bias or favor toward any of them. It’s important to us that we help you find the right insurance policy for your needs — not which company you buy it from.

Is it cheaper to buy insurance through Policygenius?

Insurance rates are regulated by law, which means that no company, broker, or agent can offer you a discount on a policy. That doesn't mean you can't find ways to save money, though! Each insurer calculates risk differently, and they all strive to offer policies at competitive prices. That's why Policygenius helps you compare quotes from multiple companies in one place: to make it easy to spot potential savings.