What happens after I am enrolled in a health insurance plan?

Everything you need to know about what happens after you enroll in a health insurance plan.

Published September 11, 2019|1 min read

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What you need to know

After you enroll in a health insurance plan, you will get your membership materials (including your member ID card) and the first premium bill directly from the health insurance company. You are responsible for paying the bill to ensure that your coverage goes into effect, and to keep current on those payments.

Note that December 15, 2019 is the last day you can apply for 2020 coverage before the end of Open Enrollment. If you miss this window you cannot enroll until the Marketplace re-opens in November 2019 unless you have a special qualifying event such as having a baby or losing your job. This is designed to prevent people from taking advantage of the system by enrolling and dropping insurance multiple times a year when they get sick.

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