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Updated July 11, 2019: Coffee lovers have their favorite place to get a caffeine jolt. While Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts are always reliable, there’s nothing like a local coffeehouse to get your morning or afternoon (or both) pick-me-up.

Whether you’re looking for a new local spot to frequent, or you’re ambitious and want to do a road trip fueled by caffeine, let this list be your guide. Not only do these places have good beverages, but they have that authentic local feel (we limited contenders to those with only one or two locations).

From cold brew to flat white, read on to find out what’s brewing at the best local coffeehouse in each state.

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Alabama: Angel Island Coffee

Address: 7538 Memorial Parkway Southwest, Huntsville Must try: Angel’s Blond Americano – This is a standard Americano paired with brown sugar and cream. It’s a dream in a cup.

Alaska: Jitters

Address: 11401 Old Glenn Highway, Eagle River Must try: The Jo-ppio gives you that caffeine fix you’re craving, courtesy of a double shot of espresso and cinnamon syrup.

Arizona: Songbird Coffee & Tea House

Address: 812 North 3rd Street, Phoenix Must try: Personally, we don’t like to sweat while we’re drinking coffee. With cold brews on tap you really can’t go wrong, but may we suggest the honey infused for a touch of sweet.

Arkansas: Midnight Oil Coffeehouse

Address: 801 East Race Avenue, Searcy Must try: It’s hard to pick a favorite among their signature drink, especially the lattes. Depending on how you’re feeling, you could get a honey vanilla bean (with natural honey and pure vanilla extract), the Fred (caramel and vanilla syrups) or the Black Bear (with house-made black bear syrup, featuring maple and black walnut). Like we said, it’s hard to decide.

California: Go Get ‘em Tiger

Address: 230 North Larchmont Boulevard, Los Angeles and 4630 Hollywood Boulevard, Loz Feliz Must try: If you like almond flavors, you’ll love the selection here. Pick from the almond macadamia cappuccino or latte and get them either hot or iced.

Colorado: Story Coffee

Address: 120 East Bijou Street, Colorado Springs Must try: What’s better than an old fashioned? A coffee old fashioned! This seasonal drink has cold brew instead of whiskey and also includes maple simple syrup, bitters, citrus and a cherry. Now that’s a good coffee buzz.

Connecticut: Lorca

Address: 125 Bedford Street, Stamford Must try: The eponymous Lorchata — cold brew mixed with horchata, a lightly sweetened and spiced rice milk, poured over ice.

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Delaware: Drip Cafe

Address: 144 Lantana Drive, Hockessin Must try: Espresso lovers will get a kick out of the Cafe Bombon, a 4-ounce shot of sweetened condensed milk and espresso served with an orange zest and raw sugar rim.

Florida: Subculture Coffee

Address: 509 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach Must try: The Affogato, an iced coffee meets ice cream confection.

Georgia: Safehouse Coffee Roasters

Address: 109 South Hill Street, Griffin Must try: The espresso (branded PERIODIC) as its made on the Slayer, a one-of-kind machine designed to control every aspect of its flavor.

Hawaii: The Curb Kaimuki

Address: 3408 Waialae Avenue, Honolulu Must try: The George, also affectionately known as “The Original Jammer,” a double espresso mixed with five grams of chocolate and four ounces of milk, then served over ice in a jam jar.

Idaho: Twin Beans Coffee Company

Address: 144 Main Avenue East, Twin Falls Must try: The Craft Caramel Latte made with the cafe’s signature house caramel sauce.

Illinois: The Coffee Studio

Address: 5628 North Clark Street, Chicago Must try: This shop’s espresso pulls are all perfect, but if you’re in the mood for decadence, the caramel latte doesn’t skimp on caramel, making it a coffee and sugar lover’s dream (and the carmel’s lattice design makes it an Instagram-lover’s dream, too).

Indiana: Coat Check Coffee

Address: 401 East Michigan Street, Indianapolis Must try: This shop’s coffees are all ace, but the daily featured specialty drinks really shine. A recent showstopper: An Iced Ginger Latte with ginger, turmeric and galangal.

