The Standard Disability Insurance Review

The Standard is one of the nation’s largest and best-respected providers of long-term disability insurance, trusted both by individual and employers alike. They offer both flexibility and an ironclad coverage guarantee, earning one of our highest rankings.

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A.M. Best ratingA
BBB ratingA+
Company info“Approximately 8 million people across the country depend on The Standard for financial products and services to help them confidently pursue their dreams. But even more than our products, it is our recognized expertise, strength and singular focus on our customers that inspire confidence.”


Evaluation4.75/5 - The Standard is one of the largest disability insurers in the U.S. for both individuals and employers. The Platinum Advantage and Protector Platinum products offer the strongest guarantees available and their flexible riders let you customize the disability coverage to best meet your goals.
Application process5/5
Customer service5/5

Base Policy Details*

Product namePlatinum Advantage or Protector Platinum
Elimination period60 days, 90 days, 180 days, 360 days
Benefit period2 year, 5 year, 10 year, Age 65, Age 67
Definition of disabilityRegular Occupation; True Own Occupation via rider
GuaranteeGuaranteed Renewable (Non-cancelable via rider)
Partial/residual disabilityAvailable via rider

Built-in Features*

Automatic Increase BenefitAutomatic benefit increase of 4% for the first five years, unless declined.
Benefit Increase RiderAllows future increases to the coverage without evidence of medical insurability.
Family Care BenefitPays a benefit when there is a 20% or more loss of income due to caring for a family member during a serious illness.
Presumptive Total Disability BenefitPresumes total disability if you lose sight, hearing, speech, hands, or feet, regardless of earnings or waiting period.
Rehabilitation BenefitVocational training and education to help return to work.
Survivor BenefitLump sum benefit paid if insured dies while on claim.
Premium Waiver BenefitPremiums waived after claim is approved.
Business Owner DiscountDiscounted premiums for business owners with employees.

Additional Riders Available*

Basic, Enhanced, or Short-term residualThree options to cover residual disabilities if sickness or injury result in a loss of income.
Non-cancelablePrevents the carrier from increasing the premiums at any point.
Indexed Cost of Living BenefitIncreases the monthly benefit while on claim.
Catastrophic Disability BenefitAn additional monthly benefit is paid if you cannot perform two or more Activities of Daily Living.
Own Occupation RiderAllows you to continue to receive benefits while working in another occupation.
Student Loan BenefitPays an additional benefit to cover qualified student loan expenses.

*Subject to availability based on individual applicant’s personal profile.