50 baby names that have to do with money

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Updated September 18, 2020: Every parent has dreams for their newborn baby — and if your dreams include your little one growing up to make buckets of money, you may want to consider giving them a name that connotes wealth and prosperity. Here are 50 money-themed baby names.

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1. Banks

Considering the increasing popularity of surname-names, Banks could be a good choice for parents looking for a preppy first-name that calls to mind finance and money. In culture, Banks was the last name of the young protagonists in the “Mary Poppins” books and the last name of the wealthy extended family that took in the fictionalized version of Will Smith in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air.”

2. Benjamin

This classic Old Testament choice has long been a popular pick for baby boys, but Benjamin is also slang for a $100 bill, thanks to the portrait of inventor and founding father Benjamin Franklin that has graced the front of the bill since 1914. In the Bible, Benjamin was the youngest of Jacob’s 13 children and a brother of Joseph.

3. Bentley

The name Bentley conjures images of pricey luxury cars, which may be one reason why the name has soared in popularity in recent years, jumping from the 995th spot on the Social Security Administration's baby name list in 2007 all the way to 75th in 2011. The name has lost steam slightly since its peak, but it’s still a popular name with a sheen of luxury.

4. Bill

Bill, usually a nickname for the evergreen William, could also work well as a standalone name. And since bills are also a term for cash, Bill could work as a subtle nod to wealth without being too literal. Plus, singers Billie Holiday and Billie Eilish prove the name isn’t just for baby boys.

5. Bob

Bob is another retro nickname that may be due for a comeback. Usually short for Robert, Bob can work well on its own. And Bob also doubles as British slang for money. Bob used to serve as slang for a shilling, and in the U.K., bob is now slang for five pence.

6. Bond

Need a classy name that goes well with a tuxedo and a martini? Bond is the surname of fictional super-spy James Bond, aka 007, as well as a type of debt security in financial parlance, as in, stocks and bonds. Bond could wear well on a future secret agent or a future investment banker.

7. Buck

This slang term for a dollar has a country flair, maybe thanks to its alternate use to describe male deer. Buck is a rugged, less-used name that hasn’t been popular in decades, although Marvel’s Bucky Barnes of the “Avengers” franchise could give this name a boost.

8. Cash

Another name with a country-western twang, perhaps thanks to singer Johnny Cash, Cash peaked in baby name popularity in 2013, when it was given to 1,481 newborns, according to the SSA. The connection to money is obvious, but Cash can also be a nickname for Cassius.

9. Copper

U.S. pennies have been made of different metals throughout the coin’s history, including bronze and brass, but since 1982 the 1-cent coin has been made of copper-plated zinc. Copper is also a valuable metal on its own. As a baby name, Copper is an uncommon choice, but it sounds at home with popular, “ends in -er” names like Carter and Cooper.

10. Diamond

One of the most valuable and precious gemstones is also a name worthy of your precious new baby. As a name, Diamond has fallen in popularity over the past decades or so. In 2014, it was given to just 306 infants, compared to 2,081 in 2000. Still, it’s a name that connotes something rare and shiny, as well as strength. After all, diamonds are the hardest natural material on Earth.

11. Dolly

This cute, retro name can serve as a nickname for Dorothy or Delores or stand on its own. It may conjure up images of country music superstar and all-around icon Dolly Parton, or of the musical “Hello, Dolly!” but Dolly could also be a reference to the almighty dollar. There haven’t been many babies named Dolly of late, but the name might be due for a comeback.

12. Emerald

Another precious gemstone, green emeralds come in a range of shades of green. In addition to being a valuable gem, emerald is also the May birthstone, making it a good name choice for babies born that month. In pop culture, the Emerald City was the ultimate destination of Dorothy and her friends in “The Wizard of Oz,” and the Emerald Empress is a DC Comics supervillain who has been around since the 1960s.

13. Fausto

Looking for a name that suggests wealth but has a European flair? Fausto is an Italian given name that means fortunate or lucky. Variants include Faustino and Faustus. In a German legend, Faust is a scholar who sells his soul to the devil in exchange for knowledge and hedonistic pleasure, giving us the phrase a “Faustian” bargain.

14. Felicity

Felicity comes from the Latin word felicitas, which means fortune or luck — and hopefully it will bestow some monetary luck on the babies who wear it. As a given name, Felicity has a long history, from Saint Felicity, a second century Christian martyr, to contemporary stars like actresses Felicity Huffman and Felicity Jones. In pop culture, the hit show “Felicity” aired from 1998 to 2002, starring Keri Russell in the titular role.

