The 10 best posts of 2014

by Chris Walters
The 10 best posts of 2014

From Uber's insurance hole to tips for telling better stories, we spent the year finding new ways to reduce risks. Now we've gathered our ten most popular posts from 2014 into one convenient list. Take a look—we guarantee you'll learn something new.

Uber Accident

The insurance secret that Uber doesn’t want you to know

Uber says it simply brings together passengers and third-party drivers. So who pays when there's an accident?


20 top news sites that will make you smarter

Looking to be more informed about what's going on in the news? Add these sites to your daily internet browsing.


How to be a better storyteller

The ability to tell an entertaining story can help you at home and at work. Here are some tips to up your game.

job search sites

24 job search websites

Hitting a wall in your job search? We’ve put together some websites and apps you might not have heard of yet.

Aaron Belford

9 podcasts that will make you healthier

Get a head start on any New Year's resolutions with these 9 health and nutrition podcasts.


How to rock your job interview

Whether you're a beginner or a veteran, a job interview is stressful. Here are tips both classic and new to help you ace it.

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21 podcasts to make you smarter

Podcasts are all the rage, but how can you tell which ones are worth your time? Here are 21 of the best.


How to make Evernote work for you

Evernote wants you to organize your life, but doesn’t tell you how. We help you organize the organizer.

insider NYC tips

29 insider NYC tips everyone should know

You want to be a veteran New Yorker, but without all the crazy. Tip number one: always blame the subway.

Dental insurance vs dental discount plans - PolicyGenius review

Dental insurance vs dental discount plans

We compared the two to see how much they'd save us over the course of a year.