Best personal finance TikTokers (2024)

We watched (and watched and watched) #personalfinance videos on TikTok to find the best personal finance TikTokers on the platform.

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Logan SachonSenior Managing Editor, Life Insurance & ResearchLogan Sachon is a former senior managing editor of life insurance and research at Policygenius. As a journalist, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Business Insider, CNN Money, BuzzFeed, Money Under 30, VICE, New York Magazine, and elsewhere.

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TikTok has 1 billion users per month watching short-form videos on its app — and many of them are watching videos about personal finance. Videos with the hashtag #personalfinance have racked up more than 5 billion views; videos tagged #personalfinancetips have more than 55 million views; videos tagged #personalfinanceforwomen have 6.5 million views, and on and on. There’s great advice to be found on “FinTok” — and lots of bad advice, too. We found the voices worth listening to when it comes to your money. 

Our picks

Humphrey Yang


3.3M followers and 49.2M likes 

Standout TikTok: The NUMBER 1 Mistake with Credit Cards! 😱”

Humphrey Yang is arguably one of the most famous personal finance TikTokers. He’s been highlighted in Forbes; Time and Marketwatch, and his "personal finance starter pack" for teens (in which he tells them to open a checking account, build their credit score, and open a Roth IRA) was fact-checked (and approved) by CNBC.

Tori Dunlap


2.2M followers and 24.2M likes

Standout TikTok:  Hack your brain to save more money!

Tori Dunlap aims to make personal finance less intimidating, especially for women. “Just by the nature of social media, it already becomes more accessible,” Dunlap told Time in an interview. “You’re not asking somebody to go to a different site or do something extra, you’re just meeting them where they’re already existing.”

Delyanne Barros


333.4K followers and 3.6M likes 

Standout TikTok: Don’t get so caught up on the new stuff that you skip over the basics!”

Delyanne is an employment attorney who started by posting about her own debt payoff and financial journey and has built quite a following of people along for the ride. “I just want people to hear the words index funds and ETF,” Barros told Time. “My goal is just to build that vocabulary for people, to pique curiosity.”

Planet Money


741.8K followers and 13.7M likes 

Standout TikTok: “Don’t sink any cost here...keep scrolling.” 

The Planet Money video team originally was formed as an offshoot of the public radio show of the same name create short videos for YouTube, but they found that their style fit perfectly for TikTok, according to an interview with NPR. Their TikTok channel shares the NPR show’s ability to explain financial topics with trademark clarity and humor. 

Brad Klontz


828.3K followers and 8.6M likes

Standout TikTok:  “Don’t be left in the dust” 

Brad Klontz told Forbes that he joined the platform because he was appalled at the financial misinformation he saw shared, and that now says he "[gets] messages daily from people crediting my videos with changing their financial lives.”

Ryan Francis


154.8K followers and 2.3M likes

Standout TikTok:  “529s can help you save up for your child’s college tax free.”

Ryan Francis's account is practically personal finance 101 in TikTok form; most of his videos feature him explaining simple personal finance concepts to his followers. Featured in Forbes, Francis’ videos are especially beloved for being easy to digest.

Mark Tilbury


7.2M followers and 90.4M likes 

Standout TikTok:  “How to generate $300K per month” 

CNBC praised Tilbury for a TikTok that called-out the dangers of credit cards, particularly when you only make minimum payments, but we particularly like his experienced takes on risk and investments.

Jessica Spangler


693.1K followers and 8.6M likes 

Standout TikTok: “Did you know this about tax brackets?”

Jessica Spangler has a doctorate in clinical pharmacy, but decided her true calling was to help women learn more about finance when she realized other highly-educated women like herself didn’t know where to start. “I just want women to feel like they can have their own financial future and be financially independent and that they don't need anybody else to, you know, handle their money for them,” Spangler told Business Insider.


To determine the best personal finance TikTokers for 2023, we spent a lot of time on the personal finance hashtags on TikTok, making note of videos and accounts we liked. We also looked to other financial journalists, including those at Time, Forbes, CNBC, and NPR, to see which accounts had caught their attention. Ultimately we chose TikTokers who explained personal finance concepts simply and compellingly, making personal finance fun and interesting without overpromising results or oversimplifying wealth-building strategies.