15. Fortune

What could be more obvious than naming your future billionaire Fortune? In Roman mythology, Fortuna was a goddess who embodied chance and luck, both good and bad. In art, Fortuna is usually depicted holding a cornucopia, as a symbol of the bounty she can bestow. Now, the name Fortune brings to mind success in the business world, like Fortune Magazine’s “Fortune 500” list.

16. Franc

The Swiss franc is one of the world’s more influential currencies, thanks to the power of Swiss banks, and Franc is an appealing name with a European twist. The franc was also the name of the currency used in France, Belgium and Luxembourg before the adoption of the euro. As a given name, Franc could be a nickname for Francis or an alternate spelling of Frank.

17. Gem

Why choose one precious gemstone when you can name your new baby after all of them? Gem can be a nickname for the more popular Gemma or a standalone name. In pop culture, musician Gem Archer was a member of the band Oasis, and the band Gem was a Japanese girl group from 2012 to 2018. There’s also the ‘80s cartoon series “Jem and the Holograms”.

18. Goldie

Is there anything more synonymous with wealth than gold? A precious metal, gold is used in everything from jewelry to art to technology to fine dining. And as a given name, Goldie Hawn is perhaps the most famous Goldie, but there’s also country singer Goldie Hill and the British rock band Goldie, a one-hit-wonder of the ‘70s.

19. Grand

A grand is slang for a thousand dollars, making it a good choice for parents looking for a money-themed baby name for their little one. American actor Grand L. Bush wears the name with pride, as does internet celeb and singer Steve Grand and ‘80s DJ Grand Mixer DXT.

20. Green

The color of money (at least here in the U.S.), Green is also a colorful name choice, perfect for outdoorsy parents who also like the fiscal connection. It’s rare but not unheard of — Green Gartside is a Welsh musician and Greene C. Bronson was a 19th Century New York lawyer and politician.

21. Hamilton

We’ve talked about the Benjamins. Now it’s all about the Hamiltons. Founding father and first U.S. Treasury Secretary Alexander Hamilton graces the front of the $10 bill, and few historical figures were as passionate about tariffs, taxes and banking systems as Hamilton was. As a first name, Hamilton isn’t often used, although the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” may give it a boost.There have been some notable Hamiltons, including writer Hamilton Basso, Disney animator Hamilton Luske and Hamilton Jordan, who served as Chief of Staff for President Jimmy Carter.

22. Ira

Ira is a modern name with ancient roots that can also serve as a playful reference to an IRA, an individual retirement account. Ira appears in the Hebrew bible, and is also a Sanskrit name for the Hindu goddess Saraswati. Famous Iras include musical theater icon Ira Gershwin, radio host Ira Glass, horror novelist Ira Levin and Indian actress Ira Dubey.

23. Jackson

Andrew Jackson was the seventh president of the United States and now his face adorns the $20 bill, making Jackson a go-to name choice for parents who want a subtle nod to cashola but don’t want anything too literal. Jackson is also a super popular choice of late. In 2018, it was the 17th most popular name for baby boys, according to the SSA.

24. Jewel

What suggests value more than a precious jewel? The name Jewel was given to 311 babies in 2018, making it an unusual choice but not an unfamiliar one. Perhaps the most famous Jewel is Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter and yodeler Jewel Kilcher, who goes by her first name. Other famous Jewels include “Firefly” actress Jewel Staite and Bravo reality star Jewel Tankard.

25. Lev

The name Lev has wide appeal: Lev means heart in Hebrew, making it a good choice for families with ties to the language, but it’s also a popular name in Slavic countries, where it is occasionally spelled Liev or Lyev. As for its connection to money, the lev is the currency of Bulgaria. Famous Levs include Lev Grossman, author of “The Magicians Trilogy”, Nobel-Prize winning physicist Lev Landau, and writer Leo Tolstoy, who was born Lev Nikolayevich Tolstoy.

26. Lira

Lira is the name of currencies used in Turkey, Lebanon and Syria, and the former currency of Italy and Vatican City. It’s also a lovely name choice for parents who like the sound of names like Arya and Lia but want something a little more unusual for their baby. It’s similar in sound to Lyra, the fictional heroine of Philip Pullman’s “His Dark Materials” series.

27. Lucky

Lucky is a name with cowboy swagger and and would wear well on a kid who takes big financial risks — and wins. It’s a bold choice for a name that has traditionally been worn as a nickname, but there have been a few notable people named Lucky, including musicians Lucky Peterson and Lucky Oceans, comedian Lucky Yates, Bangladeshi actress Lucky Enam and famous gangster Charlie “Lucky” Luciano.

