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The Policygenius mission

Policygenius is a NYC-based insurance startup with a mission to help people get the insurance they need and make them feel good about it!

Why insurance?

It’s important.

Without insurance, most of society would grind to a halt. Buildings wouldn’t get built and doctors wouldn’t do surgeries. Basically, risky stuff wouldn’t get done.

It helps people.

Insurance is a financial safety net for when the worst happens – like a house fire or a serious health problem.

It’s interesting (no, really!)

From building a digital tech stack (to replace pens and papers) to solving complicated consumer behavior puzzles – these are cool (and tough) challenges.

PG in the Press

PolicyGenius is a newer entrant with easy-to-use calculators that help determine how much you need, factoring in estimates like the cost of fully funding college.

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.. the site is offering personalized, immediate insurance quotes, as well as detailed data on how coverage in any given plan works

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A Brief History of Policygenius

Stephen Hawking would approve (Click to view detail)

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Our values

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It's the easiest way to make sure we act with integrity. We follow it with our customers, and each other.

We aren't easily discouraged because we want our work to matter.

There's no room here for bad attitudes, coasting, or entitlement.

Everyone owns and goes the extra mile for the company's success and our customers' happiness.

We know when to run through a wall, and when to build a door.

Sharing a laugh with the team, finding the play in your work and celebrating our successes.

Your future coworkers

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Kelly Wu
Engineering Manager
1474425717 phillip
Phillip Blackowl
Marketing Designer
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Theresa Silvestro
Operations Manager, Customer Service
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Scott Holand
Product Manager

Benefits at Policygenius

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Take a break

Relax on a beach, climb a mountain, marathon it on Netflix — do what you want with the time you need via our open vacation policy!

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Reap the benefits

This is our bread & butter. We offer fully-paid health, dental, vision, life, and short-term disability benefits.

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Never go hangry

We have an array of snacks and beverages to satisfy your pangs of hunger.

1509137339 baby

Family matters

New mother? New father? We offer paid parental leave to support spending time with your new addition(s).

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Paws and reflect

Dog lover? Chances are you'll find one of our teammate's furry friends wandering around looking for your companionship!

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A team that plays together

We enjoy each other's company — whether at office happy hours, weekly soccer matches, birthday celebrations, or over lunch in our cafeteria.

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