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Like traditional brokers, we make money when we help people find a policy. Prices are regulated by the state so whether you buy from us or the insurance company, you pay the exact same price for a given policy. Our reputation is important so we'll always find the policy that's best for you.

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  • Industry experts - licensed advisors, CFPs and underwriters based in the USA
  • No pushy sales - our experts are salaried, not commissioned on sales. So you'll always get unbiased advice
  • A team that works for you - our concierge team handles everything for you

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The PolicyGenius promise

We work with you to find a disability insurance policy that will protect you when you need it most

How we keep our promise

  • Widest choice of A-rated disability insurers means we can find a policy that meets your unique situation
  • Experience finding coverage for people with complex medical histories
  • We'll shop your offer around if the price changes after underwriting is complete

Helpful guidance at every step

Our quoting tool walks you through the important features of a long-term disability policy so you can shop with confidence

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Experts who'll get you the best coverage for your budget

Getting disability insurance is a confusing process if you try to do it yourself. Our licensed experts and CFPs manage the application process, at no cost to you, so you get the best coverage

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Access to discounts to help you save

Disability insurers will offer discounts of up to 25% if you find other people to apply with you.

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Mass Mutual
The Standard
Mutual of Omaha
Illinois Mutual

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Top FAQs about PolicyGenius

How does PolicyGenius make money?

As the independent broker, we help you apply for the right disability insurance policy and manage the underwriting process through approval. If you accept and pay for the approved policy, the insurance company pays us a commission. Commissions are already priced into the cost of disability insurance - so you're not paying any extra to work with us (or any disability insurance agent or broker). Our commissions are similar across the disability insurers we work with, so we don't favor one company over another in the recommendations to you.

Are the disability quotes that PolicyGenius provides accurate?

They are as accurate as disability insurance quotes can get, based on the accuracy and completeness of information provided. Pricing disability insurance is complicated - as it depends on the applicant's health history and occupational details. Quotes are an estimate and the final rate is determined by the insurance company through a process called underwriting (which is the process of reviewing all the applicant's detailed information and assigning a risk class and rate). If the final rate comes back higher after underwriting, our experts can work with you to modify the coverage to fit within your budget.

Shouldn't I buy directly from a disability insurance company?

There's no discount or price difference when you buy directly from a disability insurance company. By law, the price you get from a given disability insurance company is the same through them, or through an agent or broker.

Also, the rate you get quoted initially may not be the rate you're approved at, after the underwriting process (in which the insurer reviews your medical history and occupational details). If you apply with the disability insurance company directly, and you're approved at a different rate, you're stuck with that offer. They won't help you figure out if you can get a better offer from a different disability insurance company. If you apply through PolicyGenius, we can review that offer to see if another disability insurance company we work with can provide a better alternative. That's the advantage of working with an independent broker: extra service for no extra cost.

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PolicyGenius is not only a great tool when shopping for insurance but also provides wonderful customer service and assistance throughout the entire process.

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Great experience and huge savings.

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I feel confident that I got the best policy for me at the best price.

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Very easy process and no sales pitch!


Easy and no nonsense! Simple and pain free process that worked around my schedule.

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Painless from start to finish. Happy customer!


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