28. Mark

Mark is a New Testament name with enduring popularity in the U.S. In 2018, there were 1,859 baby boys named Mark. It’s also a name with a long history of ties to money — various German currencies were called marks, and Finland, Poland and Sweden all had currencies called marks at various points in their histories. Currently, only Bosnia-Herzegovina uses a currency called a mark. Still, the name’s long association with money gives it a certain flair.

29. Midas

In Greek mythology, Midas was an ancient king who was granted a wish that everything he touched turned to gold. But even his food and drink turned to gold, and in some retellings of the story, Midas starved to death because he couldn’t get any food past his lips. Despite his unhappy ending, the phrase “Midas touch” endures as a positive, meaning the ability to turn any endeavor into wealth and success — making it a perfect name choice for mythology-loving parents who dream of fabulous riches.

30. Millie

Millie, sometimes used as a nickname for Millicent, Mildred or Camilla, is increasingly popular as a standalone name. It’s been steadily climbing the charts. In 2018, it was the 304th most popular name in the U.S., perhaps boosted by young stars like Millie Bobbie Brown of “Stranger Things.” But Millie is also a nickname for a million, or a millionaire, as in the Lil’ Wayne song “A Milli.”

31. Nickel

Nick and Nicky are usually nicknames for Nicholas or Nicole — but why not Nickel? Nickel is both a type of metal and 5-cent coin in the U.S., but it could work well as a given name too. There’s been at least one famous Nickel in history, German Renaissance stonemason and sculptor Nickel Hoffman, whose work can be seen in 16th century churches and city buildings.

32. Pays

With the preppy name Hayes rising in popularity in recent years, could Pays be a monetary twist on a trendy moniker? Pays could also be a twist on Pace, a common surname related to the Latin word Pax, meaning peace. Wealth and peacefulness? What could be better gifts to bestow on a new baby?

33. Pearl

Pearls are a naturally occurring gemstone created when an oyster or mussel respond to an irritation within their shells. Highly prized for their iridescence, pearls have become synonymous with beauty and value. As a given name, Pearl is a retro choice that was extremely popular in the U.S. around the turn of the 20th century and is coming back into fashion in the new millennium. Famous Pearls include author Pearl S. Buck and singer Pearl Bailey.

34. Penny

Another retro baby name choice that’s on the edge of a comeback is Penny. Often short for Penelope, Penny can also work on its own. The connection to money is obvious — a penny is the smallest unit of U.S. currency, and pennies are used in other English-speaking countries. Famous Pennys abound, from director Penny Marshall to former U.S. Treasury Secretary Penny Pritzker. There are also several notable fictional characters named Penny, including Penny of “The Big Bang Theory” and Penny of the Beatles tune “Penny Lane.”

35. Phoenix

Phoenix is an ultra-cool, modern-sounding baby name with a rich history and a connection to money. The phoenix was the very first currency used in modern Greece, introduced in 1828 as the new Greek state was forming. In Greek mythology, the phoenix is a bird that lives, dies and is born anew. As a name, Phoenix is more commonly found as a surname, as in actor Joaquin Phoenix or as a nickname, like Linkin Park bassist Dave “Phoenix” Farrell. But Phoenix is growing in popularity as a first name too. In 2018, 1,444 babies were named Phoenix.

36. Prosper

To prosper literally means to be financially successful, but Prosper is also an old-fashioned name with an international history. Saint Prosper of Aquitaine lived from 390 to around 455 and was a disciple of Saint Augustine of Hippo. Prosper Mérimée was a 19th Century French writer who penned the novella that inspired the opera “Carmen” and Prosper L’Orange was a 20th century German engineer who helped create high-speed diesel engines.

37. Rand

Rand, the South African unit of currency since 1961, is also a given name worn by politicians, activists and artists. There’s U.S. Senator Rand Paul, who goes by Rand as a nickname for Randal, and former Deputy Homeland Security Advisor Rand Beers, who served under President Barack Obama. California judge Rand Schrader was a pioneering gay rights activist, and video game designer Rand Miller co-created the video game “Myst.”

38. Rock

Rock is a rugged but usable name choice, thanks to entertainment icons Rock Hudson and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. A rock is also slang for a diamond, or for a million dollars — both ritzy associations for your little Rock or Rocky. While Rock didn’t make the baby name charts, Rocky did. In 2018, there were 234 babies named Rocky born in the U.S.

