Best personal finance instagrammers (2024)

Smash those follow buttons, because these are the Instagram accounts you're going to want to want blessing your feeds with personal finance advice.

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Logan SachonSenior Managing Editor, Life Insurance & ResearchLogan Sachon is a former senior managing editor of life insurance and research at Policygenius. As a journalist, her work has appeared in The Guardian, Business Insider, CNN Money, BuzzFeed, Money Under 30, VICE, New York Magazine, and elsewhere.

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Some people say the endless scroll of Instagram is bad for the brain, but it’s not all selfies and vacation pics. Enter these personal finance Instagrammers, whose money memes and budgeting tips ensure our nightly scroll is fun and dare we say it, financially prudent. 

Our picks

Tiffany Aliche


Followers: 604K 

Standout post: "You save even more money if you don’t buy anything.”

Tiffany Aliche is the Budgetnista and author of “Get Good with Money” and co-host of the Brown Ambition podcast with Mandi Woodruff-Santos. She’s helping thousands of women take control of their finances. Follow her for great memes, mantras, and inspiration.

Dasha Kennedy


Followers: 226K

Standout post: “If you’re on a journey”

Dasha Kennedy’s Instagram posts are simple text on a white background, but her messages are anything but plain. She has inspired tens of thousands of women to get out of debt, and the updates  from the community she has built are as inspiring as her regular posts with advice and personal finance mantras.

The Financial Diet


Followers: 844K

Standout post: “Reasons to feel accomplished that aren’t ‘I bought a house’”

Chelsea Fagan founded The Financial Diet in 2014. What was once a personal blog has grown into an eight-person company that helps women talk about and feel confident about money. Their Instagram account is a great source of inspiration and practical advice about money that is grounded in the day to day.

The Hell Yeah Group


Followers: 12.4K

Standout post: “Why ‘buying the dip’ isn’t a good investment strategy”

Paco de Leon, founder of the Hell Yeah Group, runs a bookkeeping agency for creatives, hosts the Refinery 29 Money Diaries podcast, co-founded a non-profit that supports minorities in the arts, has a book (“Finance for the People”) coming out in 2022, and is the mastermind behind one of our favorite Instagram accounts for money money memes, all original and illustrated.

Erin Lowry


Followers: 54K 

Standout post: “Are you your parents’ retirement plan?”

Author Erin Lowry has written three books in her “Broke Millennial” series, and her account is a solid follow for upping your financial confidence. In addition to showcasing budgeting tips and advice from experts, Lowry is candid about her own finances for example, the self-employed writer has posted about her toxic relationship with her “boss.”

Small Step Finance


Followers: 130K

Standout post:35 & broke”

Like many of our other picks, Small Step Finance, run by an anonymous 32-year-old investor in Minnesota, keeps us inspired with a steady stream of investment inspiration. We are particularly interested in the example scenarios he posts, which show how even people starting late can become millionaires by retirement.

Amanda Wolfe


Followers: 175k 

Standout post: “Late to the game?”

Amanda Wolfe has a knack for making complicated investment and debt concepts easy to understand. We love her account for the regular reminders that slow and steady investing really does work. Shout-out to compounding interest.

Mandi Woodruff-Santos


Followers: 21.8K

Standout post: “When you’ve negotiated job offers 6 times in 10 years (!) like I have…”

With a podcast, Twitter, and popular TikTok, former journalist Mandi Woodruff-Santos is a multi-hyphenate personal finance expert and influencer. But it’s her Instagram account where it all comes together to keep us up-to-date on her tips — and our finances.

BONUS PICK: Policygenius


Followers: 7K

Standout post: “I finally got life insurance.”

Original memes? Check. Sick graphics? Check. Links to some of the smartest personal finance content there is? Check. Laughs and learning and life insurance? Check, check, check. The Policygenius Instagram account brightens our timelines and is a must-follow if you’re into personal finance, financial protection, and jokes.


To choose the best personal finance Instagrammers of 2023, we scoured our own feeds and Instagram Explore pages for the people posing about money in ways that make us smarter and makes us laugh. We also looked at the accounts of the podcast hosts, journalists, authors, and other personal finance experts to ensure no must-follow account was left un-scrolled.