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Save up to 15% exclusively with us!

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What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is like car insurance: it reimburses you for expenses when something bad and unexpected happens. Except in this case it applies to your beloved dog or cat. Pet insurance helps you save on vet bills, and you can go to any vet you want. Pet insurance provides peace of mind when it comes to your pet's health and your budget.

The PolicyGenius difference

We work with you to find a pet insurance policy that will protect your best friend when they need it most

Pet insurance comparison made easy

  • Guided tools to help you choose the best plan for your pet
  • Exclusive discounts can save you up to 15%
  • Compare the best pet insurance companies side-by-side
  • Helpful pet insurer reviews
  • Wellness plan add-ons available

Only the best value pet insurance plans

We've done the homework on dog and cat insurance to find the best options. You'll only see plans that we'd get for our own pets

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Wellness plans available to cover routine costs

We provide wellness plans that can be added to your pet insurance to cover routine pet health costs

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Exclusive discounts and one click to buy

Get instant coverage online. Exclusive discounts available when you buy through PolicyGenius.

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Policy features explained in plain English

We guide you through the most important features of a pet insurance policy so you can make the right decision

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We've helped millions of people shop for insurance

And they actually enjoyed it!


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The easiest way to get pet insurance

Save up to 15% exclusively
with us!

Save up to 15% exclusively with us!

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Top FAQs about PolicyGenius

Isn't pet insurance a scam? Why does PolicyGenius sell pet insurance?

At PolicyGenius, we offer only products we believe in, and would buy for ourselves. And that applies to pet insurance. A lot of people think pet insurance is a 'scam' if you don't get back more money than you pay in for it.

That's the wrong way to think about pet insurance (and any insurance for that matter).

Pet insurance is about having a safety net in the event of major and unpredictable health expenses for your furry best friend.

Want to know more? We talked to Vox magazine about pet insurance and why it's not a ripoff.

How is PolicyGenius different from other pet insurance insurance sites?

PolicyGenius is the only pet insurance site you'll need. Here you can find:

  • All the top pet insurance companies and plans so you don't have to shop elsewhere
  • Everything you need to know, explained in plain English, so you don't have to research elsewhere
  • Exclusive discounts that can save you up to 20%

How does PolicyGenius make money?

We get paid a commission by the pet insurance company when we help you buy a plan for your pet. But don't worry - these commissions are already priced into the cost of pet insurance - so you're not paying extra to work with us. Plus, we've negotiated exclusive discounts with the pet insurance companies we work with, so we can help save you money too!

​ Shouldn't I buy directly from the pet insurance company?

When you shop and find a plan through PolicyGenius, our site connects you to the pet insurance company site to complete your purchase. And our site offers one big advantage: you can compare plans and prices side-by-side to find the best plan for your best friend!

Our clients rate us 9.7/10 for satisfaction

Insurance buying made easy. I would gladly recommend them.

Nishith N.

PolicyGenius is not only a great tool when shopping for insurance but also provides wonderful customer service and assistance throughout the entire process.

Shari F.

Great experience and huge savings.

Aaron W.

I feel confident that I got the best policy for me at the best price.

Brian G.

Very easy process and no sales pitch!


Easy and no nonsense! Simple and pain free process that worked around my schedule.

James P.

Painless from start to finish. Happy customer!


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Save up to 15% exclusively
with us!

Save up to 15% exclusively with us!