Best personal finance podcasts (2024)

The must-listen shows for understanding your money.

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Logan SachonSenior Managing Editor, Life Insurance & ResearchLogan Sachon is a former senior managing editor of life insurance and research at Policygenius. As a journalist, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Business Insider, CNN Money, BuzzFeed, Money Under 30, VICE, New York Magazine, and elsewhere.

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More than 117 million Americans listen to podcasts; the “new radio” is the medium of the moment, and it has spawned a wide variety of personal finance podcasts to help people learn about, grow, and talk more about their money. Among our favorites: one of the oldest personal finance podcasts in the biz, a brand-new one we can’t wait to hear more of, and several tried-and-true podcasts with experts we can’t get enough of. 

Our picks

Bad With Money

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.5 (2.4K ratings)

Standout episode: “Freelancing, clients, and your business”

Gaby Dunn started the Bad With Money podcast from a place of generous ignorance, asking the most simple money questions and taking their listeners with them as they learned the basics. Now that they’re an expert, they’re still open about their gaps in knowledge. You’ll never feel judged or ignorant listening to this podcast. It’s a breath of fresh air.

Brown Ambition

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.8 (2.2K ratings)

Standout episode: “Negotiating can be uncomfortable”

Hosts Mandi Woodruff-Santos and Get Good With Money author Tiffany Aliche created Brown Ambition to empower women of color to build wealth through saving, investing, and making smart career choices. Their frankness about their own money makes it a standout.

Death, Sex & Money

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.6 (6.8K ratings) 

Standout episode: “Financial Therapy: A secret gambling addiction”

In the Death, Sex & Money podcast from WNYC, host Anna Sale talks to regular people and celebrities about life’s hard choices and hard topics, including finances and money. Sale is an incredible interviewer, and it’s fascinating to be a fly on the wall for her conversations with her guests.

Journey to Launch

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.9 (1.5K ratings)

Standout episode: “Everything you need to know about student loan repayment, with Travis Hornsby”

Host Jamila Soufrant uses the Journey to Launch podcast (and accompanying blog) to inspire her audience to work toward financial freedom — and help them do it. She interviews guests about overcoming debt and offers practical tips on how listeners can do it, too.

Money for the Rest of Us

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.5 (1.2K ratings)

Standout episode: “Why some bubbles don’t burst”

Money for the Rest of Us host J. David Stein used to manage billions of dollars in investment for his job, and now he helps people manage their own money with his podcast and online community. He explains how financial markets and the economy work to help listeners better understand their investments. 

Planet Money

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.6 (28.2K ratings)

Standout episode: “This is your brain on drug ads”

NPR’s Planet Money has existed since 2008 — a personal finance podcast before podcasts were a thing. Thirteen years later, they’re still one of the must-listens for those of us interested in money and people, and their deep dives into supply chains, inflation, and more are always interesting. 

So Money with Farnoosh Torabi

Apple Podcasts rating: 4.7 (1.7K ratings)

Standout episode:  “How to defend your worth, grow your ambition, and win the workplace”

In So Money with Farnoosh Torabi, personal finance expert, Farnoosh Torabi interviews celebrities, experts, and influencers about money. A top-notch interviewer, she knows just what questions to get to the bottom of an issue. A must-listen.


As the personal finance team at Policygenius, we listen to a lot of personal finance podcasts, and we’re always trying new ones. For this list, we chose the podcasts we think are doing the most consistently good work to help listeners with their finances, and we ensured that we were choosing podcasts that at least 1,000 ratings and a 4.5 minimum rating on Apple Podcasts).