39. Rich

If you want your little one to grow up to be rich, why not cut straight to the point? The name Rich is most commonly a nickname for Richard, but it can also stand on its own. Actor Rich Sommer had roles in “Mad Men” and “The Office”. Animation director Rich Moore has worked on films like “Wreck-It Ralph” and “Zootopia,” and pitcher Rich Hill currently plays for the L.A. Dodgers.

40. Ruby

Another gemstone name, rubies are red gems known for their brilliant hues. Ruby is also the July birthstone, making it a perfect choice for babies born that month. The Sunrise Ruby, one of the most expensive gemstones ever sold, was auctioned off for $30 million in 2015. Notable people with the name Ruby include actress Ruby Rose, activist Ruby Bridges and rhythm and blues singer Ruby Winters.

41. Ryo

In feudal Japan, before the Meiji era, a Ryo was a unit of gold currency. While that currency system was eventually replaced by the yen, Ryo continues to endure as a given name in Japan. Japanese actor and musician Ryo Ishibashi appeared in the American horror films “The Grudge” and “The Grudge 2”. Pop-star Ryo Nishikido found fame as a J-Pop star in the bands News and Kanjani8 and Ryo Tateishi is a competitive swimmer who went to the 2012 Summer Olympics in London.

42. Silver

While silver may be used to taking a backseat to gold, Silver as a name evokes both the precious metal, its use as a currency and shiny silver jewelry. Estonian activist and journalist Silver Meikar was a member of Estonia’s parliament, and Italian cartoonist Guido Silvestri uses Silver as his pen name. With the popularity of other ends in -er names like Skyler and Spencer, and the recent popularity of Sylvie, Silver doesn’t seem that unlikely as a unisex name choice.

43. Sol

Sol, the official currency of Peru since 1991, is also the Latin word for sun, giving the name Sol a connection both to international currency and nature. As a given name, Sol is often short for Solomon, as was the case with 20th century U.S. Congressman Sol Bloom, minimalist artist Sol LeWitt and Marvel comic book illustrator Sol Brodsky.

44. Stash

A stash is typically a reserve of wealth or money, perhaps why the financial tech company Stash decided on it as a name. But Stash could also wear well on a baby whose parents value saving and investing. Sound-wise, it’s close to the more popular Dash and Sasha, but Stash is a rarely used choice, perfect for parents who want their baby to stand out.

45. Sterling

Sterling silver describes both an alloy of silver and British currency — a pound sterling is the official currency of the U.K. Sterling Cooper, the fictional advertising agency at the center of “Mad Men,” lends the name a classy, mid-century appeal. Sterling is also the first name of Sterling Archer, the animated secret agent in the adult cartoon “Archer.” Real people named Sterling include Sterling Morrison, guitarist for the Velvet Underground, civil rights activist and politician Sterling Tucker and voice actor Sterling Holloway, who did the original voice for the titular bear in Disney’s “Winnie the Pooh”.

46. Tenner

A money-inspired twist on the more commonly used Tanner, Tenner is British slang for a 10-pound note. As a baby name, Tenner is a rare choice but it fits right in with similar-sounding names like Brenner, Tucker, Turner and Thatcher.

47. Treasure

Treasure can be piles of gold and riches or something intangible but just as valuable. Either way, it makes a lovely choice as a name. There have been some notable figures with the last name Treasure, including singer-songwriter Sisely Treasure and Welsh rugby player David Treasure. But Treasure is also a first name. In 2018, there were 312 baby girls named Treasure in the U.S.

48. Tuppence

Another Britishism perfect for Anglophiles, Tuppence is both a first name and a term for the value of two British pennies or a coin worth two pence. Tuppence, along with her husband Tommy, was a fictional detective in multiple works by Bristish mystery writer Agatha Christie. And in more contemporary culture, Tuppence Middleton is a British actress who has appeared in “Sense8” and “Black Mirror”.

49. Win

Win describes a victory, financial or otherwise, and it also serves as a simple baby name that can be a nickname or stand on its own. Win Butler of the Montreal-based band Arcade Fire prefers Win over his full name, Edwin. As did former Arkansas Governor Winthrop “Win” Rockefeller, a member of one of the most well-known and wealthy American families of the 20th century. Win Headley was an NFL player in the 1970s, and comedian Jimmy Fallon chose the name Winnie for his daughter with Nancy Juvonen.

50. Yen

The Japense yen is the official currency of Japan, but a yen can also mean a fierce desire or craving, like a yen for adventure. Yen is also found as a relatively common last name in China, but as a first name, Yen is a short and sweet choice with international connections.

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