Iowa: Cup of Joe

Address: 102 Main Street, Cedar Falls Must try: A house favorite: Grandma’s Cake Batter Breve, which combines the sweetness of cake with eye-opening java for a sweet treat.

Kansas: Black Dog Coffeehouse

Address: 12815 W 87th Street Parkway, Lenexa Must try: Try one of their speciality lattes, like the Snickers, which features dark chocolate, caramel, and hazelnut syrups. You can get it hot, iced, or blended - so you can drink all year round.

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Kentucky: Carabello Coffee

Address: 107 East 9th Street, Newport Must try: For the full experience, book a seat at their Analog Coffee Bar and watch a barista craft a signature coffee cocktail, like the Capetown Golfer, which includes espresso, rooibos, blood orange San Pellegrino and simple syrup.

Louisiana: The Orange Couch

Address: 2339 Royal Street, New Orleans Must try: This coffeehouse in the Marigny neighborhood serves all the classics, but it’s the espresso-infused milkshake that will keep you coming back for more.

Maine: Speckled Ax

Address: 567 Congress Street, Portland Must try: Anything with the Fruity Pebbles milk, which they’re known for. May we suggest the pourover, which is filled in an Erlenmeyer flask for precise pours.

Maryland: The Filling Station

Address: 14910 York Road, Sparks Must try: Check out their cleverly named At The Pump section of the menu and you’ll find your basic coffees, but the must have is a Supreme, which gives you your java jolt with steamed milk.

Massachusetts: Mr. Gelato Cafe

Address: 89-91 Main Street, Andover Must try: The Lavazza Latte: Richly flavored coffee with an Italian flare that goes great with the cafe’s authentic gelato offerings or a sweet crepe.

Michigan: Cup of the Day

Address: 406 Ashmun Street, Sault Ste. Marie Must try: The coffee of the day — there are six options to choose from each day, including specialty house blends, flavored coffee or the coffee of the month — and it’s only 94-cents per cup!

Minnesota: Front Porch Coffee & Tea

Address: 343 E Sheridan Street, Ely Must try: There’s a weekly special concoction to try or you can enjoy one of their standard speciality drinks, like the turtle mocha.

Mississippi: Cat Island Coffee House

Address: 300 East Scenic Drive, Pass Christian Must try: The cold brew: Goes great with a touch of vanilla, a novel from the coffee shop’s bookstore (Pass Books) and a view of the Gulf of Mexico.

Missouri: Fretboard Coffee

Address: 1013 East Walnut Street, Columbia Must try: The shop owner is also a guitarist and says, “music has balance, tonality and hidden intricacies. So does a fine cup of coffee.” A regular cup of coffee here is the way to go, but may we suggest the Brazil Rose Diamond roast.

Montana: MoAV Coffee

Address: 2501 Montana Avenue, Billings Must try: The flagship Dapper Lion espresso blend, with hints of pecan, berries and chocolate.

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Nebraska: Howlin’ Hounds Coffee

Address: 712 South 16th Street, Omaha Must try: The pour-over, precisely grinded, heated and poured to perfection.

Nevada: Desert Wind Coffee Roasters

Address: 7772 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas Must try: The Walter White: Espresso, half and half, chocolate and caramel. None of the ingredient you might be thinking of.

New Hampshire: The Local Moose Cafe

Address: 124 Queen City Avenue, Manchester Must try: The Vietnamese: A double shot of espresso poured over sweetened condensed milk.

New Jersey: Black Rail Coffee

Address: 800 Jackson Street, Hoboken Must try: People rave about the cold brew. One Yelp reviewer compared it to crack, which we hope was an exaggeration.

New Mexico: Espresso Fino

Address: 222 Gold Avenue SW, Albuquerque Must try: Shot in the Dark: A shot of espresso with brewed coffee, for when you must wake up, like right now.

New York: Sweatshop Coffee

Address: 232 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn Must try: This is an Australian espresso bar, so you must try that most Australian way to drink coffee, the flat white.

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North Carolina: Smelly Cat Coffee

Address: 514 East 36th Street, Charlotte Must try: The dirty chai gets rave reviews at this coffee roaster, which is named after a Friends reference.

