November 2021


My dog is sick, but I can’t afford the treatment.
picture of Nupur Gambhir

Nupur Gambhir • November 30, 2021

Surrendering her to a rescue that will properly handle her care is the kindest thing you can do for her.

covers of the best personal finance books of 2021
10 best personal finance books of 2021
picture of Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan • November 17, 2021


a man with a roll of bills for a head
How your pessimism costs you money
picture of Myles Ma

Myles Ma • November 10, 2021

How I earn $4K a month with a car-sharing app
picture of Hanna Horvath

Hanna Horvath • November 2, 2021

Your home insurance is about to get more expensive
picture of Kara McGinley

Kara McGinley • November 1, 2021