Weekend Reads: Vacation tips, Icelandic tech, and motivation

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Published April 28, 2017|3 min read

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In this week's Weekend Reads, find out the best ways to make your summer vacation more affordable, learn how technology is hastening the demise of the Icelandic language, and discover how reassessing your motivation can make you more likely to succeed at your goals.

Mic9 genius ways to save money on summer travel — from airfare hacks to hotel deals and more

Summer is great, but summer vacations can be expensive. We’ve talked in the past about how to budget for your vacation throughout the year and use rewards credit cards to rack up flight miles, but it’s also helpful to cut corners wherever you can while you’re traveling. Mic has a good list of small savings that can add up to a big vacation. Some are as simple as when to buy airplane tickets (Tuesday afternoons) or making sure you know what your hotel fees are, but some are broader tips, like visiting less popular or off-season destinations. And if you’re looking for a travel spot, maybe consider Iceland? As we’re about to see, for better or worse, they’re accommodating to English speakers…

MashableComputers can't grasp Icelandic. Here's why that's a big problem

Iceland has really seen an uptick in tourism ever since that volcano erupted a few years ago and made people say, "Oh yeah, Iceland is there." Because English is the main language of global tourism, and Iceland is basically the only place on Earth that speaks Icelandic, the native language is dying out. And, like in other areas, technology is helping kill it quicker. That’s because tech, from GPS to the Amazon Echo, doesn't handle it very well (although Amazon is apparently working to supporting it). Besides it not being a very popular language, it’s also a very specific language, having words like "solarfri," or "when staff get an unexpected afternoon off to enjoy good weather." The Icelandic government is looking into funding an open-source language database and prevent its extinction, but in the meantime maybe Siri and Alexa can hit the books.

The Financial DietA Science-Backed Trick To Staying Motivated Once You’ve Seen Progress Towards A Goal

Have your New Year’s Resolutions started to look more like Next Year’s Resolutions? Did you start out strong with losing weight or getting less cluttered or being better with money, only to find yourself falling short as time went on? Turns out, that might not be your fault. When we make goals, our motivation changes from "promotion" to "prevention." That means we go from thinking how great we’ll look once we lose weight to how terrible it’ll be if we don’t lose weight. That shift to a negative point of view can damage our ability to reach those goals, making it self-fulfilling. What a downer. But you can make sure you're not victim to that pitfall by recognizing it and focusing on avoidance. What do you have to do to make sure you don’t fail in reaching your goal? Focus on that, and 2017 might be the year you actually complete your resolutions.