Weekend Reads: Uber's brand, equal pay, and food poisoning

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Published February 4, 2016|5 min read

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On this week’s Weekend Reads, get some tips on how to fight for equal pay.Plus, we look at the new Uber, the Fine Bros’ blunder, why you should bring your phone to the ATM, a tale of two planets, and why you shouldn’t eat Chipotle or anything else because everything is poisonous and trying to kill you.

MottoSo You’re Making Less Than a Man—Now What?

Women should get paid as much as men in the workplace. I don’t know anyone who would argue against that, but I also have no idea why it’s not happening yet, so what do I know . It’s dumb but it’s reality, so until we get our act together women will have to fight to get what they deserve. Negotiating for a raise can be intimidating for anyone, and it’s just that much harder for women in the workforce. These tips from Motto can help you approach the subject with the best chance for success not only for getting a raise but getting ahead in your career. Not sure how much you should be making? Motto has a handy tool for that, too. While you’re there, check out the rest of the recently-launched Time offshoot for other very cool interviews and advice.

WiredThe Inside Story of Uber’s Radical Rebranding

If you updated your Uber app recently, you might have thought, "Hey, why was Uber replaced with this...donut app? Turntable? Wait, no seriously, what is this thing?" It’s the new Uber branding, silly! Your next question might be, "But why?" Why, indeed. This Wired feature might clear some things up. Or you might be distracted by wondering why things like rebrandings are touted as "coming-of-age tales" or what exactly a bits-and-atom theme is, but in any case you can get the story behind it. The new design seems like it’s here to stay. Do you love it? Hate it? Are you going to stop using Uber (haha probably not)? Let us know!

Ars TechnicaFine Bros back down, rescind trademark claim on the word "react"

The Uber rebranding might be a little questionable, but The Fine Bros might want to look into a rebranding of their own after the past few weeks they’ve had. The Fine Bros run the React Channel on YouTube, where groups of people react to different things, like children not knowing what an iPod is and making you feel super old even if you’re only in your mid-twenties. They announced an initiative called React World where people could use the React format to make their own videos. On its face, it sounded cool: incredibly popular YouTube creators sharing resources and guides. But the announcement focused a lot on licensing and trademarks and really soured people on the whole thing – so much so that the React Channel has lost a few hundred thousand subscribers, the Fine Bros have rescinded their trademark claims, and React World has been shuttered before it even took off (and the announcement video has been removed). So remember, be very careful about how you act online, because the Internet will react (get it?).

The Charlotte ObserverBank of America will allow ATM transactions using smartphones this year

Using your phone to pay for things is probably the way of the future, but it hasn’t exactly been the way of the present. What’s it going to take for you to pay for your throw pillows at Target with Apply Pay, people? Do you need to be able to use an ATM with your phone before you finally accept that using a credit card is the 2016 equivalent of writing out a check? Fine. Bank of America is going to test this out by allowing ATM transactions to take place with smartphones. They aren’t the only ones – JPMorgan Chase and Wells Fargo are doing similar things – so you’re running out of excuses. Besides, you have to get used to it before you get your chip implant or barcode tattoo or whatever the next evolution in spending money is.

Fast CompanyEarth Is Made Of Two Planets, According To A New Study

Here’s a story: a few billion years ago, there was the Earth. Then a "proto-planet" named Theia crashed into the Earth and a chunk split off into the moon, and we all lived happily ever after. But it turns out that we actually have a Three’s Company situation on our hands: Theia didn’t just perform a hit-and-run, but merged with Earth to become the Earth we know and love and live on today. Scientists realized this after they studied some oxygen isotopes from the Earth and the moon and realized "the isotopes share a unique fingerprint, something that could only happen if matter from Theia and Earth thoroughly mixed together in a head-on collision." Obviously. Cool that we’re still uncovering the mysteries of our universe, and even our very own planet. No word from B.o.B. yet on whether or not Theia was also flat. We’ll update this article as Twitter feuds come in.

The Washington PostWhy a top food poisoning expert won’t ever eat these foods

You may have heard that Chipotle has had something of an E. coli problem recently. It’s probably free range E. coli, but still. Turns out it might not be entirely Chipotle’s fault. At the very least, it’s not unique to them: the FDA recalled 8,000 food products in 2014 and the USDA recalled another 100. America’s food inspection system is a little disjointed, and so are the rules around what is allowed to basically be poison (salmonella is allowed on some things but not others? What?). In addition to avoiding Chipotle, food safety lawyer Bill Marler has a list of other foods he won’t eat. Basically, not eating anything is safest. YOLO.