Security at Policygenius

Your security is our priority

We care about keeping your information safe, so we’ve invested in the security technology and practices to help us do just that.

Data security

Your data is encrypted wherever it’s stored and whenever it leaves our systems.

Top technology

We utilize industry-leading security products to help keep your information safe.

No junk mail

When you shop with Policygenius, you can trust that we don’t sell your information to third parties.

Information safeguards

We employ security measures like SSO and multi-factor authentication to verify identities of Policygenius employees who have access to your private information, and access is limited to the employees who need it to do their jobs.

Proactive security testing

We partner with third-party experts to “hack” our system to identify gaps and mitigate security threats.

Real-time monitoring

Our information security team is notified of suspicious activity the moment it’s detected, allowing them to respond ASAP.

Vetted security partners

We screen vendors to determine whether they abide by specific security standards for an added layer of defense.

How to report a security issue

If you identify a security bug or vulnerability or suspect a potential security incident, please report these findings by email to

For more about how we handle data security and privacy, check out our Privacy Policy.