Money pro tips: A Q&A with insurance expert Pat Howard


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Policygenius Staff

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Published January 24, 2020 | 1 min read

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Featured Image Money pro tips: A Q&A with insurance expert Pat Howard

Each week, we ask a personal finance or business expert for their money pro tips. This week we talked to Pat Howard, a homeowners insurance expert and editor for Policygenius.

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Last thing you resisted buying: A Dyson vacuum

How did you resist it? I just went on a pretty big spending spree for my new apartment and realized I already went way over my monthly budget for nice stuff that I don’t necessarily need. (Thanks, Wirecutter.) Also remembered I still don’t have a dresser, shoe rack, bookshelf or a rug to use a cool high-powered vacuum on.

Last thing you splurged on: A mid-century modern media cabinet

Why’d you OK the splurge? Most of the furniture I’ve bought thus far has been budget buys and I’ve never really owned a nice piece of furniture, so figured I would treat myself to something that’s essentially the centerpiece of the room.

What’s your current money goal? To not eat out on weekdays

How you’re working toward it: I’m trying to get back to meal prepping on Sundays. It’s something I’ve been good at in spurts in the past but I’m trying to be consistent about it. I know I’m not going to want to cook much during the week, so taking care of a lot of the prep work on Sunday — and making it a habit — saves a lot of time, money and stress.

A money regret: Not realizing at the time what I was getting myself into with student loans.

Learn how a new law affects student loan debt.

Image: Nastia Kobzarenko