Pupdate: Ruby's in trouble

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All is not well at Ruby's doggy daycare. This week, Ruby's been placed in time-out not once, not twice, but every single day. Why?Well, the PolicyGenius team has known for a while that Ruby is a little hard to deal with. Just look at what she does whenever you try to put a leash on her:


Please play the Benny Hill theme song while watching this GIF.Apparently, her behavior at daycare is not related to Ruby being a jerk. Instead, it's about love and friendship.See, Ruby only gets put into time-out at the end of the day, when all of her friends are leaving. Ruby is particularly attached to one friend, a golden retriever named Dizzy. On Monday, when Dizzy had to leave, Ruby grabbed a hold of the retriever's leg and refused to let go. Well, at least until she was put in time-out.

Sorry, Ruby.