Weekend reads: Wine, finance quizzes, and As Seen On TV

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Published September 24, 2015|3 min read

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This weekend, get your finances in order with some money tips and a financial personality quiz to find out what kind of saver (or spender) you are. Then sit the kids down in front of YouTube, open up a nice bottle of home-delivered wine, and remember that financial quiz as you try not to buy every infomercial product you come across.

Young Yet WiseMoney Tips

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all get the exact answer to every specific question we had? Well, we can’t, but what we can get are nice general money tips to make us more aware of our finances and spending habits, and to make us think about what we can do to be smarter with our cash. If you don’t have time to read this article that covers topics ranging from student loans to credit cards, at least watch the video to see Candice Marie talk through them.

PayoffFinancial Personality Quiz

We all love quizzes. If we didn’t, Buzzfeed would have closed their doors a long time ago. But instead of finding out which Saved by the Bell character you’re most likely to marry, why not take a quiz that might actually have an impact on your life? Answer a few questions about your finance state of mind and see what your money habits likely are. Plus, you’ll get tips on how to achieve your financial goals. It’s much more rewarding than finding out that Screech is your future husband.

Clearpoint Credit Counseling SolutionsAre Infomercial Products really worth the costs?

We’ve all done it: you can’t sleep, you flip on the TV, you get stuck on an infomercial, and the next thing you know you’re ordering a knife set because it can cut through a leather boot or a tin can. Find out whether or not you should be buying "As Seen on TV!" products (spoiler alert: you shouldn’t be) and check out the sales numbers for some of the biggest infomercial products. Some of them get into the billions of dollars.

Fast CompanyYou Can Now Have Wine Delivered With Your Blue Apron Dinner

Blue Apron has done a wonderful job of making dinner quick and convenient and has made people everywhere think they can actually cook. Now it can also trick you into thinking you’re fancier than you really are with Blue Apron Wine, which is just what it sounds like: each month you get wine designed to be paired with whatever meal you’re preparing. The company has seemingly thought of everything, from hiring sommeliers to making the bottles small enough to be finished by two people. If you’re a Blue Apron customer, have an extra $65.99 lying around, and live in a state where wine can be shipped, it might be worth checking out.

The MessageDo You Know What Your Toddler Is Watching On YouTube?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of "back in my day" and to hate on "kids these days" (especially snake people) but occasionally there’s a real conversation to be had about technology and its impact on children. Today’s devices are easy enough to be used by toddlers, and where once kids were plopped down in front of a single screen – the television – they can now stream Netflix or YouTube or any other service from nearly anywhere. Vikram Babu and Laurent Hrybyk dive into what a proliferation of media means for children and our relationships with them.

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