What is a per-incident deductible?


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Published April 22, 2015|1 min read

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A deductible is the amount that you're responsible for, before your insurance coverage applies. It's deducted right off the top, before the insurance company pays on a claim. You're probably familiar with deductibles from other types of insurance (health insurance, car insurance, etc.). A per-incident deductible is where a deductible is applied for each incident that requires veterinary care. How it works: let's say your policy has a $100 per incident deductible. If your dog eats an entire bag of Hershey's chocolates, that's an incident. You pay that $100 deductible for this incident, regardless of how many separate vet visits this requires. Let's say a month after the Hershey's incident, your dog gets bitten at the dog park (poor dog!) and requires stitches on his leg. That's another incident. You have to pay another $100 deductible for this incident.