The important money dates you should know for 2021

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Updated Jan. 4, 2021: One good New Year's resolution to make? Get prepared when it comes to money. Learn the important financial dates and deadlines coming up in 2020, so you can plan ahead, whether it's Tax Day or your birthday.

Here are the dates to circle next year.

January 27

This is typically the first day you can file your federal tax return. However, many tax software programs and tax professionals can take returns earlier if you're really ahead of the game.

April 15

And this is the last day of tax season. Not only is it the final day to file returns, it's also the last day to contribute to individual retirement accounts and health savings accounts and still deduct them from your 2020 income. This is also the last day you can file an extension to complete your tax return, but you still have to pay anything you owe by this date.

You really shouldn't let it get to this point, but for extreme procrastinators, we have a crib sheet for filing your taxes at the last minute.

June 30

This is the federal deadline to file the Free Application for Federal Student Aid online. However, states and colleges may ask for the FAFSA sooner, so check to see the deadline where you're applying.

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October 15

If you did file a tax extension, this is the day it's due. Unless you're a member of the military who served in a combat zone or you experienced a natural disaster, this is the absolute last day to file.

November 1

This is typically when open enrollment for health insurance plans from starts. It's also around the same time open enrollment for benefits starts at many workplaces.

December 15

This is when open enrollment on typically ends. Make sure to check enrollment dates based on where you live, as some states have longer deadlines.

December 31

Another tax deadline day. This is the last day you can make charitable contributions and deduct them from your 2019 income tax return. If you want to further reduce your taxable income, you should boost contributions to a 401(k) by the end of the year.

Your birthday

You're probably not at risk of forgetting your birthday, but there's a ton of money moves you can make on your special day. For one, you can get tons of free stuff. We made a list of 50 free things you can get on your birthday.

It's also a reminder to buy life insurance. Rates rise as you age, so if you wait until next year, you could end up paying more.

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