Does pet insurance cover the cost of a vet office visit?


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Published April 21, 2015|1 min read

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Most vets charge a flat fee whenever you bring your pet in for a consultation or exam. That fee is usually in addition to whatever diagnostic test or treatment your vet might perform. (Your regular doctor probably charges for office visits too). Pet insurance plans that have a limit on the benefits or payouts per year will cover this fee. However, pet insurance plans that don't have any cap or limit on benefits don't cover this fee. We think this is fair. Why do we think that? Because it's reasonable cost-sharing between you, as a responsible pet owner, and the insurance company, which wants to offer plans at affordable premiums. By making the pet owner responsible for the exam/consultation fee, it encourages pet owners to take their pets to the vets only when it's reasonable to seek vet care. Not every little sniffle or sneeze requires you to see the doctor; it's the same with your pet. But if vet office visits were covered (especially on plans without limits), some anxious owners might be inclined to take their pet to the vet, even when it's unnecessary. This would drive up the cost of insurance for everybody!