Money pro tips: A Q&A with leadership coach Kathy Caprino


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Published November 29, 2019 | 3 min read

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Each week, we ask a personal finance or business expert for their money pro tips. This week we talked to Kathy Caprino, a leadership coach, author and speaker.

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How do you cultivate gratitude? One step I take every single day is to spend at least a few minutes thinking about and relishing what I’m truly grateful for. It’s often a long list, including my work, my clients, my children and family, my ability to write for media platforms that allow me to share my ideas, the singing group I love to perform with, my weekly tennis clinics, my home, friends, health, my body and mind and much more.

Habit you’re most thankful for this year: Singing weekly with a wonderful vocal group, The Wilton Singers. This summer, I was able to travel with the group and perform throughout Italy, which was an incredible experience.

Best advice for managing stress: Answer these questions: What is at the deepest root of this anxiety? How can I shift the way I’m thinking about this situation that will allow me to relax into it, and not feel so afraid? What small step can I take right now to begin to close that gap?

Your biggest goal for 2020: Expanding my reach and impact (and the help I can offer to others) with my new book “The Most Powerful You,” and other programs to help men and women reach their highest and most thrilling potential in ways that matter to them.

How do you set a new goal? Now that I’m doing work I love and that is meaningful to me, I find that new goals come to me — I don’t seek them out. They grab me by the collar and won’t let go. The key and the challenge for me is to prioritize all those goals that feel very compelling and make sure I’m focusing on what will bring me emotional reward and success.

Best advice for reaching a goal: Identify the right goals for what you really want and need. And get some outside help — maybe an accountability buddy or structure that will help you have the commitment, perseverance and energy to achieve the goal. Einstein said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” If we haven’t grown internally and done the work to be truly ready for the success we think we want, the tactics will often fail us.

Best career advice you ever got: Don’t wait until you’re in a total breakdown mode to seize your breakthrough moments.

Worst career advice you ever got: Stay in your corporate job — it’s safe and secure.

Learn how quitting a job can boost your earnings.

Most rewarding part of starting a business: Making an impact and finally doing it on your terms.

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