North Dakota: The Brew

Address: 215 Sims Street, Dickinson Must try: The Purple Cow — described as “red berries tea mixed with vanilla and milk and served over ice.”

Ohio: Donkey Coffee and Espresso

Address: 17 1/2 West Washington Street, Athens Must try: The classic house coffee is organic and fair trade, but if you’re looking for something different check out the vanilla chai or the frescante coffee milkshake.

Oklahoma: Vintage Coffee

Address: 5001 North Western Street, Oklahoma City Must try: Vintage Coffee lets you choose your own flavors — made from organic spices and natural extracts — to add to your drinks, and coconut macaroon and cayenne are some favorites.

Oregon: The Arrow

Address: 1880 SE Highway 212, Damascus and 4943 NE MLK Jr. Boulevard, Suite 101, Portland Must try: There’s something for everyone at The Arrow, whether it’s a matcha latte or a drink with homemade caramel sauce.

Pennsylvania: Silver Horse Coffee

Address: 3846 State Route 31, Donegal Must try: The Silver Bullet iced coffee is the way to go. Take it up a notch and get coffee ice cubes added to your drink for free.

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Rhode Island: MainStreet Coffee

Address: 137 Main Street, East Greenwich Must try: An espresso martini (yes, it’s a thing) — you can get ‘em paired with vodka, tequila or whiskey. May we suggest the salted caramel espresso (vodka) or Irish espresso (whiskey).

South Carolina: The Bearded Cafe

Address: 121 Spring Street, Unit D, Charleston Must try: Debs Lavender Latte — a latte with a hint of lavender and a dollop of whipped cream, all in honor of a friend.

South Dakota: Don’t Spill the Beans

Address: 289 Dakota Avenue South, Huron Must try: I know it’s not coffee, but try the hot caramel apple cider — it’s like autumn, liquified.

Tennessee: Edgehill Cafe

Address: 1201 Villa Place #101, Nashville Must try: Always Fall Somewhere — a latte with house-made vanilla syrup, local honey and cinnamon, served hot or iced.

Texas: Mozart’s

Address: 3825 Lake Austin Boulevard, Austin Must try: The bottomless coffee or bottomless cold brau (German for brew).

Utah: Jack Mormon Coffee

Address: 82 East E Street, Salt Lake City Note: You can also get a cup on the University of Utah campus at Two Creek Coffee House. Must try: Choosing your own adventure. You can select your own coffee beans, tell the barista how you’d like them roasted and walk out with some of the best coffee you’ve ever had. No wonder this is the place. (Sorry, I had to.)

Vermont: Vermont Coffee Company

Address: 1197 Exchange Street, Middlebury Must try: Three words for you: Vanilla lavender latte.

Virginia: Killer E.S.P.

Address: 1012 King Street, AlexandriaMust try: The ESP in the name is for espresso, sorbetto and pie. And you’ll definitely have the best of all three here. Be sure to try the nutella latte and the Baltimore Bomb, a chess pie that combines warm cookies and vanilla chess.

Washington: Elm Coffee Roasters

Address: 240 2nd Avenue South, Seattle Must try: The chai and lattes are certainly great options, but a glass of espresso is the way to go here.

West Virginia: Moxxee Coffee

Address: 301 Morris Street, Charleston Must try: Topping the list is the Double Down (ristretto espresso shot in whole milk with espresso syrup), Milk & Honey latte (honey-sweetened whole milk with a shot of espresso) and the Muscovado brown sugar latte.

Wisconsin: From the Ground Up

Address: 250 West Grand Avenue, Wisconsin Rapids Must try: The coffee selections here are pretty standard, but the fun comes when it’s time to pick the flavor you add. Choose from standard flavors, like vanilla and hazelnut, or get a bit more experimental and try flavors like tiramisu, banana, kiwi, egg nog or english toffee.

Wyoming: Cowboy Coffee Company

Address: 125 North Cache Street, Jackson Hole Must try: There are lots of specialty drinks to choose from here, but the two that top the list are the Snickers latte (caramel, chocolate and hazelnut) and, of course, the Huckleberry Mudpot (white chocolate and huckleberry, latte style).

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