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Consent to do Business Electronically

User Consent to do Business Electronically and to Electronic Delivery of and/or Access to Policy Documents (“Consent”)

What is the purpose of this Consent? If you are using the services of Policygenius Inc. (“Policygenius”) to apply for an insurance policy (“Policy”) from one or more third-party insurers, then Policygenius and the insurers need your consent to conduct business electronically and to deliver the Policy and related documents in electronic format in lieu of paper.

How do I consent? If you are shopping for insurance on the Policygenius website, before getting quotes you will see a “Continue,” “Request Quotes” or similar button followed by the language “By clicking [Continue] you also give your signed permission for Policygenius, and any Insurers to which Policygenius submits an application on your behalf, to do business with you and send you documents electronically, including via email, as detailed in the Consent to do Business Electronically.” Clicking the button provides your signed agreement to this Consent.

Who is covered by this Consent? This Consent authorizes Policygenius and any insurers to which Policygenius may submit applications for insurance on your behalf (“Insurers”) to do business with you electronically.

What does this Consent cover? The Consent covers your agreement and permission:

  • For Policygenius and Insurers to deliver to you via electronic means any and all documents related to your Policy, including, but not limited to your Policy and accompanying documents (the “Policy Package”), notices and communications relating to your Policy or applications for coverage, any documents that Policygenius and Insurers are required by law or regulation to provide or make available to you in writing (“Required Documents”), as well as other information and documents (collectively, “Other Documents”)
  • For you to execute electronically (with the same force and effect as if you had signed your name on paper) and Policygenius to submit electronically your application for an insurance product and any Required Documents or Other Documents; and
  • For Policygenius and Insurers to deliver via electronic means privacy notices from Policygenius and Insurers (collectively “Privacy Notices”).

You should be aware that Policygenius and the Insurers rightfully consider this election to be consent by the policy/contract owner that all notices may be sent electronically to the email address you provide, including notice of nonrenewal and notice of cancellation. Therefore, in the event your personal contact information changes or if you detect any errors in the information provided, you must immediately notify Policygenius and the Insurers of the changes or error.

What does it mean to get documents electronically? Documents will generally be accessible as an attachment to an email or through a hyperlink delivered via email to the email address you have provided to Policygenius.

Are there any hardware or software requirements? Yes. To access, receive, and retain the documents sent or made available to you electronically by Policygenius and Insurers, you must have access to a computer with an Internet connection. You must have a valid email address, be able to send and receive emails, be able to open and view PDF files, and be able to save the documents to a storage device for later reference or have the computer connected to a printer so you can print out such documents. You are responsible for ensuring that neither your software nor your internet service provider inhibits or interferes with the electronic delivery of the materials described herein. We will notify you regarding changes in hardware and software requirements.

Why am I still getting paper? Even though you have provided Policygenius and Insurers with this Consent, Policygenius and Insurers may, at their option or as required by law, (a) deliver certain Policy Documents to you in paper form (potentially including notices of lapse, non-renewal and cancellation) and (b) require that certain communications from you be delivered in paper form.

Do I need to agree to this consent to do business with Policygenius? No! Your consent is completely voluntary. You do not have to sign this Consent to do business with Policygenius or Insurers. If you choose not to consent to electronic delivery, we or Insurers will send paper copies of your documents and communications to you.

Can I agree to this Consent and still get paper copies? Yes. You may obtain paper copies at any time by contacting Policygenius using the contact information provided below.

Can I get certain documents electronically and others on paper? Yes. Please contact Policygenius as indicated below for more information.

Should I keep copies of the Policy Documents? Yes. You agree to print or save this Consent, the Policy Package, Required Documents, and Other Documents and to keep printed or electronic copies of them for your records. If you have any trouble with printing or saving, contact Policygenius.

How long will this Consent remain in effect? This Consent remains in effect until you withdraw your consent (as described in the next section).

What if I change my mind and want to withdraw my Consent? If at any time you would like to cease receiving documents electronically from Policygenius or Insurers you will need to provide Policygenius with written notice of your withdrawal of your consent. You may withdraw consent at any time and without charge by contacting Policygenius via the email or mail addresses below.

What if my contact information changes? You must keep Policygenius informed of any changes to your email address(es) and all other contact information by contacting Policygenius at the contact information provided below. You agree to hold Policygenius and Insurers harmless with respect to any emails sent to the incorrect email address due to your failure to provide Policygenius with a current or valid email address.

How do I contact Policygenius? Please contact us at: Email: team@policygenius.com Phone: 855-695-2255 Mail: 50 W 23rd St, 9th Floor New York, NY 10010

Your signature will be applied and recorded electronically as detailed above.